30 September 2004

Busy Wednesday

Life keeps me busy. I didn't end up actually working more than a few minutes yesterday. Stopped in early to ask about getting a recommendation for school. Was dc'ed almost as soon as I reached the floor. So I came back here and studied. Lovely. Talked to Sharice and Julia some. Made dinner (chicken and spanish rice). Good times.
Got to talk to Amy from HS Tuesday. Seems like she's doing well.
Funny thing: this morning I looked out my window and there is a car that was onced parked in a parking space but must have rolled out of the space. Sitting in the middle of the street against the curb... Sucks for them but still rather funny since I had thought that might happen to me someday. Thus I always put my parking break on. Guess they forgot. Lucky thing that they weren't parked a space or two over or they would have rolled back into another car.
I don't really have anything else I want to say right now, so ya'll have a great day and I'll see ya when I see ya!

"Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso" (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.) - Spanish proverb

28 September 2004

Doing laundry... it's the joy of my little life. Can't you tell?

Really. I'm not posting right now. I'm just working on homework as I wait for my laundry to finish drying in the dryer down the hall. I am not wasting time. Today has been good. Classes, etc... not that much really happened. Guess that's good. Had an easy Mythology quiz. Took less than 3 minutes to do 10 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions, that's how easy. Almost pathetic how easy. Very thankful for that. Truly. Tomorrow is going to be busy. Classes and work. Good times. So probably no post tomorrow. Sorry. I know how you look forward to my endless, rambling posts. Love ya'll! Good night and sweet dreams!

Roses are red,Violets are blue, I am doing my laundry, So I don't smell like you...

Oh, but now you're finding out, I'm a little bit crazy..

Yeah, it's late at night... I should be asleep but, obviously, I'm not. I donno. Lost feeling is back. Sometimes I have it so together and sometimes, like now, I so don't. I mean, okay, this is strange to put in words. I could convey much better in person.
Not that I ever totally lose it (well, hardly ever. Come on, if you know me, how many times have you seen me crying when not connected to laughing? Or truly raging mad? The only ones who could maybe say more than once are my immediate family, Dawn, or Julie Rene. And even they might not be able to swear by it...) just sometimes I'm only holding half my marbles with the other half bouncing and rolling around in the gutter. The only thing that's always stable is my faith and my love for my family. Is it totally normal to want to go off and do something wild and crazy for no reason other to have done it (and I don't mean to brag about it, honestly, to just have done whatever it is and be content with the action)? Rather hard to be the good girl I always am all the time. Not that I want to be bad but I get sick of always caring what others think and expect of me; being bad has its charms too.
Anyhoo, yeah, I'm nutso. Thanks.
Worked Sunday morning. Studied that afternoon. Julia and Sharice made cupcakes. I helped a little but mostly just watched. They're really good. yummy.
Evil Org. Chem test this morning kicked my tush. Physics was just there. Dance was fun; took a nap before class. We ran to Walmart a bit ago after picking up Sharice Janice at the Huff... neither Julia or I had ever been inside, which is funny since we are Sooners and lived in the Dorms last year and all... oh well, just proves how eccentric we are, right? Well, this week is going to keep me busy... Hope ya'll take care and have fun. Love ya!

"Now I'm not so bad and I'm not so hot
I said I don't care but I cared a lot
It was changes that I wanted
Changes that I got... Ready or not" - Evan & Jaron

25 September 2004

Nener-nener ni haha

I'm listening to my lovely Maroon 5... Debating another nap since I worked a double last night... Argh, I'm a zombie! (It doesn't matter anymore... lol)
Classes are there. Next week looks busy but I'm going home next weekend so I am very happy! Yea! Have a ton of homework that needs attention but not alive enough right now to accommodate such good habits yet.
Sorry for the strange post Thursday. I'll do better from now on, promise.
Didn't end up going to that thing with Houston. Stayed here and picked on my roomies. They needed it badly. Who else was going to keep Julia from studying for her test Friday and talk to Sharice Janice about her wounded thumbs? They almost made me spray them with Kool-aid when they got me laughing while I was eating. (Anyone who has yet to experience that is really missing out.) They've decided I work the corner on Lindsay and Classen (or was it 12th?) in my spare time. Apparently, I have "Pretty Woman" hooker boots hidden in my closet and huge hoop earings and I smoke like a freight-train. Who else knows about that? (hahahaha)
(Saw Walter and Donald from HS Thursday afternoon. Always makes me happy to see old friends. Walt has let his hair grow out; going for that rock-star look. lol)
Well, off to dreamland. Ya'll be good!
(The state fair ends tomorrow. I haven't gone but thought I'd leave ya with this quote:)

