30 August 2005

Fixin' stuff

Internet at the house WAS working. Note: past tense! Is back to being a pain in my butt. What is the world coming to these days?
Julia and I went to Home Depot unescorted and were successful in our hunt for some way to hang my cow hide in my room. I'll keep ya'll posted on how that goes... I also borrowed a drill from Skronky... but was allowed to take it only after the expected interogating about what it would be used to do and a short informational talk on how to use a drill. As if that was needed but, hey, he's a guy and it's part of the guy manual. A female cannot be allowed to use a drill with out either supervision or at least a plan review by an adequate male. Training is required EVERY time, even the nine millionth time. Oh well. Thanks!
I'm back to being sick again. I think it must be allergies because otherwise Skronky and Julia would be sick too. Skronky for sure should be deathly ill as I am but he isn't. So what ails me ought to just be allergies. Which is so helpful since I have no idea what I'm allergic to.
Yogalates today was difficult. We did pilates stuff and I think by the end of this semester I will have a really nice six-pack because we did lots of ab stuff. It's so going to hurt to laugh tonight...
I managed to almost superglue my fingers together in a picture frame fixing event today. Yeah. I'm that good.
Hasta luego mi amigos! Hablo con tu manana o jueves o viernes. Te amo ustedes!

29 August 2005

Green Monday and Mylanta

It's a green Monday. As in I'm wearing green, the person next to me is wearing green, several people around me in physics were wearing green. What's up with that???
Dollface. Is that supposed to be one word or two??
Went home briefly this weekend for laundry and good conversation. Had to work Sunday. While I was at home I almost died. Okay, maybe not died but I felt like dying. Horrible tummy-ache. Whoever the evil masterminds behind the taste of Mylanta are, they are truly evil. That stuff is satanic.
There's a rumor that we have internet at the house but I haven't been there in long enough spurts to confirm or refute such. Good times. We'll see about that this afternoon.
Crikey, this morning in physics... All I can say is, WOW. We only did 2 examples and he, the prof, managed to mess up both of them... This is higher level physics. What he's messing up is lower level simple algebra. Like dividing by 2. URGH!!!! Corey and I were sitting near the top of class and just about dying. Frustration, laughter, and confusion will do that to a person I hear.
Okay my lovelies. I must away to class now. (Mostly because I'm getting evil glares from people waiting to use the computers in this comp lab. Just go somewhere else like everyone else does you idiots. There's no reason to stand there glaring like it's going to help anything. It's not going to make me type any faster or finish any sooner. See? This rant has wasted even more time than I would have otherwise spent. Boowah. Take that!!!)

24 August 2005

Bonita miercoles!!!

Dropped Shakespeare Comedy and am feeling much, much better. I really hadn't realized how much I was stressing out about it until I dropped it. And sold back that heavy-arse book.
Had yummy Fettucini for dinner. Sweet. And Skronky brought me a sno cone earlier. That was pretty awesome. Guess what flavor!!! A Tiger Woods Ya'll!!! (That is the name, Ya'll and all!)
Okay so I'm still pretty sleepy but I had a good day. Tomorrow class doesn't start until 10:30 and I only have Botany and yoga. WOOOOHOOO!!!
Love ya'll and good night! (And Mum, thanks for the advice/listening-and-not-making-fun-of-me /being my mum!)
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant

23 August 2005

twice in one day...

Today's thought was "No Fear" and that bit of a song that goes "I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind". No Fear in relation to the truth that all things are possible through God and we should have no fear. Go forth boldly and serve without fear. Jump in and have trust. And I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind... why be scared? Being a part of God's plan, ie always on his mind, and having him and what he wants for you always on your mind is a wonderful thing, full of hope and promise. It's safe and secure in a world that isn't always pleasant or nice.
So. Yeah. This is what I typed up the other night when I was in a thinking mood. I believe it was Sunday. Funny how I can go from "No Fear" to "Oh no! I'm totally freaking out and so worried about everything and whoa did I mention I'm scared to death?!?!???"
Just goes to show I'm human I guess.
I'm tired. Cold still here thus can't breathe. Sitting in the Union on my own little laptop rocking out the wireless internet so lovingly provided by my dear Alma Mater. But tired, yes.
Talked to the folks at home just a bit ago. They're doing alright. I still want very much to go home. Even more so now that I know they had yummy ribs for dinner and there are some left over that I could steal.
Yoga is going to be do-able. Julia and I went to get our mats for said class this afternoon. Good times. I also picked up some vitamin C so maybe I'll get better sooner. Hope so.
Much love to ya'll.
"Never mistake motion for action." - Ernest Hemingway

