29 March 2006

Rainy Day

It's a beautiful rainy day... And I'm loving it of course...
There's a little old man at the information desk here trying to get help with printing some sort of government documents... The woman at the desk wants to email him the info or give him the link address but he doesn't know how to use computers and it's getting him really frustrated. I really feel for him since I think it's a little sad that absolutely everything is computer based now (granted, for me it's also rather convient but I feel like rebelling sometimes and insisting on using those library skills they forced me to learn in elementary school. I HAD to learn the whole non-computerized system so, by golly, let me use it once in a while!). He's so appologetic and nice but has no idea what to do or where to go. I'd offer to help him but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish and I'd probably just get him confused. I remember being a freshman here and getting so lost in just the Library and even then I had computer skills so I was only half as confused as he is now. The oddly comforting part of the whole scene is that I know there are a million things he knows that I don't and might not ever know. God bless him and help him find the right people to help him.
The protesters are gone today. I guess they were not only saying partial birth abortions are evil but also genocide. Which I have to disagree with. This is the definition of genocide I understand and thus as would use the word in reference. "National, ethnic, racial, or religious group" doesn't really apply to a specific period of life development in my opinion. Anyway, my whole deal is that I like people to use the proper terms for things and not try to evoke different emotions/motives/political leverage for this when what is actually happening is bad enough. And now that's all I'm going to say about it. (That and graphic pictures of that sort don't belong on the sidewalk in front of our library.)
Today's going to be long. Probably, optimistically, good but long. If there are any questions or comments you'd like me to answer let me know... I'm pretty open to any topics especially if I don't have to think of the topic myself.

28 March 2006

Tuesday's Neatness!

Truck is all better and back in the driveway!!! YAY! Thanks to my wonderful Daddy and Dork who brought it back to me and took me out to dinner tonight!!!!!! Ya'll are wonderful! This week is shaping up better than last week was by this point. Thank goodness (but then is it tempting fate by saying I don't know what else could happen to make this week worse collectively than last week was?) Talked to Dawn earlier this evening. I don't know if it's because I've pretty much not ever talked about the semi-bad to bad things in my world (opting instead to be happy and a good listener for her) or because she just wants something new to worry about but apparently she was really anxious to make sure I'm doing better now. (I also had a cold last week that made my voice sound much deeper than normal. Well, when I could actually talk at all that is...) Marie and Dawn are doing okay. Wish I had more time to get to visit and hang out like we used to but of course being "an adult" means I'm supposed to be responsible and turns out it isn't responsible to skip classes or call in sick for work when there is no reason to (neither of which I've done, of course). But I did forget to turn in my schedule last week and I just got called out on that one after I emailed it in to work today... I feel bad about it but there isn't much I can do to make up for it, is there? Nope. Sometimes I wonder if I talk so much just so I don't have to sit in silence with people.... I don't mind time by myself but am I just so weird that I don't want quiet when I'm with others??? This new little obsessive thought is brought to you today by the letter "N" which of course you would recognize from such words as *narcissistic*, *neurotic*, and *nerdy*. And now I need to get back to pretending to study for Genetics...

27 March 2006

Monday Protests

Busy/slow weekend. Weird way to describe it but that's the way it goes.
Nothing much new going on. Trying to get motivated to study for genetics but since there isn't a test anytime soon I don't feel the pressure to study right away... but this would be the perfect time to get caught up to where I do actually understand what he's talking about more than ten percent of the time.
There's a protest outside against some sort of abortion bill or something. They have some very graphic pictures but at least someone made them be behind crowd control fence-things so they can't openly harrass us other than yelling loudly. Plus the police car parted about twenty feet from them is good incentive for them to behave. Even if I think partial birth abortions, what they seem to be against if their pictures are accurate, are entirely disgusting I'm not really sure that right in front of the library is the best place to have this little protest. And the pictures are really gross. I just hope they're gone before Mom's Day this next weekend. And the Medieval Fair is this weekend too...
Well, I think I'm going to head off to study... Ya'll have a great week!

