28 February 2007

Walking in Memphis...

Had a busy weekend in rainy Memphis. The KY Conclave was interesting; I'm glad I went. My Brothers are a fun group... And I wrote down a ton of ideas to try to impliment this next year when I'm pledgemaster. KY is pretty big at some schools and they have tons of traditions that we just don't do at ours for whatever reason (one that I'm thankful we don't is a very tacky song... we don't need that one...).
Not feeling terribly creative right now, ideas-wise; a little tapped out from the long ride home and the drudgery of school so far this week. Just picking out what to wear this morning was horrible since I just couldn't decide and everything sounded stupid. I made it to class with clothes on but who knows if they made/make any sense. (Side note: everyone around me was wearing stripes, I was too, so it must have been a great day for stripes, huh?)
Looking forward to helping with admissions interviews at the CoP this weekend. I remember how it felt to be a pharm-wannabe so I hope I can help them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. Of the around 200 total being interviewed roughly 140 will get in, so being friendly and outgoing now wouldn't be a horrible idea so as to start to get to know the incoming P1 class early.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


21 February 2007

Fish attempts are real!

Quick note before bed: I cleaned the fishes' tank Tuesday evening like a good pet owner. It took roughly fifteen minutes to get them to go from the tank to the huge cup of water so I could clean their tank without worrying about hurting them. THEN. OH THEN. This morning when I went to feed them in their nice clean tank one of them tried to commit suicide by jumping out! I barely opened the lid and it jumped! WHY?? I yelled a loud yell-type of word and scooped the fish up in the lid of the fish food (it was in my hand since I was feeding them, remember?), returning it to the water within seconds. But still. I though I was going to have a heart attack! Crazy fish! They both seem to be doing okay right now but we'll see when I try to feed them tomorrow if suicide is still on their minds. (Is it bad that since I can't tell them apart I have no idea which one to monitor more closely? Or have I just worked with that sort of person too much that I'm transferring associated behaviors to my fish now??? He was probably just very ambitious about eating right?? Right?? I'm a good fish owner, I really am!!!)


19 February 2007

Happy weekend with Buffaloes and Bunnies

Had a lovely belated Valentines Day with Skronky this weekend. He got me a triumvirate of fuzzy bunnies to rule the top of my chest of drawers (also good for watching Youtube videos with, using to taunt the cat and puppy, and talking to when I think there might be someone around so that talking to myself isn't a good idea....). Yay for stuffed bunnies of Valentine's love! (By the way, we traveled all over, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Cao Nguyen Asian Market, his sister April's to see her adorable son Sebastian, and PetSmart to look at water plants. Woo!)
Took that "easy" test this morning... Ended up with a low score, of course, since I bragged about how simple it would be. Huge point spread between that score and the one I achieved in biopharmaceutics (math) from last Monday where I racked up a 91%! The joys of grad school never end, do they? (Most of my classmates spend the day gripping about how horrid today's test was before we even knew our personal scores, that's how bad it was. The 50 most random questions you can pull out of 2 chapters equaling 110 pages or so of a dry textbook...)
I've been busy the last couple of evenings working on a slideshow to take to KY Province this next weekend... Who knew a few pictures would take so much time??

Quick story: So someone I know has a very old Lumina van that s/he enjoys filling with various garage sale finds, antiques, current projects that need hauling around, etc. Well, very recently someone, ie not the owner, tried to break into said van by prying away the passenger-side window to try to unlock it with a stick or something (we're assuming here) to get into the van to steal "treasures". This sounds like a sad, thievery story, huh? Well, the joke is on the would-be thief since this particular van's passenger-side door has been broke since roughly 1997 and it has since refused to open via the outside handle! What was merely an annoyance to the owner became the confounding point for a thief who didn't try any harder than that to get into the vehicle, giving up after that devilish door's victory over mankind was once again confirmed. So yay for lazy thieves and tricky doors! The world is a safer place for garage sale treasures...

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15 February 2007

sleepy... taking over...