If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you'll be going, 'you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty.'" - Jeff Foxworthy

23 September 2004

You are now entering the twilight zone, do not attempt... anything

Am I suddenly in the twilight zone? I didn't hear the music... or see the swirly thing... no flying cows, etc... So what the crikey is going on? Am I now insane or is it the rest of the world?
I don't have anything to say for myself. I'm just me; what else could I try to be and still succeed? (that sorta rhymed, by the way)
If I sound confused that's because I am.

22 September 2004

Prepharm yesterday...

I've been feeling a bit lost lately. Not exactly sure why. Want to get "out there" and do something but haven't figured out what yet.
Pre-pharmacy meeting last night was interesting. Which is to say that the meeting itself was boring as heck but the everything surrounding the actual meeting was fun. Getting there was hilarious because they had it in the Regents room at the Union, which is on the other side of the ballroom from where I came in at... so I had to go back downstairs and around back up... very funny. Just wandering around looking vaguely lost... I'm good at that. Got there and found out there was someone there I "knew" or rather who knew me from HS. He was a junior when I was a senior and since I didn't have any classes with him I didn't actually know who he was. He knew me though. Guess that would creep me out if I wasn't used to it already (alot of the kiddos in Dork's grade know me, and most of the current HS kids know me since I was involved in everything). Anyhoo, we had a good talk and made sarcastic remarks all throughout the meeting. Some girl out in the hall was loudly talking on the phone to someone. She kept screaming, "No! That isn't possible!" and "I just can't believe it!" And really. It was great. Made my life better I know. The club secretary thought she knew me already until she realized I just looked like Lindsay Lohan.

Why, oh why, did she have to say that? I actually thought she was a decent person until then. lol Of course I'm joking but honestly, I don't like being associated with that girl.

Okay, well, if I don't leave for class now I'll be late, so ya'll have a great day and lots of fun!

If you can't be kind, at least be vague. - Judith Manners

21 September 2004

Welcome to FunkyTown

Ugh. I don't know why I'm in this funk. The weather outside is gorgeous and my day has been wonderful. My last class of the day was canceled. So why the funk?
I even made myself a to-do list and I can't seem to stick by it. All of a sudden I don't feel like calling the person I need to or emailing the folks who deserve it. Why? Maybe just an inflated case of procrastination or avoidance or something. Who knows? (by the by, if you do know, please tell me. I'm going crazy here...)
I've just been working on my class schedule for next semester and, boy, it's gonna be a booger. Classes starting at 8:30am (that is the ONLY time it's offered and I must take it) and my class day lasts until 9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ugh. Labs everyday except Friday. Only one weekday when I can work one shift. And the biggest biotch of it all is that it says I'm only taking 12 hours! When in reality I'll be spending around 18 hours a week in classes! AAaahhh! It just isn't right. Ok. Gonna stop thinking about it and just focus on this minute. Right now is good. Right now is great. Right now I'm hungry... huh... I don't think I ate lunch or breakfast... might ought to remedy that...
Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who is putting up with me for said putting up with. I know I'm a bear (lol) to be around sometimes and I appologise. My friends are all angels and deserve much better. Love ya'll!

