28 November 2006

Holiday Madness!

I am industriously trying to print out notes for class tomorrow, study for math, and update my poor, forgotten blog. So much crazy fun when you're livin' the life...
Put up Christmas lights at home today after class. It always amazes me how I can check the strands twice before I put them up, put them up, and then realize they're not working all of a sudden. So I take that strand down and test it again. By golly, it's working again. I get it back up on the roof only to be smacked upside the head with the sudden remembering that this strand is a blinking set and, oh, just might start blinking, which I could possibly misunderstand as 'not working'. Not that such a situation has ever happened... Oh, never! Not more than once in one light-hanging event, right?? That would be silly... (Man, good thing I didn't start talking to myself... Then I would sounds crazy)
But I found out a new Law of the Universe! Females of my age are not allowed to use ladders outside to hang holiday decorations! The theory is that for some unresearched reason we'll just fall off and make 'someone' look bad. (My take on it is that we're top-heavy, due to our massive brains of course, so that makes us topple over...) Just so you know, I will NOT be climbing any ladders outdoors this holiday season! Yay!
My Goddaughter is three years old, as of yesterday!!! (It's so strange that she's so old! Every time I see her I'm amazed that she isn't still a baby but a walking, talking, funny toddler!)
We did really well at our Kappa Psi burger sale yesterday. Raised about $850 for the Ronald McDonald House charity! (Which is worth the soreness I feel today as a result of carrying a full ice chest around...) Plus we made some really delicious burgers; I'm very proud of how well everything turned out!
Skronky's computer died/had a stroke this week... Happy thoughts for a full recovery, please?
I'm already frightened by finals. The anxiety has set in even though finals aren't until the 2nd full week of Decemeber...They will all be cumulative: Biochem Monday, Practice Tues, DDS Weds, Math (if need be) Thurs, and Physio Friday at which point I will go home and head straight to bed for several hours (by hours I probably mean days). [At some point that week my little brother Dork will turn the Huge 18 years old!!!!] So Yay school!
Christmas is coming so fast. I'm being pressured to make a Christmas list, even though I'm legal now... Any suggestions would be helpful if you have ideas...?
Love to you all and hope you have a lovely week! (Oh! And if you live around here get ready for the freezing cold weather headed our way this week!!!)

21 November 2006

Tuesday of Break

Passed that neuro physio test so now it's Break time! Woohoo!!
On the way home passed a billboard sign... Huge picture of a woman and it looks like someone drew a mustache on her! I get most of the way past before I figured out that it was a shadow from a very nearby lamppost! Farther down the road are a posse of cherrypickers all with their arms raised up toward the sky like they were dancing together! Bunch of longhorns at a little farm pond near the highway, just hanging out and enjoying the sunny weather. A guy driving a girly truck like mine with bumper stickers on it for a sorority, butterflies, etc... I hope it's his sister's or girlfriend's. I think it would be totally neat to get one of the really huge animal statues like they have at the Statuary World near the highway and just put it in your front yard for like a week. See if anyone says anything. OOoh or right after a snow, make it look like you made a huge snow animal!!! That would be great! (Lame, I know but I'm mostly brain-tired after studying the brain for so long)

17 November 2006

Wedding stupidness

Strange little thought... Today during class I was sitting in the middle of a conversation between two friends, one male and the other female. Apparently the girl just got engaged thus that was obviously what they had to talk about so he congradulated her. Then they discussed how stressful planning all that is but how she doesn't "complain about planning the wedding since [her fiance] is planning [their] life." To which the fellow replied something to the effect that her fiance shouldn't mind her complaining about it since all that planning is stressful and the wedding day is something girls dream about since they were little. -This is where I wanted to gag. Maybe I don't remember being a little girl or I was a strange little girl (okay, no matter what I was strange) but my wedding day was not something I obsessed over or even really thought much about. Even now I don't think about it until something stupid like this comes up. I understand why actually getting married is such a big deal but to freak out over the ceremony, which should just celebrate the love the two of you share, is just stupid. As long as you both are happy and enjoy your wedding day I don't understand why people (and by people I mean some girls/women) obsess about it so much, causing themselves and those around them to have panic attacks or overstress to the point that they regret even thinking about weddings. I've been an active part in at least five weddings in my life, ranging from simple to crazy, and have to say I prefered the simple. Anyway, not something I plan on worrying about for a few years at least, just had to rant because it seemed a rant=worthy topic... Love ya'll!

