30 April 2007

B-U-S-Y is still a four letter word...

The word of the week is busy! Close at second is confused! Woohoo!
Last week saw classes everyday, rain, tons of studying, a frustrating Immuno test review (ie going over the correct answers for a test we already took...), Test in principles of drug action (that I managed to do poorly on despite the hours of studying), an 8 hour long site visit, our All-School party Friday night (such a blast! -Decades Dance!!!), my fraternity's MDA Golf Tournament (the MDA part means all proceeds go to them!) most of the day Saturday, a classmate's wedding shower Saturday evening (I quickly etched a set of glasses for them after the PDA test... then went right to bed) way up North, a long review/tutoring session Sunday for biopharm. and ended up with a great Sunday dinner with the family. Whew!
This week doesn't look like it'll be very relaxing either... It's the alleged "Dead Week" which sounds like it should have something to do with zombies (fun/eeek!) but actually is a useless misnomer for the week before finals (since a true dead week would NOT have any tests, papers, reports, labs, etc., due AT ALL... and we very much have a ton of stuff due this week!) So much going on...
It's Dawn's birthday today! Yay!!!!!
Dork's last HS play is this week!!! Woohoo!!!
Okay so this is the best update that time/my conscience allows... Hope everyone has a lovely week and happy wishes for any tests/papers/finals that may come your way!!!!

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