18 June 2007

Manic Monday

Called about my pictures today... He "thought he had called me already" so was surprised that I hadn't picked them up yet... So I'll be picking them up tomorrow after work since apparently they're not open today? I'll keep you posted. Since that was roughly a month ago I'm not sure I even remeber what they're supposed to look like (other than being of me, I assume)?
The fish are doing well. Just hanging out. I need to get them a couple more shrimps to keep them company (since the old ones died, remember?) but keep forgetting to pick them up. The cat has showed renewed interest in them...
No really interesting calls today. I have learned that silica gel packets are not toxic (they only say "do not eat" because they could be a choking hazard), if you take your spiriva capsule by mouth instead of with the inhaler you shouldn't have any problems, and that kids eat the weirdest stuff. This includes but is not limited to: paint balls, a whole tube of tooth paste, pesticides of many forms, household cleaners (esp sprays), plants of all sorts, vaseline, spackling paste, and dry erase markers.
No sewing accomplished this weekend. Made up some soaps that smell like my perfume and my brother's body spray (seperately, of course). Dork and I cooked dinner for Dad on Father's Day: cajun fried rice with homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I also tried out a granola bar recipe that I found on the Food Network website; turned out alright even thought I had to substitute a few things. (Had one on the way to work this morning, as a matter of fact.) Very sweet and sticky.
Apparently we're going to have a "bake-off" or two at work... sounds like fun... Yay! Now I'm off for lunch! Much love and happy thoughts for Monday!

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Hey you forgot about me!

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