Never believe in mirrors or newspapers. - Tom Stoppard

20 September 2004

"You can ring my bell"... or not

What a gorgeous day! It was absolutely beautiful outside and events were liveable if not pleasant. That O. Chem quiz was a biotch but I was the first one done so I'm going to hope I just did them all very well, very fast, right? Physics wasn't too bad, just started chapter 4 and talked about the test we had had Friday. Good times. After I got back here I tried to work on homework but was having trouble concentrating since nothing is due very soon, thank goodness. Then Julia got home and we talked for quite some time. That was nice. Since I don't have Dawn here I get full of talk and almost burst so I take it out on my poor, defenseless roommates. Thanks girls!
Dance class was fun, as always. (I'm convinced my dance teacher's favorite song is that darn ring my bell song. I'm begining to hate that evil song.) Houston made it this time. Turns out she just skipped last week so she isn't sick or anything. She invited me to something Thursday, not sure but it sounded fun so I'll likely go, plus this isn't an all-girls thing like last time (which was rather trying since I had to make myself be very nice and polite). (But only if I'm a good girl and get my other work done first. Promise.) We did the Cha-cha, waltz, tango, country line dance, electric slide, and swing. No salsa today. Learned a spin for the waltz and worked some more on the cha-cha since we just started that last week. Had good partners. None worse than I am so that's good (though I do hate to hold back a very good dancer with my mess-ups. Feel guilty for wasting his time - lol). One fellow was very good but also very flamboyant. I think he might have been a bit fruity but who am I to judge? Just because he was dressed perfectly and danced much better than me... and talked "cute" and was very dramatic. Who knows? He could be the straightest dude out there and just very, uh, special. There ya go?
Now I just need to work on my journal for Peoples of the World. I've been putting it off since it takes so much time to work on. But I will work on it tonight.
I am so tempted to watch a movie tonight. I won't do it... I'll be good... ugh...
Hey. If I haven't talked to you in a long time, leave me a comment or email me (or better yet, call me.) I need to catch up with all of my friendy-friends. I miss everyone it seems. Life is so short and I end up wasting most of mine on homework and my job. So give me a kick and I'll get right back to ya! Love ya'll!

Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. - Elbert Hubbard

19 September 2004

It's almost Monday again!

Hey. What's up?
This has been a short weekend for me; seems like it just started and now it's ending. What's up with that?
Friday was forever long, though. Organic chem never seemed to end. I truly think these MOELD things are sent to plague me especially. I don't really understand them very well, that's why I've been studying my butt off (just look, I have hardly any butt left. hahaha...). Yet they still perplex my poor little head into aching. Evil O Chem. After chem I went to the Honors College to get advised since I'm masquerading as a smarty-type person. She wasn't much help but then I really didn't need any help, just someone to lift the advising restriction off of my enrollment. She was just amazed that I already knew what to do about pretty much everything. Took her a while to realize I'm a Soph and will likely be a Jr by Christmas. How silly of her; if I didn't know this stuff by now I'm worse off than even I thought. Anyhoo, next semester is looking rather scary: MicroBio, Human physiology, and O Chem II, all with labs. That's all I have left, other than CLEPing out of American Gov't, which would be super easy if I just went to do it. (Procastinating is one of my weaknesses recently.) I still have to stop by the ZOO Dept to get permission to take physiology but that's no problemo. Just need to start making up my schedule for next semester...
Physics test was a mo'fo. Inefficient passing out of tests and answer sheets drove me nuts. Totally stupid way of doing things, if you ask me. Then the test was hard. I know, I know, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be a test but I like to think I knew enough about this stuff to make it at least livably hard. Which it really rather wasn't. Eh, oh well. I at least passed.
I went home right after I got back from Physics. I was so, so ready to go home. I love being home. It smelt funny though, not haha-funny but huh?-funny. I don't know why that it was but I cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms, which seemed to help some. After Mum got home we went out to eat at Zio's and had all the fun we usually do. Dork and I are a sibling comedy act just waiting to get noticed, though I end up laughing so much it probably wouldn't be all that entertaining for an unbiased audience. What a hoot. Stopped by Hasting's on the way home and my wonderful daddy got the Labyrinth on DVD for me! Yea! I really love that movie, ranks in my top ten of all time favorites. Dork and I visited Grandmum as soon as we were back in town. She's such a hoot. Talking about garage sales and people she knows. She's doing just fine. lol
Saturday I had to work the morning shift. Not terrible but I would have rather slept in, of course. When I got home Dork was gone with Aunt Pam to the OU game here. When he got home late he had an awesome sunburn but sounds like he had a lot of fun. I just watched the game with Dad at home while Mum studied for classes. Good game; not really a question of who was going to win but still fun to watch all the same. Really nice to have a consistantly winning team. Mum, Dad, and I watched the Labyrinth while we ate dinner (Dork got home at the very end of the movie). Ended up going to bed rather late.
Sunday morning started off at 4:30am with a phone call from a great-aunt to tell us her brother, my grandfather's brother, was in the hosp. Dad rushed off to grandpa's, Dork and I moved the vehicles out of the way, and Mum got ready for work since she had to go in today to get ready for Joint-Commission this next week. I was so awake that I couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up going running in the dark at 5:15 this morning. Good times. Then got around and dressed just in case I was needed for anything (which, turns out, I wasn't but how was I to know?) Watched TV with Dork for quite some time (there sure isn't much on at that time on Sunday mornings). Put away the laundry, started the dishes, packed to come back here, walked Chaco to the park, and generally tried to be useful. Dad didn't get home until right before I needed to leave for here. Great-Uncle is still in the hospital, not doing very wonderfully. Any prayers would be very much welcome and appreciated. (Thank you) Got to talk to Dad for a bit. Was glad to have gotten to see him before I left. I really do miss them all so much when I'm down here.
Drive here wasn't eventful. I've mostly been studying since I got in. Checked my emails briefly. Took a break to eat, talk to the girls, and to watch a smidge of tv with them.
See, that sounds like I had a full weekend, which I did, but, perhaps because it was so full, it seems really short to me. I don't know about that but I do know that I'm going to bed early tonight. After some more chem studying. Aren't these supposed to be the best years of my life? Well, I won't argue that they are, but is there anyway that they could be less stressful? Please? Thank you. Good night ya'll.

