21 January 2007

School, Party, News Rant

Golly this last week did a strange dance of super fast and excruciatingly slow so it's hard to tell where each day ended and the next began.
The roads were icy but everyone I know made it through the week with little incident (Dork slid and bruised his tire but he and Dad were able to fix it so I assume it wasn't horrible) and the worst road I've encountered each day has been the street on which I live! School was the usual. Went over syllabi followed by starting the first lecture or two of each class. My "favorite" frustrating class is back with a vengeance this semester to harass me; I can't even begin to tell you all of the things having to do with such that irk me since it would take a very long time and neither of us should waste life like that, eh? Just think a little happy thought for me if you would, to help me get through that class without going crazy.
I'd almost forgotten what a weekend with homework was like. Thank goodness that problem is fixed. Anyone want to help me study my exciting, thrilling drug cards?
My pharm class had a little party Friday night downtown to help everyone get to know each other since not all in the class socialize together outside of school. Julie put it together then promptly got sick enough that she couldn't make it so I got to share some of the limelight for planning something truly wonderful for which I did hardly anything to help. (I guess my only honest claim to fame is knowing all of my eighty-some-odd classmates' names, which is so terribly helpful somehow?) We had a great time with only a couple of our darlings going overboard, so to speak, but as far as I know everyone made it home safely. There were probably a few headaches the next morning but also some fun pictures so it all evens out to a great time that needs repeating (hopefully during nicer weather so our comrades in Tulsa can join in for once! We invited them all down but due to weather none could make it.)
Mum updated her blog - go check it out!
Rant time - A new complaint of mine: our local news stations are more and more showing "human interest" stories that ARE NOT news and wasting time that could be spent on REAL news that we actually ought to hear about. I don't need to know that your helicopter crew saved a deer's life by blowing it off of a frozen pond. Yay for you but why is that news that needs to be covered at all, much less covered more than a dozen times over several days? There's a funny video on YouTube that your station manager happens to think is hilarious? Big deal, I can go there and see it myself if I'm into that sort of thing. You're holding onto a disappointment from your past that is very loosely tied to a current story and feel the need to tell us all about it since obviously we're your adoring public. Crikey, get over yourself! I don't care if you run 4o+ miles a week, weren't born in New York, didn't win a rodeo beauty pageant, don't like your kids being home a whole week longer, what your lame personal input on some issue is, or if you fixed pasta for your family's dinner last night. I really, really am just tuning in for the NEWS, not your life's story or to watch witty banter between you and the weatherman (who really needs a new hair stylist). Please, get back to the real issues so I can get done with you sooner in favor of return to my reruns of Food Network Challenges. Argh.
Well, I'm just ranted out. Hope everyone has a lovely week, avoids human interest stories, and drives safely!
Oh and having a hovercraft full of eels is, though exciting, probably not conducive to using said hovercraft -so best of luck! I have heard eel soup is delicious; you might consider trying it.

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Blogger Burg adoringly said...

I saw all those deer stories too.. We have one station that has become basically more like Extra than the local news.. They also have to link every national tragedy to Oklahoma in some way..

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

And you call yourself a Monty Python fan... I direct you 55 seconds into this video:

The Anonymous Englishman

9:43 PM  

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