09 August 2005

Senseless rambling

There's nothing to watch on TV. Not breaking news but disturing none the less. So I have it turned to the country music video channel which at least plays actual videos. Dork is harassing poor Chaco. Poor puppy. Mum and Dad are off at Lowe's once again. I shudder to think what new project we'll be starting soon... (Just kidding Mum)
Seems Grandmum has found a bed for me to use this year down in Norman so I'll be moving down there pretty soon (as in just a few days). Totally exciting, I know.
Maybe I've gone cheesy but I'm liking the song on right now, Stay With Me by Josh Gracin. He's basically just saying, "Honey, I'm desperate but if we get going at it right now things will be alright." Does that affect my liking the song? Nah, not really. Not as if 90% of the commercials on TV aren't saying the same thing. OOoooo! Tim McGraw's on now. He's pretty good too. (Real Good Man) He's wearing a funny shirt though. Yuck. Looks almost like he belongs with Cirque de Soleil.
Painted a table to take down to Norman with me. I was talking to Grandmum today and figured out that I have painted at 4 different houses in less than a month this summer. Crazy, huh?

So this is a serious topic... Are people inherently scared, fear thus dictating their every decision and action? Perhaps I'm naive and idealistic but I prefer to think that's not the case. True, fear is a primal instinct and obviously still a part of our emotional reaction set but how could so much in the world be attributed to a population in the grips of fear? Fear of rejection, of being fired, of losing power, of loss in general can only inspire so much. A culture dominated by fear cannot be considered free and I would hesitate to tell the populous of this great country that they are just fearful beings lacking personal freedom and/or freedom of choice in their decisions. I'd be mocked, which is a right "they" would be justified in utilizing. My not enlightening "them" to this idea has nothing to do with me being afraid of ridicule; I do not believe such an idea is correct and thus see no gain in spreading false theories. When I wake up in the morning I don't immediately think, "Golly, I wonder what I can wear to make people like me today?" I put on whatever I feel like wearing appropriate to the day's activities. No fear. If every single decision of every day were put to a standard dictated by fear I doubt we would talk on cell phones, ride elevators to the top of skyscrapers, post on personal blogs online at our homes, or even enjoy a simple country music video while my parents are gone to Lowe's. Are inventors anomalies not prone to fear? How about CEOs of big companies? Country music singers? So, I think I've fully discussed my opinion on this point. The glass is half-full. The sun will rise tomorrow. Noone else saw me walk into that wall. No worries mate!
Okay, enough rambling. Love and good wishes!
"To sit alone with my conscience will be judgment enough for me." - Charles William Stubbs


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