be silly. be honest. be kind. -Emerson

16 September 2004

Mum's website

I just remembered that my mum has a website! You should so go to it! It has no pictures of me but you can see my mum, Chaco, and the Cat. (Also she mentions Tripler, the hospital where I was born a long time ago). Good times. Sorry I forgot that until now... Okay, back to studying for Physics test tomorrow! Yea, I can hardly wait!!!
The family, that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor in our innermost hearts ever quite wish to. - Dodie Smith

Something else to add...

OkCupid probed me.

I, Curious Mistiness, am:
more Republican,
less sloppy,
more into sports,
more optimistic,
more loving,
more literary
and more arrogant
than most.

My head is full of variables

This is such a weird-feeling day for me. It's beautiful outside and the temperature is nice. But my head is jumbled-up: full of thoughts, reminders, and lists. So many things to get done, people to talk to or visit, books to read/study, classes to prepare for, everyday things that need attention. Where do I fit-in in all this? Goodness, as if I have a clue. I was hoping you knew. Maybe everyone else knows from that class I missed, I think it was the week I had chicken-pox in Kindergarten, wasn't it? Whatever the case, don't you think I should be told? Please, please, please? Don't hold out on me now.
(work went alright yesterday. Nothing spectacular or mildly interesting happened. Went to sleep almost ASAP when I got back here. Today was just classes. Anthro was a long film, made me sad as most films in that class seem to do. Myth was another ton of notes, this time about Athena, Aphrodite, Eros, and Psyche. The story about Psyche is among my all-time favorites btw.)
I just don't know. The world is just of such a dualistic nature. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Yin and yan. Dark and light. Past and Future. Comedy and tragedy. It just never ends. And none of it is truly black or white. Grey is the new black (That was for you Dad.) just as grey is the new white. Not that the other colors aren't around but they get pushed aside in this discussion. No one person is allowed to be just one person. We all have to be everything to everyone or else we're behind the times and failing. It's a Red Queen kind of world; keep running as fast as you can just to keep up with the world turning... you certainly don't want to end up on your butt at the back of the line/on the bottom of the world. I just hate it sometimes that no matter what you can't stop. Stopping equals dying, which really isn't all that bad an idea when the alternative is considered. (Not that I promote suicide, just making a point) Ignorance is oppressive even to a society founded on education and steeped in books filled with philosophy. Ignorance isn't a good excuse but sometimes it's the only one that is nearly valid. Why else is there such poverty and destruction in the world save for a lack of knowledge among those who have the power to change things, make the world into something, unless it be greed or malice? I don't have any answers. I can't even comprehend all the questions. It just hurts to not know sometimes.

"Quid me nutrit me destruit" (What nourishes me also destroys me)

15 September 2004

Flying around trying to get to the finish line first...

