03 December 2006

Snow Days

You would think that with an unexpected four-day weekend I'd remember to update sooner... But playing in the snow with the dogs is much more fun! Oh yeah, of course there was studying in there too with a little helping out around the house with Christmas stuff but mostly just snow playing. I even made a snow sheltie! Yay! (I know, big nerdiness points here but it was fun!!!)
I really should get out of the house soon... I honestly can't remember leaving the house (more than just outside in the yard) since I got home from campus late Wednesday evening. Yay Snow!!! Love you all and hope you keep warm! (If anyone else makes any snow creatures let me know or send me a photo link? Please? It'll be fun!)
~Oh and random shout out: Miss Doxie has posted her lovely little annual holiday gift guide and opened her own online shop!!! Muy exciting, right? Just had to throw that one out there...


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