(sigh) Yes I am that psycho

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'... dreaming each night of its charms... I miss internet at home. Friday can't get here soon enough!
Things are moving so fast these past couple of days that my head is spinning a la the Exorcist and I'm getting a little scared. School is freaking me out. Botany and physics are just what I expected. Spanish might be even easier than I thought. Haven't been to yogalates yet. The one that is frightening me the most is Shakepeare Comedy because I am the only person in there that isn't a theatre, English, or Letters major. Is it really worth all the time I'll have to spend to make. probably, a B in that class????? EEEEEeeeeekkkkk!!! Crikey. There may be some class dropping in my near future...
In the rest of my life I'm going crazy as well. I want to go home. Home home. I miss home. Chaco puppy, I love you! (Note: things here aren't bad or even worth complaining about but I can still be just like a baby freshman and want to so home, right??? Don't I have as much possibility for patheticness? I think so...)
Hope this day sees you well and happy. Many good wishes and love ya!
"The gods too are fond of a joke." - Aristotle

21 August 2005

Another post from a comp lab

Am enjoying Norman, new house, and having fun with the friends I missed so much. Things are so crazy, having trouble remembering where one day ends and another begins. Classes start tomorrow!! Ekkkk! I am looking forward to that but at the same time 8:30am is freaking early.
Many topics of discussion come to mind but hardly have time to post them... still don't have internet at the house yet... there's a rumor that the cable/internet folks are coming Friday to hook us up but I'm a tad wary about the veracity of that rumor.
Miss the family. Love you guys!!!
I'll write more as I get time in a comp lab... Much love, good wishes, and happy laughter!

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson

17 August 2005


I'm back in Norman!!! Call me or something!!! ~mdb

16 August 2005

Rainy Tuesday

Puttering around today. Had a good weekend though it was MUCH too short. Worked Sunday and Monday. Sweet little old lady, hardly any trouble.
Have been trying to figure out when I can move down to Norman again. The torrential amount of rain we've received lately hasn't been helping in the least. And that probably wouldn't be much of a problem if I didn't have to haul a bed down there... The problem being that I don't want to have to sleep on a rain-soaked mattress. Lovely. But I will be in Norman soon. So watch out! Muhahahaha...
Know how guys, in general, are always being railed on for not remembering birthdays and anniversaries? Well... I'm guilty of that now as well. I suck. Sorry. Good thing I'm totally awesome or you might be "not happy" about that...
Mum's garden is looking quite lovely right now. Rain sure isn't hurting in that respect. Purdy flowers.
I made an apple crisp Friday from the apples I helped Grandmum peel and core Thursday. Very yummy. I should cook more often.
Got to babysit Marie for a little while Friday since work didn't need me and Dawn had some sort of interview to go to. Marie has gotten so big; Every time I see her she looks so much bigger and, if possible, cuter. So adorable. We played in the park in Yukon for about an hour. She's still pretty little so she required a lot of looking after. Then we enjoyed some lovely ice cream instead of real lunch. What else is a Godmother for if not to spoil my favorite little girl??? Plus I don't get to see her half often enough so I have to do the spoiling all at once.
No real segue here but I think I'm getting a cold or something. Stuffy nose and ticklish throat. Yuck. And classes start next Monday. Bleck.
Okay, off to find something to do. Have a lovely day ya'll!!!!
"We all agree that your theory is crazy, but is it crazy enough?" - Niels Bohr

11 August 2005

Crazy on a couple of levels...

Doing laundry. Woohoo.
Ate at On The Border last night and it was very yummy. That stuffed chili rejano (spelling??) was awesome! Turned my lips bright red! Afterward we stopped to pickup some crafty stuff to continue our crafty endeavors. Then to an undisclosed location to procure my latest shipment of really cool, really expensive designer-model wear (ie found a couple of tops for cheap). On the way there, though, I got to laughing. You know what that means. Seriously, it lasted probably almost twenty minutes. The laughing/crying made Dork laugh; He's so mean. I barely looked decent enough to go inside the store. Crikey. Darn genetics making me act all goofy.
Had a really strange dream last night. I was some sort of rogue vampire trying to escape from the unified other vampires to America during the early 1800's. And I was a pickpocket/thief sort of vamp. Weird. At the end I got to Boston on a ship and found a job sweeping the floors at a general store. Truly weirdness.
If you are the praying sort, Galen's mum could use some medical prayers and it probably wouldn't hurt Julia +her family to have some traveling prayers in their favor.
Okay, well back to laundry. Happy Thursday!!!!
"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher." - Ambrose Bierce

09 August 2005

Senseless rambling

There's nothing to watch on TV. Not breaking news but disturing none the less. So I have it turned to the country music video channel which at least plays actual videos. Dork is harassing poor Chaco. Poor puppy. Mum and Dad are off at Lowe's once again. I shudder to think what new project we'll be starting soon... (Just kidding Mum)
Seems Grandmum has found a bed for me to use this year down in Norman so I'll be moving down there pretty soon (as in just a few days). Totally exciting, I know.
Maybe I've gone cheesy but I'm liking the song on right now, Stay With Me by Josh Gracin. He's basically just saying, "Honey, I'm desperate but if we get going at it right now things will be alright." Does that affect my liking the song? Nah, not really. Not as if 90% of the commercials on TV aren't saying the same thing. OOoooo! Tim McGraw's on now. He's pretty good too. (Real Good Man) He's wearing a funny shirt though. Yuck. Looks almost like he belongs with Cirque de Soleil.
Painted a table to take down to Norman with me. I was talking to Grandmum today and figured out that I have painted at 4 different houses in less than a month this summer. Crazy, huh?