Tuesday: Physics discussion was another group problem. We got answers, who cares if they were right, right? I don't think this type of discussion class helps much at all but no one asked me. As I was waiting to go into POTW (peoples of the world, Anthro) I got to talk to Deirdre from HS. She's doing alright, looking happy, etc. She has a column in the OU Daily paper, isn't that neat? I already knew and have been reading it each week. In POTW we had to get into assigned groups, pick a leader, etc. Then watched a film of film clips to helps us get started in "observation". Like pick out the things in a situation that are familiar to us, things that aren't, differences and simularities in situations, etc. Made me sad again since he got to talking about how cell phones have a piece of mineral in them that is mined in a third world country where people fight over and sometimes die over those little bits in the phones. Isn't that sad? Almost makes me want to become Amish and leave the rest of the world to itself. Myth was long and boring again. This time about water gods and creatures. Good times...
After classes... I came back here and finished my physics homework, Mum came to visit with her sister and my cousins for a bit, I cooked dinner (chicken and rice), watched TV with Julia for about an hour, looked at Julia's pictures from HS and last year, played Uno with Sharice's cousin Nathan, and did some more studying in-between all that. Finally went to sleep a little after midnight. Yea! Sleep is great!
Today's been alright. O Chem is the devil. Hard stuff. Then I came back here to eat lunch after stopping by the CAC Publicity Week stuff on the South Oval. Physics was just there; neither good or bad. Now I'm about to leave for work. Don't really want to go but I do need the cash for college so there I go. Gotta turn in a schedule for October today... ugh... how am I supposed to know what is going to be going on then and plan accordingly? I can't! AAAAAAHHHHhhhhh!
Anyhooo, ya'll keep it real and I'll get back with this asap.... (I have a test in Physics Friday, so wish me tons of good luck for it!!!! I need all the help I can get...)

"Tempus fugit et nos fugimus in illus. (Time flies and we fly with it )" -Ovid

13 September 2004


I love boys who can dance. As opposed to those who can't and, thus, step on me. My poor toe hurts now. Didn't hurt much when it happened but now it does. So I stole all the ice out of the freezer here. Sorry gals. (My arches aren't happy either; high-heels suck arse. Boys probably invented them. lol . You think that if a girl wore them long enough she would have Barbie doll feet? That would be so weird.)
Dance was really, really fun. We had name tags this time, lol. I found it hilarious. Mostly got to dance with very good dancers. Coupla really tall ones too. My head barely came up to his shoulders on one. That was funny. I think my arm is going to ache tomorrow from holding it up so high. One was fantastic at the swing and we had a blast! (Can you tell that the name tags didn't help me learn names at all? lol)
Anyway... So I had a blast! Good night ya'll! (this quote is just how I feel about our class...)

"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels." ~anonymous

We got the real Jam going now... alright...

Aloha, ya'll!
I survived that evil O Chem test. Probably missed 3 but not sure. That still isn't a terrible grade. Oh well, I accepted a long time ago that I'm not perfect. Just re-enforcing it now. lol
Nothing else happened yesterday. I just did a bunch more studying. Nothing exciting.
Talked to a girl from HS today about couches with death-cooties. Apparently a friend of hers is very paranoid about this occurrance and thus has no furniture in his house. Isn't that funny? I'm not really that weirded out by the idea. Strange. lol
I get to go to dance today! I get to go to dance soon! Yea! Yea! Aren't you happy for me? Because I am happy. Woohhoooo!!!!
I'm listening to the Space Jam cd that I've had since, I think, 7th grade. Haven't heard it in quite some time. It's funny as heck.
Went to Target after classes today. Picked up a coupla cards, some blush, and a picture frame. Looked at shirts but didn't see any that jumped out and grabbed me (guess I ought to be thankful they never do that physically...) so didn't even try any on. Tried to find the picture hangers I want but could not locate them. So my poor room walls go bare for another week or so until I think of something else. Oh well.
I think that's it for now. Yea for dance!

"There was a star danced and under that was I born." - Shakespeare, from Much Ado About Nothing

12 September 2004

"Just another day in Paradise..."

Honestly I don't have time to be doing this right now but I have to. I'm freakin addicted!
Yesterday at the race track was fun. Rather hick-ish but fun. The Boys were hilarious (Sean and TP). Gotta love the young ones...
Work this morning wasn't too bad. The report I got from the previous sitter would have had me believe I was going to spend a day in Hades but not so. It was really a pretty darn good day. Not the best ever but certainly no where near Hades. Guess it depends on your outlook on life. The guy before me is always so pessimistic in his report that I always expect the very worst; like so bad that I'm going to hand in my resignation in the middle of my shift or something. I haven't yet so obviously work isn't that terrible.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's dance class. I really, really am. Gracious, how I love dance class! Wish I could fast forward through the hateful O Chem quiz and evil Physics and go straight to dance. I'm such a freak. Love ya'll!
Know who else I love? My roommates! They rock. Make me laugh so much. I also love my family. Heard from Daddy today. Called just to check up on me apparently, even though I just talked to them yesterday. Who knows? But I always love talking to them so they could call everyday and I would still be delighted to hear from them. I love comments too. You should leave me one (or some, I'm not picky). I love my long hair. And pink toenail polish. And the movie Drumline, which I saw for the first time today. And my Chaco dog and Sushi, Julia's beta who is almost as precious as Chaco. And I love the thought of God's laughter. Wouldn't that be truly awesome to hear? Just think about it for a minute and tell me that doesn't make you at least grin. Did I mention I love ya'll?
Keep it real folks and I'll be talking to ya again soon!