I'm so sleepy...
Tests are just about over (only one easy one left to do Monday) for this test block. I'm so glad they're finally at an end since I've become almost physically attached to my immunology book. And not that it's not attractive, no, it is a very splendid masterpiece of immunologic significance but I fear if I were to become too attached to said marvel of the written word then I just might go crazy (or crazier) and begin spouting helpful facts about the immune system to unsuspecting, innocent bystanders. [Who don't deserve that, I might add.] As it is I think I did well on that test this afternoon. Passed Pharm practice and PDA both with C's so please don't make me talk about them. But life is good since I can now sleep without the dread of waking up only to remember I have more studying to get done before school, and hey, it's still only five am! What? I can't hear you through my huge coffee cup and insulation of lecture notes juggled precariously on top of a stack of textbooks, notebooks, and the brace of bottled waters I haul around with me because Deans forbid I should get dehydrated on top of having a mental breakdown! Woo! Yay for compound sentences that make very little sense! (More yay for running on so little sleep then attempting to write coherently!)
This last week while driving to the post office to mail Skronky's V-day card (the lucky fellow, huh? Getting real mail from me is a rarity that few enjoy...) I happened upon the town "square" [otherwise known as the "plaza" where they put the town Christmas tree each year to make the downtown area look "festive" and "happy"] where there was a pirate! I don't know if it was the upcoming sickeningly pink heart-filled holiday, excessive studying, or a mirage but I would vow many times over that it was indeed a grown man dressed as a pirate, complete with big black hat, peg leg (with his own real leg hanging out behind the peg very conspicuously), and swashbuckler's jacket. No sword was present, to my knowledge, so he wasn't armed but anyone dressed like that downtown is dangerous in-so-much-as he could cause a wreck by being so ridiculous!!!! So, yeah, wow. If anyone around here saw him too please let me know...
In other news there has been a 200% increase in village pillaging reported in the outlying regions, especially those near large bodies of water. Witnesses claim it was a man with a wooden leg named "Jim"...
Blogger made me switch to the "new" beta format of their junk. I'm not pleased about being forced to switch but am somewhat relieved that it didn't completely delete my own personally formatted template which has far more flair and panache than their "unique", "customizable" templates have. In the future I might try to switch it out for some of the page features that I'm not html talented enough to do on my own but until I get a huge surge of "free" time (HA!) that isn't going to happen. My to-do list is so long already with things I had to put off this week...
Oh, and as to your comment Julia, I'll tell you the recipe Monday at lunch. Also, I'm telling Julie absolutely nothing about Ben's little, er, indiscretion no matter how small a problem it is. I sincerely pray you are just being a little jester... And Skronky, I don't think you've even met Ben, lemonade or not.
Love to all and to all a good, long sleepful recovery from this crazy week!

