12 November 2006

Livin' the Dream...

Short break from studying biochem (oxidative phosphorylation, nucleotides, DNA metabolism, metabolic integration, RNA, protein synthesis, and gene expression - fun stuff, huh?) to say, "Hello!"
Week went well and this weekend is going at a lovely rate. My hair is still reddish; the leftovers of Halloween extravagance take a while to fad it seems. Found some pretty sweet green pants yesterday - am totally excited about them so look for a live debut of the green pants sometime this week! Last site visit for the semester is this next week, so that's something. Biochem and math tests tomorrow, Monday.
Chaco is feeling all better, back to his ornery, fun self. While he was off in lala land it quickly became apparent once again how much smarter he is than the little dog (since Chaco wasn't there to help him out). Loki just doesn't catch onto tricks and concepts as quickly. He's loving and cute but a bit of an idiot sometimes, bless his little excited heart. On the vein of dogs, I saw a very pretty blue-merl aussie on campus Friday after class. Such a pretty, spirited dog running alongside the owner's bike. One of the many things to make me smile that day.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and oodles of love to ya!
"If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?" -Thomas Lowell Beddoes


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