So this is a serious topic... Are people inherently scared, fear thus dictating their every decision and action? Perhaps I'm naive and idealistic but I prefer to think that's not the case. True, fear is a primal instinct and obviously still a part of our emotional reaction set but how could so much in the world be attributed to a population in the grips of fear? Fear of rejection, of being fired, of losing power, of loss in general can only inspire so much. A culture dominated by fear cannot be considered free and I would hesitate to tell the populous of this great country that they are just fearful beings lacking personal freedom and/or freedom of choice in their decisions. I'd be mocked, which is a right "they" would be justified in utilizing. My not enlightening "them" to this idea has nothing to do with me being afraid of ridicule; I do not believe such an idea is correct and thus see no gain in spreading false theories. When I wake up in the morning I don't immediately think, "Golly, I wonder what I can wear to make people like me today?" I put on whatever I feel like wearing appropriate to the day's activities. No fear. If every single decision of every day were put to a standard dictated by fear I doubt we would talk on cell phones, ride elevators to the top of skyscrapers, post on personal blogs online at our homes, or even enjoy a simple country music video while my parents are gone to Lowe's. Are inventors anomalies not prone to fear? How about CEOs of big companies? Country music singers? So, I think I've fully discussed my opinion on this point. The glass is half-full. The sun will rise tomorrow. Noone else saw me walk into that wall. No worries mate!
Okay, enough rambling. Love and good wishes!
"To sit alone with my conscience will be judgment enough for me." - Charles William Stubbs

07 August 2005

La la la... more painting...

This is a semi-neat game for one who is slightly bored... Go to google or dogpile and have it search for the exact phrase "(your name) is" and see what you get! Some of it is funny, some not so much...

Misty is...
Misty is about to hit the big 50K. (awesome!)
Misty is a dedicated supporter of World Vision. (of course)
Misty is not like most of my kids. Misty is autistic. (at least I'm special)
I think Misty is great! Hope all of you enjoy her feisty song too! (what feisty song???)
Misty is a well-balanced, attractive dark chocolate doe. (um... no)
Misty is set up the way it is for several reasons. (so don't ask stupid questions!)
Misty is a constant companion (and sometimes a handful). (yeah. sure.)
"Misty" is a jazz standard written in 1954 by the pianist Erroll Garner. (whateva)
Misty is impatient, with a hot temper to boot ... Misty is very cute. (well thank you)
Misty is a 15 year old Vietnamese girl living somewhere in the United States. (I am?)
Misty is SUCH a good little girl. (yes)
Misty is a fine 22,5 m Super phantom built by Versilcraft S.R.L. in Italy. (for sure)
Misty is a fashionable single band slide that is both comfortable and versatile. (yes. other than the whole single band slide part...)
Misty is Grand Marshall of Liberty Day Parade in Bellflower. (sounds like a good time)
Misty is the first official rescue horse. (woohoo!)
Misty is at present a fourteen year old multitalented girl, who resides in Binghamton, New York. (rock on! wait! I don't want to be 14 again!!!)
Misty is in actuality the youngest and least attractive (don't say that to her face) of four sisters. (no. no. no.)
Misty is a young girl that was cryogenically frozen 63 years ago and placed in a pod to be sent out into space. (interesting...)

So there ya go! Fun times!

Had to work yesterday. Easy day. No problems (well, my relief never showed up but the nurse said I could go anyway...). Went to help Skronky with painting his new house. Picking out paint for other people's houses is fun! Had a blast and got a lot done. We are so awesome like that!!! Boowha!
Dork and I had grilled cheese sandwiches a little while ago. I haven't made them in a long time so the first one or two were rather sad looking (ie burned a tad) but I got the hang of it by the time I made mine. Muahahahaha...
Working on the house today. Seems like we do that a lot, I know, but it looks nice when we're done so I guess I shouldn't complain.
Love to all and Happy Weekend!!!!!

"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." - George Bernard Shaw

05 August 2005


I am once again a CPR certified person. I wasn't for about 3 weeks. Which was a terribly frightening time for everyone. Yes, everyone. Quit asking questions.
Baby, baby, are you okay????
I've decided (~*~drumroll~*~) to not paint my room. So the world can stop worrying so much about that and turn its collective attention to something much more important. Such as... well, there really isn't anything MORE important but I'm sure you'll think of something almost as important to think about now. Just almost though...
I haven't done much of anything too note-worthy this week... Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Tuesday. Pretty darn wonderful despite, or prehaps because of, its weirdness. Would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about seeing it.
Okay, well that's all for now. Love and best wishes!!!

"Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called 'Ego'." - Friedrich Nietzsche