25 March 2006

truck is sick

So I just went to move my truck out of the street and into the driveway, something I've done a million times. But this time... A loud clanky noise "greeted" me. More like yelled insults at me. So of course I check to see if I can physically see anything wrong. Even opened the hood which is unusual territory for me. Nothing. Oil seems okay and there's enough coolant. I know there's enough gas since I just gassed up today. None of the belts seems obviously wrong. Nothing. Dad had to be called and consulted. The end result is... well, I'll spin it in a positive light... I get to sleep in tomorrow instead of waking up before dawn to go to work all day. I just hope this is something that isn't too hard or expensive to fix. My little truck has been pretty dependable so I'd like for it to get well soon. Dang. Do bad things come in just threes? I hope so. And that good things don't cancel out that number leaving room for another bad thing to add to that triumvirate of badness. Goodness gracious.


Another interactiveness thing for you! My Nohari window! Please??

24 March 2006

Moved from xanga

Life happens. Shit happens. And I know what I did was right. Can someone send a memo to the demon in charge of punishing me and let him/her know that I did do the right thing so making it hurt like this isn't fair? I'd appreciate it.Everyone is going psycho this week. Me included. First there was my Tuesday night, then my Wednesday all freaking day... and into the night of course. Thursday was better by comparison even though I had to work. I got my letter of acceptance to pharm school Thursday night. And went home to celebrate with my wonderful roomates. Friday was/has been kinda rough. Bad news from Jenna and communication from my best friend's sister, who I thought hated me with the flame of a thousand fires, kept me confused. Being home for a short time makes it a little better since Mum helps keep me grounded but I also feel like I'm taking it out on my family a little by accident. Being bubby happy Misty takes effort and when I'm too worn out playing the game sometimes I don't act as bubby happy as others think I should... So obviously I'm mad at them, since it's all about them. If only it was that simple, right? Anyway, so I'm terribly inspiring right now... Sorry. Love you guys and wish you a wonderful weekend!

Friday thoughts

Home for a short break from school stuff. Just wish this cold would go away and let me sound like myself.
Thanks to everyone for all the congrats! I'll try to keep this updated each time I find out anything new.
Listening to country music right now and it doesn't really help anything. Why do they have to sing about such sad stuff? I usually don't mind
Nothing much to talk about; been a slow news day. Happy weekend ya'll!


Mum called me at work tonight... a letter came for me from the OU Health Science Center... I MADE IT INTO PHARM SCHOOL!!!!!!! Crikey, that's like wonderful news!!!! I've been so worried about the future in general, at least one thing is sorted out for me, right??? YAY!!!!!
I celebrated after work and now am so very happy... Love you all and Happy Weekend!!!!

23 March 2006

interactive! Do it!

Go do this for me... Jahari description! Thanks!
I'm getting a cold. And I don't want to work tonight. But I will survive.

22 March 2006


Why is it that doing the right thing hurts so much?

20 March 2006

bunk shoved together into a beautiful statue

Ideas for my informative speech: wall climbing; importance of immunizations; signs preceding suicide; Art/history of tattoos; building a quilt; planning a watergarden... Obviously I'm having trouble thinking of a good topic for this. Help me if you can think of anything better?
Here's some of that rambling from yesterday...
Is this the best I can do? Is giving up old dreams for the best that I can get now worth it. Can two people really be happy together forever? Or are the ones who are just flukes? How is it that I can combine science and religion in my mind well enough to deal with issues but some can't? Is it a lack of education on their part or naivety on my own? How to merge or contrast ethics with morality, since I know they're not the same thing? When dealing with absolutes how can anyone know what's the truth and what's just opinion or perception? Senseless killing is just that; senseless. So why does it still happen? Sometimes I heartlessly wonder what the world would be like if natural selection were reintroduced to our human society and maintained. Would we be so tech-savvy and brave about trying new things? Or would the "weak" be killed off leaving a stronger gene pool to draw from and better the species as a whole? Not that such a thing should or would be done but it makes me wonder.
There. See? I am crazy. Adios for now... Off to practice speech some more.

