03 September 2013

It took 3 burly men to check the tire pressure on my car & air them up... I could have done it all myself but I don't have a nitro tank handy... Glad for help!

01 September 2013

Today I "pet" a stringray! Eeeeek!
When you wear slightly uncomfortable shoes other things are much less annoying.

29 August 2013

If I just work myself to tatters I might not notice, right? Just keep swimming...
Hard not to say, "Good night."

28 August 2013

It's one of THOSE weeks. First reunion, then Sunday happened, they lost my service paperwork & key when got car oil changed Tues, now laptop died. I win.

27 August 2013

It is like a small death to deal with. Loss of a best friend and supportive confidant.

26 August 2013

Why is this so scary?
Why is the right thing so hard sometimes? Darn logic...

25 August 2013

Well this sucks. Rip it like a band aid

19 August 2013

Still learning daily how to treat gently those who could not care less about how they treat others. Think this is a life-long lesson...

28 May 2013

Such chaos. Dealing with the tornado aftermath has been overwhelming...

31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

29 March 2013

At the WilsonPhillips show, woo!!!

06 March 2013

Got a new phone! Woo! (Actually, has been a couple of weeks but just now remembering to tell the world) :-D

15 January 2013

Totally happy to discover that Goodwill accepts styrofoam for recycling! Yay! I dropped off some today so it ISN'T a myth!!!

05 January 2013

Using my Christmas French press to make coffee! Eeeee! Yay!

25 December 2012

Princess Bride marathon on the sundance channel. Awesome. As you wish. Merry Christmas!

04 December 2012

Probably just scared Skronky's neighbors by laughing like crazy person for 15 minutes at neighbor puppies with cones of shame on their necks. Oh, so, so funny!

06 November 2012