10 July 2007


All of a sudden I am inspired. I want to go take a million pictures around town of all the quaint little spots and niches that only a local would know about or notice... Or those places that mean something to me simply because I am "from 'round here" and "remember that one time..."
Maybe tomorrow? I'll try to kidnap the little brother or maybe the dogs would be easier?? The dogs would be easier to kidnap but much, much harder to pose me thinks. Pictures are just so much more fun when there are people in them, don't you think? (Ha I just realized that I implied our dogs are people...)
My aunt and uncle named that new puppy Hairy (or maybe Harry, not sure on spelling).
Filled out my FAFSA application today; Next up is that student loan app in a week or so when the FAFSA is processed. Yay for the burden of debt for school!
Started a cute jeans skirt yesterday (out of a pair of Dork's old holey jeans) and am nearly finished but am stuck at how to edge the bottom so that I'm not left with just a plain, boring hemline. I actually even have the zipper well done already but somehow getting my mind around how I want to do this hem is eluding me... My original plan doesn't sound nearly as wearable as it did at first (a ruffle of a light-weight cotton yellow and white checkered material). Now I'm sorta-kinda leaning toward either a plain hem + white tulle (edged in ribbon to cut down on the itchy) sticking out underneath or denim of a darker colour as a ruffle. If nothing else I could singe the edges and tell everyone I rescued it from a fire, right?



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