Monday's back in town...

Had a nice work-filled, rainy weekend. Not too bad really. Saturday's was really easy though a tad frustrating. Sunday's was fairly easy and rather sad. I always hate doing suicide watches, especially when they seem to be such nice people who just encountered problems that got to be too much to handle. Life can be pretty cruel sometimes.
Got a lot of reading done anyway. I'll try to remember to post some of what I wrote down while I was thinking yesterday.
"Hey! Everybody, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you! I know I'm crazy, crazy for God, and I don't know what kind of problems are going on in your lives but God loves you! Don't forget that!" That is what a girl on the bus this morning stood up and said to a bus full of strangers. I wonder what it says about me that all I could think of while she was speaking was how lucky she is that we live in America with the freedom to do what she's doing. When she sat back down no one really said anything or did anything. She wasn't applauded but then again she also wasn't booed or arrested. (Well, it was at 8am on Monday morning after Spring Break so maybe no one had the motivation to do anything?)
Another tour group... NI!! (Dude! What would they do if I started going through the Knights of Ni routine at the tour group??? That would be so funny and they'd be so confused!!)
Feeling rather complaceint right now... might be the weather but I'm going to cite the lack of sleep...
Wish me luck on my speech tomorrow! Happy Monday ya'll and sunshine smiles to balance out the rain!!!

17 March 2006

Friday review

It's been a busy week; A nice break from the normal busy of school though. I just got back to the college house from parent's house. Very quiet here compared to home but I'm not complaining since it means I can get laundry done and finally update on here.
Did some more shopping with Mum a couple of days ago; Found a really cute white ruffly skirt and a nice black purse to replace the one I tripped on and broke the handle off of. It was a very successful hunting trip, if I do say so myself. There's a neat sale at Hancock's this next weekend that I'll be taking full advantage of so watch out! There's going to be a storm of sewing (someday, when I have time to sew!!!)!!
Just watched "In Her Shoes" since Elise left it in the DVD player. Pretty cute little movie. I liked it anyway. One of those movies that makes you appreciate siblings, especially in movie form. (Love you bro!)
I also like how the daffodils are coming up and blooming everywhere, in the most unexpected places.
Cleaned house and my room. I really like it when the house is clean. Makes me feel better somehow, like I've helped add a tiny smidge of order to the world. Lovely feeling.
Well, guess it's on to practicing my special occasion speech for this next week... Happy weekend ya'll!!!

13 March 2006

Today is Monday

The hair has been lightened and a picture thereof will be posted at such a time as such a picture exists. Boowah! Here's a little montage of pictures I took (and edited for some of them) today:

10 March 2006

Salutatorian Speech from HS

This is my Salutatorian speech from HS graduation... Cheesy but I just found it and read it over. I still like most of what I said. I don't think I was too idealistic or stupid and I got my points across well enough. Hope you enjoy and get a kick out of it if nothing else...

Today is the last day we great each other as high school seniors. It has taken a long, long time but we’re finally here. As I wrote this for tonight, I kept getting sidetracked just thinking of our past, all the good times and those thankfully few bad ones; the laughter and tears we shared over the past 13 years. I began with some of you in kindergarten, others joined along the way. Through it all, we’ve been a class above the rest. We are the class of 2003.

And as we greet the future, we begin to go our separate ways. Some to college; others to begin careers or families. Everyone must find his or her own place in the community and in life. Personally, I believe I am ready but there is that sense of running scared at the same time. It’s like going to the haunted house at an amusement park. You know you want to go and the surprises inside are worth the wait in line. Once you’re there, it is scary but you know at the end everything will be alright.

We’re all in line now waiting for the doors to open. I challenge you, even if you aren’t scared like I am, have fun with your life. Laugh a lot. Make your mistakes but laugh at them and learn. Go grow up.

These last thirteen years your teachers and family have been helping you grow and make a better you. Now it’s your turn. Go do something with yourself and be all you can. Live your dream or even create a new one. Whatever you choose to do, give it your best shot; what do you have to lose?