A man is what he thinks about all day long. - Emerson

11 September 2004

Donde estan mis pantalones? Uno momento estan aqui...

Staying up for over 24 hours straight is so in right now.
Well, it isn't really. But I've discovered I can do it if I have to (ie I'm getting paid for being awake).
I got back here at about 7:45 this morning and crashed almost immediately. The only bad thing about having a South facing window is that it's always light in my room. Oh well, I was so tired I just didn't care. Slept straight until my phone rang at 11:20, then I went into the kitchen and tried to make Julia feel guilty for putting up dishes (which, of course, we know wasn't why I woke up). Lol so glad my roomies aren't the sensitive type; makes life easier. (Love ya girlies!) So, yeah, I went back to bed and sleep right away. Just woke up a little while ago. Took a shower and currently feel rather like I'm on a cold-medicine high. Kinda like the world is spinning around without me and that isn't the nicest feeling.
Going to some kind of race thing with TP in the city this evening. Not sure just what it is but will leave immediately if it's scary. I'm not feeling confident enought to deal with scary by myself today. (I'd probably just sink to the floor into the fetal position without much prompting, only asking that they don't break many of my ribs, please. Sad, huh?)
I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Ugh. "She works hard for the money..." Even though what I do is mostly just sitting there and listening to confused people talk it's so tedious that it wears me out. I could go all day working outside and probably still not be as tired as I am after coming back from work now. Thanks for putting up with the grumbling and grouchiness...
Well, I think that's all she wrote for now. Have a great rest of the weekend folks!

In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.- Luigi Pirandello

09 September 2004

I miss sleep

Ugh. I am so very sleepy. Going to bed early. So this will be short.
Julie visited us yesterday. Was fun. Talked a lot. Good times. Then I stayed up way, way too late working on homework and reading. Not recommended.
Today went well. Classes were alright. Anthro went well, notes and a short reading quiz. Myth was just a test; A really easy test in fact. Took me less than 4 minutes to take. I think that's a record even for me.
I went to an extra credit opportunity this evening. It was interesting but lasted much too long. Was titled "Islam Under Siege"and given by Ahkbar Ahmed. He's an excellent speaker by the way. I'd write more about it but I'm too tired to think straight and would get confusing. His most important point was that all nations need to be open to dialogue with other countries. I thought it was a very valid point, for what my little opinion counts.
Alrighty, ya'll might not be hearing from me until Sunday or Monday since I'm a masochist and signed up to work a bunch this weekend... which cuts into my loafing around time considerably... lol Later!

Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything. - Herbert Gardner

08 September 2004

I can't live like this...

It's a she-said/it's said kind of thing. It's driving me nuts and I don't know if I can bear it much longer.
My blog is fighting me... refusing to post, refusing to listen to my pleas, refusing to change (to be fair, who doesn't refuse on that point?). All in all it makes this Curious Mistiness worried. Maybe it's sick. Maybe it's a tumor. Or mayhaps I should just get a life and quit worrying about such a non-event as my computer eating a couple of posts. No big deal, right?

Want to hear about what I'm reading (other than class textbooks, of course)? Well, good if you said yes! I'm still randomly dipping into Emerson's Essays. Trying to get to Off With Their Heads by Dick Morris (political book). Need to get through for class Mirrored Images: American Anthropology and American Culture, 1960-1980 by Susan Trencher (190 pages in all). Still flipping through Genome by Matt Ridley occassionally (even went and bought my own copy since I'd checked it out for over a month already.) Will eventually get back to Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry someday... not probably any time very soon. There ya go. I know. You want to go out and buy your own copy of every one of those but, please, restrain yourself. If I know you, I might let you borrow my copy. Maybe...
There's two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works. - Will Rogers

Just another day ya know...

