25 March 2006

truck is sick

So I just went to move my truck out of the street and into the driveway, something I've done a million times. But this time... A loud clanky noise "greeted" me. More like yelled insults at me. So of course I check to see if I can physically see anything wrong. Even opened the hood which is unusual territory for me. Nothing. Oil seems okay and there's enough coolant. I know there's enough gas since I just gassed up today. None of the belts seems obviously wrong. Nothing. Dad had to be called and consulted. The end result is... well, I'll spin it in a positive light... I get to sleep in tomorrow instead of waking up before dawn to go to work all day. I just hope this is something that isn't too hard or expensive to fix. My little truck has been pretty dependable so I'd like for it to get well soon. Dang. Do bad things come in just threes? I hope so. And that good things don't cancel out that number leaving room for another bad thing to add to that triumvirate of badness. Goodness gracious.


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