03 November 2006

Good November Starting

So... Halloween was a blast! Got to hand out tons of candy to the cute kiddos (okay, and some to the not so cute ones too), played pool with the fam, and just enjoyed the heck out of the evening. I know I'll jinx myself but I'm feeling so much better, it's amazing to remember how miserable I was less than two weeks ago. And I'm feeling less stressed out so obviously that's good too. Life has a way of working out, whether or not I worry and freak out about every little thing. I'm so blessed, just wish I would always remember that.
Site visits have been going well. Really got to do a lot at my last one. Enter prescriptions, fill orders, clarify prescriptions with a couple of doctors, and interact with customers/patients. Really feel like I'm learning some of the stuff that will actually matter someday. I was beginning to worry that I'd lost my love of learning and will to keep driving myself through so much information. I know, "gripe gripe gripe" and "duh, of course grad school is hard." I'm doing 'eh, ok' to 'pretty well' in all of my classes so I ought not complain.
Kappa Psi initiations are tomorrow morning. I'll let ya know how that goes, as much as I can say anyway.
Skronky's sister had her baby a week overdue this last Monday. I have yet to see the little bundle of joy but I've been told he's healthy and happy. Came out 7 pounds and 15 ounces so he's a big ol' bundle, I'm sure. Mom is reportedly doing well too. Yay for good things for good people!!!
Driving yesterday I saw a beautiful butterfly flying along near-ish to my truck. Then either the wind changed direction or the butterfly turned because the next thing I knew the poor thing was stuck around my radio antenna! There wasn't anything I could think of to do to save it either since I couldn't slow down (traffic behind me on a busy street). I felt just horrible and helpless to see it flapping around, stuck to the antenna. It finally fell off; I didn't see where it landed but doubtful it lived. How pathetic am I that I still feel really horrible about that??
Today has been, if unremarkable, a rather good day. Feels nice outside, I feel pretty great physically and mentally. A little tired but then what's new about that?
Too bad all of my insightful thoughts come and go while I'm driving or in the middle of class daydreaming. Ya'll would think I was too cool if only you knew...
Love and good wishes to all. Happy November!!!


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