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12 February 2007

Busy First Test Block

Whew! Whirlwind update incoming! (I've been a busy little gal... So I have to talk about it or else none of it happened, right??)
I tried a new version of the lipgloss adventure in compounding = SUCCESS!! It is both smooth and moisturizing while at the same time distinctly chocolately, which is what I was aiming for! Yay! Comment me if you NEED the recipe!
Went to a lovely Super Bowl party out at Dawn's a week ago Sunday (on Super Bowl Sunday, no less!) We ate lots of freshly no-longer-alive pig with barbecue sauce and I helped Dawn make a Super Bowl cake that was an odds-on perfect replica of the football field (or something close... haha actually there was only the 50 yard line and each team's endfield... But it was yummy and beautiful anyway!) Marie was delightful and "helped" with the cake/icing/M&M players so much that we set her up with a plate of her own frosting to "decorate." A picture of it exists somewhere...
My Biostats exam 1 went well; ended up with a 92% which is very pleasing to me! (Pharm Practice the next day wasn't as lovely feeling though we don't have grades back yet so I can't really say...) Biopharm (i.e. Math) was today. I feel pretty good about how I did on it. I knew most of what I was writing about and calculating so I guess we'll see on that one, too. Still to come later this week: Principles of Drug Action (AKA - PDA), Immunology, and Drug Delivery Systems II (DDS II).
Thursday and Friday last week I got in ten hours of site visits at my first monthly rotation. I have now filled well over a thousand capsules with a capsule loader... Thank goodness it wasn't all by hand but it still took a long time even with lots of help. Six more hours there then on to a new site.
Happy Birthday to my Darling Mrs. Mel in W'ford! Her birthday was this last weekend so now she's old. But very loved so yay!!!!
Enjoyed a trip to the local Asian grocery store Saturday after a tutoring session at school. There are so many neat things to explore there that I hypothesize that I could spend hours poking around and never get bored. Brought back some goodies to cook dinner with Skronky - We made sweet and sour chicken with veggies and rice noodles. Very yummy. The best part about cooking is trying new things, right?
We tried a new restaurant (new to me anyway) for lunch too! Bison Witches in Norman (OK), which I knew was a nice bar but had never been to either bar or daytime restaurant, was great! Had the half sandwich with soup - fills ya up and tastes deliscious!
To finish off before I head back to studying: We're having a bake sale at the OUHSC Student Union this Wednesday (yes, Valentine's Day) in the morning and afternoon to raise funds to sponsor a kid for Make A Wish Foundation through our Kappa Psi Province. I'll be providing cookies so if ya get a chocolate craving Wednesday remember that I make a pretty awesome chocolate chip cookie...
Love, happy wishes, and a big smile to my internet Valentines!

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07 February 2007

"Do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

Ack! So busy! My test block starts tomorrow (which means a little over a week of tests) so I've been studying thus not updating like a good blogging person should. Also, taking on projects for everything... Yay for busy!
Check out this monthly archive of For Better or For Worse... their eyes blink!!! Totally caught me off guard!
Anyway, not much time since need to get back to studying drug cards (the top selling 200 drugs are fair game on tests this semester!) but just letting ya'll know I'm still alive and smilin'! Happy wishes for all and Merry February!


03 February 2007

Thai food, Friends, movies, Engaged minors

Oh, too much human interest hoopla... Gracious! When will it end???
Fish update: Heifer and Sundance are still swimming and enjoying life as much as anyone can with a memory that lasts less than a whole minute... Random neurotic chasing of each other aside, they're pretty darn cool.
Had some really awesome thai food today. I ordered what I always do from this particular establishment (Padthai Glass Noodle Style - Glass noodles stirfried with chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and homemade sweet and sour sauce served with shredded carrot and cabbage), which I would link if they had a webpage. So yummy...
This week included a large dose of being found by/running into old friends. A couple of friends from HS popped up again out of the abyss of "where are they now?" to say hello. Hope they stick around to entertain me...
Happy birthday to my oldest male cousin! Pretty soon we'll have another teenager in the clan, woohoo!
Saw both "Employee of the Month" and "Little Miss Sunshine" within the last twentyfour hours. EotM was like every other boy meets girl, loses girl, wins back girl movie ever made but still worth seeing. Humorous anyway. LMS was funny while at the same time often disturbing. I was happy with the way they ended the film though so it gets a great recommendation from me!
I foolishly attempted to recreate the results from a recipe for lipgloss that I found online. Silly, silly me. It didn't turn out well (ask Mum, she'll agree) as it was gritty, something that lipgloss should never be. But it did crack me up so all was not lost...
This morning I watched an episode of MTV's "Engaged and Underage" with Skronky. If you like reality shows, you'll love this one. You get feuding families, spoiled brats, bridezillas, fights, cake, religion, ethnicity, delusions, and naivety all rolled into one show. I can't say I like it but it was... interesting to see, I suppose. I cannot imagine being married right now, much less when I was seventeen as the couple on the episode today was. Seventeen! I was worried about graduating high school, getting into college, and living in the dorms, not dealing with married life and all the responsibilites that go with it! Goodness! Kudos to those who try it; blessings toward a happy life.
Happy weekend to all!

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