Before I forget, you guys look great. Very nice; A proud addition to the growing collection of prestigious El Reno High School Alumni. Looking forward, I know in ten years I won’t be able to find any of the young men and women sitting in front of me today. You will have changed into mothers and fathers, teachers and doctors, businessmen and farmers. Put the past behind you; even though it was great it should not hold you back.

As we all take that next step, I wish you all the best the world as to offer. Thank you for our past, today has been fun, and I hope to see you all in the future. Good night.

Good night

Okay Julia, you wanted an extension of that comment then here you go...


Just got advised for next fall's courses, the in-case-I-Don't-get-into-Pharm plan, and I'm pretty sure my advisor thinks I'm an idiot. Not that she would say such a thing, she's one of the nicest, most polite people I've ever met, but sometimes ya can just tell, you know? I mean, I'm not actually in the honors college and I get advised there. I'm still listed as undecided on all my paperwork because here they don't count the pre-programs to be actual majors. I apparently want to get a botany degree if I don't make it into pharm. (Really, who knew???) It really didn't help that this morning I wasn't quite feeling like myself. (More on that in a minute...) And the whole, "Well, it's pretty much settling either way, so I don't really care which one I take." statement from me just sounded sad. She was really pushing for a zoology degree but gave in when I pointed out that botany required fewer classes to get that degree. I guess I understand her point, I mean, what would I do with a botany degree???? Probably sell flowers on street corners in New York. That's what you have to do if you have a botany degree and can't got to the tropics to do research (which I can't because we all know that Grandmum won't come visit me if I leave the contiguous United States.) (OH! Did I mention that Grandmum has an email address now??? Not that she knows how to turn on the computer by herself but. Email. Address. Go Grandmum!!!!) ((OH! TOUR GROUP TO STARE AT like, "Ewwww!!! Who are you? Don't come here, it sucks, I mean why else would I be staring at you like this if I wasn't unhappy with this library thing." Oh yeah. That was fun.))(No, I didn't really stare at them like that. But I thought about it. And it's the thought that counts...)(Could I have one more phrase parenthesied??? Oh, and I made up that word. It should be parenthesized. But whatever.)
Work yesterday went really, really well. My little old lady was very sweet (she asked me, and everyone who came into the room, to call her "Grandma" instead of "Mrs. ---") and she slept alot so I got a little reading done and watched too much TV. Good way to spend the afternoon I suppose.
Going home soon! Can hardly wait! It's going to rock! ("And it will be NEAT!!!") Even if we just sit there and watch TV the entire time I'm there, it will be a good Spring Break. Wooohooo!!!!

08 March 2006

Me trying new things... just a test so dont make fun!

CMLS has failed, I repeat, CMLS has failed

Despite The Committee for Making Life Suck (CMLS of course) having done their hardest to make the last 3 or 4 days absolutely horrible for me, I HAVE SURVIVED!!!!! And I'm proud to say I'm even having a good time doing it. Granted, if you had asked me last night I wouldn't have been so peppy and optimistic but, hey, life goes on and gets better. Woohooo!
I miss home a lot right now. Very glad that break is almost here! I know that right now I want nothing more than to sleep a lot but when break does arrive I'm probably going to be the first to be pacing around looking for some thing to dooooooooo....
And I need to start working out again. Hard to get worked into a study schedule during midterm week... urgh. I'm going to miss wall climbing next week. I just belayed a bunch this morning because I knew since I hadn't had much sleep that my body wouldn't love me for so much physical exertion since I'm still shooting for one of the medium routes. We had a quiz in there and I totally aced it! Woo! Well, in pass/fail classes it's harder to feel good about passing since it's so easy but it was still a bit of an ego boost, which I needed this morning. YAY!
And now for some dinner, maybe vegging out on the couch and a nap or bed early...