Aloha! Another day... and the weather is b-e-a-utiful outside! Perfect, actually. Not too hot or too cold. Sunny, etc.
Just got back from Org. Chem and that evil quiz we had to take today. The only one I know I got wrong was the question about carbene. Could not for the life of me remember what that blasted compound looked like. Bummer. Oh well, the day is still going to be good, right?
Ran some errands on campus too... paid the rest of my Bursar's bill, got some stamps finally, picked up my first O chem quiz (that had been graded), and picked up an application for the Big Sister thing (paired up with a little sis and be a mentor or something. Sounds like something I could do.)
Spent most of yesterday afternoon working on homework again. That and desperately trying to think of things to do to avoid doing homework. Called home but that only killed 30 minutes. Everyone sounds like they're doing alright. Considering I just saw them Monday not much had changed. Go figure. I even cleaned my room to avoid doing homework. Actually, I did get most of my chem homework done (not turn-in homework but do it anyway so I know what the heck I'm doing on the tests). Debated working on journal thing but kept myself from going crazy and filling the whole thing with stupid stuff by just not touching it at all.
It's weird how I can walk around all day and have neat thoughts and ideas but when I sit down here to write it just goes away and all that's left are the facts and little else. Surely it's some sort of writer's block (blogger's block?)
I hate doing all this studying. Wish I didn't need to. Starting to get a little jealous of the Mrs. majors. How hard would it be to not really try very hard, make it through with a frilly degree and get married the day after the graduation ceremony? Not very methinks. But that isn't what I really want to do, I know that. I do. But sometimes it doen't sound too terrible. Bluh.
Okay, it's starting to get depressing... gonna call it quits for now. Tootles!

What the hell--you might be right, you might be wrong... but don't just avoid. -Katherine Hepburn

07 September 2004

I am

Howdy ya'll! It's Tuesday. I just got done with classes... yea!
Physics discussion was boring... another group problem that we couldn't use our books on (which sucks major arse).
Anthro wasn't too bad, rather funny actually. The music at the beginning of class was sneaky-sounding, like Pink Panther movie music. Made me laugh. Greatness. He showed us footage from his own research, this one of a Witchita-Delaware powwow in Anadarko. It was pretty darn cool. Made me really regret not getting to go to my uncle's powwow a couple of weeks ago (it was the day after Mum had surgery so I stayed with her while Dork and Dad went). Sounded like a blast.
Anyhoo... near the end of class as I was putting my stuff away (prof was reading out the names in each study group and being a "B" I was in the first group named, of course) the guy sitting next to me handed me a note:"your smile is amazing it blows me away I just wanted to tell you that!" Talk about strange/funny/unexpected/nice/slightly creepy all in one shot. I haven't even said more than maybe 5 words to anyone in that class, much-less to him in particular. Who knows? Mayhaps my smile is just that darn captivating. Yea, I'm sure that's it. (And if you believed that one... I've got some nice property on the moon that's for sale...)
Mythology was as simple as ever. Took a ton of notes. A plethora even. Mostly just enough to make my hand hurt (I'm such a wuss). Turns out we have a quiz next class (Thursday). Should be a piece of cake. Yea for easy tests!!!!!
Ew... yesterday I spend all afternoon studying. Ugh. At least 3 hours of that was on physics homework alone. Not the reading or text homework, just the online problems. Crikey. Barely got my anthro reading done just in case there was a reading quiz today. This being a 'good student' thing really sucks. I missed having dance class...
I've been working a lot recently on my Anthro PFJ (personal field journal - which is supposed to be written in at least once a day along with the actual assignments we are given to do as well). Brought back from home some colored tissue paper, ribbon, pressed flowers, etc to make it all pretty. Well, mostly because I know my writing isn't going to be all that wonderful and maybe prettiness will give leniency. Hopefully, right?
Well, back to the grindstone... give me a shout and I'll crawl out of the depths of my books to answer ya as soon as humanly possible. Have a great evening!!!

