17 March 2011

"In the middle of my little mess I forget how big I'm blessed"... I love this song!

14 March 2011

Withholding the love?

So, I'm one of those weirdos who happens to frequent that awful place called Facebook. I've been a member since I was a freshman in college - back when you could only be "friends" with people from your actual school and could only sign up with a college-based email address (for example yourrealname.1@ou.edu which I sure hope isn't really someone's email addy). So, yeah, that has been a really long time. It was great for networking for classes in undergrad and for further fueling silly junior-high-like antics in grad school. Now I mostly just see what other people are doing. And now to get to my real point for posting tonight...

Sometimes, like when looking around on Facebook, I just really want to say "Hi" to someone or tell a friend I've been thinking about them. But then I don't really have much else to say. I guess I just want to connect with out strings attached? (And now I'm getting a deja vu feeling like I've posted something like this before? weird) It feels lame to just "like" everything someone posts but too much to reach out, sometimes after not talking much for years, and just say something lame like Hi. It also seems odd to post to my close friends "I love you" without sounding like one of those stupid valley girls who "loves" everything and nothing at the same time. I don't want to come off as fake and I do have strong platonic love for them... but... booo. Haven't solved this problem for myself yet...

So I'm chalking this post up to allergies making me weak with pseudoephedrine making me crazy. Chalk and chalk. Love ya'll! -- No, really though. After all the devastation that's going since this past week we all do need to remember those we love and tell them more often. Everyday if you get the chance. God loves you and, in a much less significant way, so do I. :)