06 March 2006

Blessed are those who study their minds away for tomorrow they may sleep

Climbing this morning was empowering. I didn't do very many runs and my wrists ache but I still feel good about it. And it didn't hurt that the experienced climber that's my height had trouble at the same place on one of the medium routes that I'd had. In fact it took him about ten tries before he made it to the top on that run. Which is totally encouraging for me since I'm a total beginner and still sort of held my own for a while on that one. Woohoo!
I'm now sick of botany studying. And it's even worse that I can't walk past a plant that I see on campus or out driving and not try to remember what family it's in if we've covered it or specific identifers if we haven't... Grrrr... It haunts me!!!! Make it stop!!! Evil plants... Next up is Genetics...
I wrote out my outline for speech that's due tomorrow. I should go in this afternoon to his office hours and make sure that's what he's looking for... Eh, we'll see how I'm feeling in two hours. (totally one of THOSE days) It's a special occasion speech; Mine is a valedictorian speech. Really cheesy and nothing like I'd really present to my own former HS classmates but it should fill the requirements and get me a passing grade. Which is all I'm looking for in a speech right now.
Elise and her boyfriend are back together and as a result last night there was a strange boy in our kitchen. No introductions were made but we all chatted along like we were old pals. He has to be one of Cody's wrestling buddies but beyond that I have no idea... (okay now I take it back since I just looked it up on SoonerSports. Internet makes it so easy to find things... Julia, looks like he's
Josh Hinton?) Anyway, just after they left, Dread, Eddy, and Steve showed up with new guy Nick to watch "Walk the Line" (good movie, by the way, but speaking from past viewing since I was studying last night). So it was new guy night last night. Always an intersting time at our house.
Study time again! WOO! Good luck to anyone else with tests this week!

04 March 2006

Song lyrics stuck in my head

"She thought she'd done some living
But now she's just wonderin'
What she's living for
Now she's feeling that there's something more

Is there life out there
So much she hasn't done
Is there life beyond
Her family and her home
She's done what she should
Should she do what she dares
She doesn't want to leave
She's just wonderin
Is there life out there

She's always lived for tomorrow
She's never learned how
To live for today
She's dyin' to try something foolish
Do something crazy
Or just get away

There's a place in the sun that she's never been
Where life is fair and time is a friend
Would she do it the same as she did back then
She looks out the window and wonders again" -
Is There Life Out There - Reba McEntire
Well, obviously I'm not married at twenty nor do I have kids, etc like this song is about... but this song gets stuck in my head sometimes and nags me until I let it go through the thought cycle... Especially at times when I want to change something about myself and I get scared about it so I put it off. The very current one is the sudden urge to cut off my hair to chin-length. I kid you not, the urge just hit me less than five minutes ago and it was all I could do to keep from calling my dad to get the phone number for the place the rest of the family gets their hair cut at to make an appointment first thing in the morning (make the appointment, not force them to give me one in the morning). Two problems with that: 1) Tomorrow is Sunday and I don't think they're open so making an appointment tomorrow is a moot point. 2) I don't know how long this urge will last. That and I'm still having coloring issues. Urgh.
Having the little brother visit last night was fun. Botany field trip to the Myriad Botanical Gardens was fun too but went on for much too long. At least there were, um, "interesting" people to talk to there, right? Now I'm trying to get this darn studying thing done. See how well it's going....

02 March 2006

short blurp

Busy week. Next week is going to be even busier... Test in Botany on Monday, outline for a speech due Tuesday, Tests in both Genetics and Psych as well as a Family write-up paper for Botany due on Wednesday. So yeah... I'm supposed to work this afternoon but I'm seriously considering calling in and canceling so I can get more stuff done. Guess I won't but it's really tempting. Oh and this Saturday is crazy! Botany field trip, a baptism, and a birthday party all in close succession. And I should be writing my outline or family paper then. Oh well, guess I'll put those time management skills to use.
Speech midterm test this morning went alright though I still think it's stupid to give us tests when the main focus should be the actual speaking, right?
This is so short but I don't really have anything to talk about... Just school and studying and planning time. I could complain about a few little things but I'm trying to not talk trash about people as much so I'll refrain.
Hope ya'll are doing well and enjoying the nice weather (though today is cooler than yesterday was...)!