12 October 2006

Procrastinating is fun! Try it soon for a test near you!

Good day of classes and site visit was great. (Note: I HATE it when my pharm practice profs call good sites "Fillet mignon" and bad sites "hot dogs"... it really bothers me on a deep level...)
Not feeling sick anymore, just coughing some. But no more hurting, yay!!!
In physio today I gained a real respect for my kidneys. Love your kidneys, they do SO much for you, really!!!
Public service announcements on the radio are, well, hilarious. You have the power of choice. (Just so you know, you should choose respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! No pressure or anything...)
I love the cooler weather. It's great for wearing all the neat long sleeved shirts I got last spring and couldn't (wouldn't) wear when it was so hot.
Mum and Dad's 20-somethingth wedding anniversary is this next Monday. They're still really cute together and just quirky enough to keep me on my toes. (Ha! I called you guys cute! And quirky! But not spry. No, not yet...)
This is totally random, and really just because I'm procrastinating about studying both for pharm practice and biochem, but I saw at least 3 hitchhikers along the highway on my way home today. All male, of course, though why "of course" I couldn't say. But did they not get the memo that hitchhiking isn't the safest method of travel? I would stop and help someone like that sometime but then I'm a little gal so it's not safe for me to help them either (at least not the big burly men like I saw today) since there are so many stories of good samaritians that ended up dead samaritians by picking up the wrong person. Which brings me to another thought; I'd love to be helpful and stop for people whose vehicles are broke on the side of the road but the biggest help I could be is loaning them my cell phone to call someone who can actually help. I know CPR and some very minor first aid stuff but when it comes down to it that person would be MUCH better off with a real EMT to help him or her. Not sure what my point was there... Oh, okay I think I was along the lines of, I'll never be discovered as a hero because I never happen upon situations where I'm actually of any help to those in true need. So, yay... or something like that.
Oh, just to be even more random and slightly human again, I must complain about the 'Strangers' (nickname used to protect the innocent) that have class with us. My pharm friends and I try to be really nice to them, interact and help them with whatever we can but it's getting really hard to feel compassion for some of them... Lately, as in the last 2 days, they've left trash all over our room, had their phones ringing DURING class, spilled drinks and not cleaned it up, and, my own personal whine, one of them kept bumping my chair and invading my tiny personal space today. She just kept at it, talking loudly to one of her friends two rows up and hitting my chair with the back of her chair... Argh. And I wouldn't mind it so much if she was just friendly, say "Hi" to me when she sat down and at least appologize for accidently kicking me and nudging my notebook while I was writing (which was in my tiny 1/2 of a desk since she had my other 1/2 as well as her whole part of the desk covered with her stuff.) I don't want to be disillusioned about other future health professionals, I'm sure they will do a good job when they graduate, but I just wish some of them would improve their manners. Whine, whine, whine... I'm really so blessed that a little imposition is probably good for me, right?
This weekend is going to be all about studying Biochem. Yipee. Hope ya'll have a good one, stay warm, and have fun! Love you all!
"His imperfections flowed from the contagion of the times; his virtues were his own." of Belisarius of Byzantium by Gibbon


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Funny story: for my test Friday our prof said we were only allowed to have a pencil and tissues at our desk...my immediate thought: "the test is going to make me cry and I don't have my own tissues"...tissues are actually for colds as it turns out. Anyway, then we got a big lecture on cheating and how it's really not worth it. You can retake a year (b/c if you fail one class ya gotta redo the whole year) and still end up being a great therapist, but if there's even just suspicion of cheating it will go on your permanent record, you will be kicked out of the program, and you will never be allowed in another graduate program. That comment was way longer than I anticipated...my apologies.

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