16 November 2006


Still alive. Busy week, for sure. Looking forward to getting to babysit Marie tonight; Can hardly believe she's almost 3 years old! Lots of studying to do too so tonight will be fun. Yay school.
Hope ya'll are doing well and having a lovely autumn day!

12 November 2006

Livin' the Dream...

Short break from studying biochem (oxidative phosphorylation, nucleotides, DNA metabolism, metabolic integration, RNA, protein synthesis, and gene expression - fun stuff, huh?) to say, "Hello!"
Week went well and this weekend is going at a lovely rate. My hair is still reddish; the leftovers of Halloween extravagance take a while to fad it seems. Found some pretty sweet green pants yesterday - am totally excited about them so look for a live debut of the green pants sometime this week! Last site visit for the semester is this next week, so that's something. Biochem and math tests tomorrow, Monday.
Chaco is feeling all better, back to his ornery, fun self. While he was off in lala land it quickly became apparent once again how much smarter he is than the little dog (since Chaco wasn't there to help him out). Loki just doesn't catch onto tricks and concepts as quickly. He's loving and cute but a bit of an idiot sometimes, bless his little excited heart. On the vein of dogs, I saw a very pretty blue-merl aussie on campus Friday after class. Such a pretty, spirited dog running alongside the owner's bike. One of the many things to make me smile that day.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and oodles of love to ya!
"If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?" -Thomas Lowell Beddoes

07 November 2006

Hey Man Now You're Really Living

Chaco had to go to the vet today! Poor puppy had an abscessed tooth! He's home and feeling better already but looks a little worse for the wear right now.
School is going like crazy. Everyone's doin' okay as far as I know. Busy is a constant it seems.
Today has been a good day. No substantial complaints here. Been thinking about Christmas already. I'm starting to get a little excited because I actually have ideas already this year, which is soo unlike me. I usually have NO idea whatsoever about what to get for anyone. And even though it's not what Christmas is about, I do like giving my loved ones gifts that they'll use or at least enjoy (especially since at Christmas I have an excuse and they can't get out of accepting any gifts! Muhahaha!) The crafty part of me thinks I might make a few gifts this year... We'll see how that turns out closer to finals week and the added stress of the end of the semester stuff but for now I have good intentions. Woohoo!!
Back to studying Math/Biochem/DDS/Physio... (never-ending cycle...) Love you all!

To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best. - Margaret Thatcher

05 November 2006

I'm a brother now! Yay

03 November 2006

Good November Starting

So... Halloween was a blast! Got to hand out tons of candy to the cute kiddos (okay, and some to the not so cute ones too), played pool with the fam, and just enjoyed the heck out of the evening. I know I'll jinx myself but I'm feeling so much better, it's amazing to remember how miserable I was less than two weeks ago. And I'm feeling less stressed out so obviously that's good too. Life has a way of working out, whether or not I worry and freak out about every little thing. I'm so blessed, just wish I would always remember that.
Site visits have been going well. Really got to do a lot at my last one. Enter prescriptions, fill orders, clarify prescriptions with a couple of doctors, and interact with customers/patients. Really feel like I'm learning some of the stuff that will actually matter someday. I was beginning to worry that I'd lost my love of learning and will to keep driving myself through so much information. I know, "gripe gripe gripe" and "duh, of course grad school is hard." I'm doing 'eh, ok' to 'pretty well' in all of my classes so I ought not complain.
Kappa Psi initiations are tomorrow morning. I'll let ya know how that goes, as much as I can say anyway.
Skronky's sister had her baby a week overdue this last Monday. I have yet to see the little bundle of joy but I've been told he's healthy and happy. Came out 7 pounds and 15 ounces so he's a big ol' bundle, I'm sure. Mom is reportedly doing well too. Yay for good things for good people!!!
Driving yesterday I saw a beautiful butterfly flying along near-ish to my truck. Then either the wind changed direction or the butterfly turned because the next thing I knew the poor thing was stuck around my radio antenna! There wasn't anything I could think of to do to save it either since I couldn't slow down (traffic behind me on a busy street). I felt just horrible and helpless to see it flapping around, stuck to the antenna. It finally fell off; I didn't see where it landed but doubtful it lived. How pathetic am I that I still feel really horrible about that??
Today has been, if unremarkable, a rather good day. Feels nice outside, I feel pretty great physically and mentally. A little tired but then what's new about that?
Too bad all of my insightful thoughts come and go while I'm driving or in the middle of class daydreaming. Ya'll would think I was too cool if only you knew...
Love and good wishes to all. Happy November!!!