23 July 2007

Apple Madness

Busily working up a storm, saving lives and takin' names.... Always a good time.
Spent several hours Sunday baking with apples. We had a full brown paper bag of them from Grandmum that needed to be put to use so... Someone, okay me, thought it would be "neat" to make a pie or two from those pretty green apples. I guess I'd forgotten how little they were and how many it takes to make a pie... Spent roughly an hour peeling, coring, and slicing little green granny smith's into filling for one pie, one huge apple crisp and 3 little apple crisps. There were still apples left over! Like, enough for another pie!!! I haven't had any of the pie but the crisp is delicious and just almost worth the callous I'm forming from the peeler.
Skronky got back from Arkansas (was helping his boss move most of this last week) so YAY!!!
Love to all and hope ya have a beautiful week!

19 July 2007

Work, Sewing, Shower...

Funny how I was looking forward to a lazy summer only to find it's nearly as busy as school season! But then I have been picking my own ways of busy for the most part, not having everything scheduled for me with deadlines to keep up with and accommodate. Thank goodness for that, right?

Lots of sewing - Finished that t-shirt quilt finally!!! WOoohoooOOo! It's about lap throw sized and just perfect for cuddling under to play that darn Pinata game in the freezing exercise/game room. I won't bore with details of finishing but I did decide to tie it off at the corners and bind with a pretty, pre-made satin blanket binding ribbon. Just this morning did a quick, well, shirt for lack of a better word. It is a shirt but more like a throw-over for tank tops. Really plain grey with a wide boat neck and floaty, lettuce-leaf edge sleeves. Not at all fitted but I like it. Might try it with some variety and a pretty print...
Mum and I enjoyed a wedding shower together last Sunday for a little over an hour. Definitely a few stereotypes showed up, in full force and with banners flying. We sat on the back row (a great choice for short people, ha) and did full commentary on practically everything, ensuring that we will never be invited anywhere ever again. Oh, did I mention this for a relative? (I think I figured out that she's my second cousins' first cousin, so terribly close... Actually, we were close friends in grade school and she is truly a great person blessed with some funny relatives.) The gift I brought, etched glasses, was personalized with her soon-to-be last initial. The only catch was that I hadn't (still haven't) met the groom or really knew his last name... So I winged it based on the name from the registry, because who lies on a wedding registry? (Well, other than saying you want olive green towels when grass green would do just as well. OOO or pretending you'll ever actually use that exotic bread-maker/juicer/dicer/blender/expresso-maker combo with detachable utensils in easy-to-clean materials entirely colored chartreuse. Yeah, right.) When she opened our gift someone said, "Oh, B for Brent*" (names changed to protect the innocent) which threw me into a panic upon realizing they'd only said his first name, which started with the same letter as his last, and no one seemed to be making the connection to the last name I thought was his!!!! EEeek!!! What to do???? I waited until everyone was milling about, eating cake, sipping punch, and being funny, to catch her sister to beg what in the world the groom's last name was for, so help me, I was having an internal freak-out fest! Sigh of relief to find the crisis had been naught, just the party pooper who said, "Oh, B for Brent*" making a stupid comment scaring the daylights outta me. Quite a happenin' little shindig... Congrats to the happy couple and best wishes for a wonderful future.
Happy Thursday!


10 July 2007


All of a sudden I am inspired. I want to go take a million pictures around town of all the quaint little spots and niches that only a local would know about or notice... Or those places that mean something to me simply because I am "from 'round here" and "remember that one time..."
Maybe tomorrow? I'll try to kidnap the little brother or maybe the dogs would be easier?? The dogs would be easier to kidnap but much, much harder to pose me thinks. Pictures are just so much more fun when there are people in them, don't you think? (Ha I just realized that I implied our dogs are people...)
My aunt and uncle named that new puppy Hairy (or maybe Harry, not sure on spelling).
Filled out my FAFSA application today; Next up is that student loan app in a week or so when the FAFSA is processed. Yay for the burden of debt for school!
Started a cute jeans skirt yesterday (out of a pair of Dork's old holey jeans) and am nearly finished but am stuck at how to edge the bottom so that I'm not left with just a plain, boring hemline. I actually even have the zipper well done already but somehow getting my mind around how I want to do this hem is eluding me... My original plan doesn't sound nearly as wearable as it did at first (a ruffle of a light-weight cotton yellow and white checkered material). Now I'm sorta-kinda leaning toward either a plain hem + white tulle (edged in ribbon to cut down on the itchy) sticking out underneath or denim of a darker colour as a ruffle. If nothing else I could singe the edges and tell everyone I rescued it from a fire, right?


08 July 2007

Sunday Turnstyle

Happy (Late) Birthday Miss Julia! Hope ya had fun (I know I did)!

Busy weekend. Managed to make a skirt last week and get both halves of my tee shirt quilt sewn together (now just have to decide how I want to attach them to the middle guts and bind the edges...). The Fourth of July was pretty nice. Had work but still not too bad. Mum made some awesome tacos Saturday evening... OOOoooh so good!!!

Semi-Quick rant:
So... Lately I've been dealing with some super lovely people who have issues that they just don't know how to handle correctly. Talking badly about your superior(s) or co-workers doesn't help issues get better/reach a mutually positive outcome, especially when it's just blatant, disrespectful gossip/speculation. And talking badly about your inferiors in front of them doesn't really inspire good-will either. Just a thought. I may be only an intern still in school but I do know that much...
Next set: If you've come into an office by nomination and then election in any organization, where you had the chance to turn down the nomination from the beginning, it's just plain disrespectful to completely ignore leadership when they ask for your input on YOUR project, even more so when said leadership takes the time to try to accommodate your schedule time-and-again. These are just a few folks I've had the pleasure of brushing into in life... Venting can be helpful, sure, but I really have no excuses for the other set of infuriating individuals.


04 July 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! Please control your urge to eat or drink any poisons, get bit by anything scary, or manage to have any reason to call me a work today since I want everyone to have a gorgeous, safe Independence Day!
Had a lovely week of work last week... This weekend was fun though, despite the rain changing our plans. Ended up having a family cookout at our house complete with all the fun that entails. Skronky even drove up for the festivities! (He and I saw that new movie with the name that sounds like "ratatooie" but not sure on spelling. Good movie.) Work at the PCC Monday followed by some much delayed progress on my tee shirt quilt (yeah, the one I've been trying to get motivated to finish for roughly, oh, 3 years!) leaving an estimated 2 hours-ish of work before it will be done! Yay! I'm making myself finish this darn thing before I'm allowed to sew on anything else fun or wearable. (It WILL be cute when I'm done or else!!!)
My aunt and uncle got a new puppy!!! Just so happens to be a half-brother to Rio so their doggies are related!!! Woo! They're still trying to come up with a name (last I heard, anyway)... I find it funny that ALL the dogs in the family are male...
Spent yesterday evening with Skronky - we tried out a new Thai restaurant (new to us) downtown which proved to be good but perhaps a tad overpriced. Skronky was a fan of the fishtank that was in view of our table. Not a bad place but probably won't ever be my favorite hangout (as far as ranking goes: it's miles above McDonalds to me but still quite below Pad Thai or the Greek House). This morning we puttered around outside at his house and at the Duck Pond (did you know they're doing construction there??? WTF???). A cute family of little brown ducks came to visit us hoping we had bread for them (we didn't). The weather was so nice and cool out; It's been a while since I've been to the Pond so it was really enjoyable.
PostSecret hasn't updated their page this week... arg...