03 February 2007

Thai food, Friends, movies, Engaged minors

Oh, too much human interest hoopla... Gracious! When will it end???
Fish update: Heifer and Sundance are still swimming and enjoying life as much as anyone can with a memory that lasts less than a whole minute... Random neurotic chasing of each other aside, they're pretty darn cool.
Had some really awesome thai food today. I ordered what I always do from this particular establishment (Padthai Glass Noodle Style - Glass noodles stirfried with chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and homemade sweet and sour sauce served with shredded carrot and cabbage), which I would link if they had a webpage. So yummy...
This week included a large dose of being found by/running into old friends. A couple of friends from HS popped up again out of the abyss of "where are they now?" to say hello. Hope they stick around to entertain me...
Happy birthday to my oldest male cousin! Pretty soon we'll have another teenager in the clan, woohoo!
Saw both "Employee of the Month" and "Little Miss Sunshine" within the last twentyfour hours. EotM was like every other boy meets girl, loses girl, wins back girl movie ever made but still worth seeing. Humorous anyway. LMS was funny while at the same time often disturbing. I was happy with the way they ended the film though so it gets a great recommendation from me!
I foolishly attempted to recreate the results from a recipe for lipgloss that I found online. Silly, silly me. It didn't turn out well (ask Mum, she'll agree) as it was gritty, something that lipgloss should never be. But it did crack me up so all was not lost...
This morning I watched an episode of MTV's "Engaged and Underage" with Skronky. If you like reality shows, you'll love this one. You get feuding families, spoiled brats, bridezillas, fights, cake, religion, ethnicity, delusions, and naivety all rolled into one show. I can't say I like it but it was... interesting to see, I suppose. I cannot imagine being married right now, much less when I was seventeen as the couple on the episode today was. Seventeen! I was worried about graduating high school, getting into college, and living in the dorms, not dealing with married life and all the responsibilites that go with it! Goodness! Kudos to those who try it; blessings toward a happy life.
Happy weekend to all!

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Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

I can't wait until the follow-up reality show called "Engaged and Overaged". That is going to be a tub of fun!

3:54 PM  

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