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. - Anna Freud (Sig's daughter, lol)

06 September 2004

It's Labor Day

Okay, I'm back from home. This ist just a quick shout so ya'll won't worry. I had a good weekend. Cleaned house as soon as I got home but even that was rather fun. Ate too much Friday at the Outback. That chocolate tower thing is awesomely wonderful. Saturday I worked in the morning. Easy shift. Chilled with the parents and Dork that night. Sunday I woke up early and went running then walked Chaco with Mum. We went to a coupla malls that afternoon (all of us). I visited Grandmum just as soon as we got back in town. She's doing alright. Good gossip. Then Dawn showed up at my house so I had to leave Grandmum's early. Dawn was there with Marie and Josh, Dawnie's new BF-type guy or whatever she calls him. LOL. They're doing alright. Dawn might come visit me here sometime this week. I hope so. Miss having her around. After they left I made a coupla pillows for our couch here in Norman. Only took about an hour or so. They're very pretty. This morning I spent most of my time messing around getting ready to come back here and talking to Dad. That's about it. Now I must get to my belated homework so I don't get behind in classes. Peace out, ya'll!

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.-John Ruskin

02 September 2004

Studying is for wussies...

Yeah. I'm still awake. Woohoo. Okay, so I couldn't sleep and decided ya'll needed to know that. I ought to study some more but a girl can only handle so much at once. I'm about to go nuts. Thank goodness this is Labor Day weekend coming up; maybe I'll get to chill out a little. I get to go home! I get to go home! Yea! Yea!
Anyhoo... Yesterday... physics class was really boring. That is other than the boy and girl sitting to my left. They were funny/annoying the whole time. Started off with the cutesy girl saying very loudly, "I gotta piss like a freakin' racehorse." She was dead serious and thus left to commence the aforementioned activity. Good for her. While she was gone her fellow decided this would be a great time to practice his drumming abilities on the table with his pens. Good times. Later I was so proud to find out he knew that "gravity really works. " His mother must be proud. And the girl got every single one of our clicker quiz questions wrong. How is that possible? They aren't terribly easy but, come on, at least one right, please? Anyway, I 'enjoyed' them all hour (they were depriving 2 towns the right to a village idiot. How selfish.)
Then I drove to work. Good times. My patient was a little girl, around junior high age. Very sweet and talkative. Not any trouble at all. Had an easy shift. Got home around midnightish... went to bed pretty much immediately. (I was very tired.)
Today was lovely. Didn't have class until noon but woke up around 0800 so I could study, etc. Picked Julia up from class. Finished off the mac and cheese she had made last night. Pretty good for mac and cheese. Biked to class. Saw Morgan just before class. (Saw Travis and Haifa from HS yesterday BTW. I forgot to mention that.) Anthro was enjoyable but made me rather sad. We watched a video about the dams in India, how they're displacing the native peoples, etc. Not really an uplifting subject. Mythology was as slow and simple as ever. We still aren't really to the gods and goddesses yet. Frustratingly slow pace of the class is killing me almost as fast as the temperature is freezing me into an icicle. Good times. At least I'll have one easy 'A' class, right?

Worked on homework some more. Made dinner with Julia (Sharice was at work) as we both needed a break from studying. Then more studying. Then a short break for a run to Classic 50's for a slush and hot fudge sundae (you'll never guess which I got. Really. You won't.) We had every intention of studying some more but we got to talking. As we were gabbing one of our neighbors (who happens to be male and not bad looking) came by to borrow our can opener. Terribly exciting, no? lol Then we watched funniest home videos for about 15 minutes before I busted out the home movie of me at 5 years old. We got quite a kick out of that. Now the girls are studying again and I'm trying my darnedest to avoid it. I don't wanna. Waaaaa....
Okay. I'll go do it. Fine. Have a great weekend, just in case I forget to post until Monday.
(So, how're ya feeling? Well, almost.)

Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy. -John Dewey

01 September 2004

Additions and good times

I've added/changed a few things... you can now email my posts to your friends (it goes in the form of an email, just FYI) and I have a scrolly bar thing! Yea! Isn't that exciting? If any of that stuff gets annoying let me know and I'll change it for my adoring public. LOL
I had fun last night despite the physics homework. The event at Houston's sorority was fun. I didn't stay the whole time (it only lasted 2 hours anyway); I really only went to get to talk to Houston. She's a hoot. The house is nice, prettier downstairs than up but that is to be expected (same way at my home I suppose). I've been invited to do "lots" of other "stuff" with them (this was by some of the sisters who want me to join their house) and just come hang out anytime (by Houston, bless her for not trying to convert me to the Greek life). I really did have fun in the short time I was there but I fear I would laugh too much if I hang out there very often. Can't help it; that's how mean I am. They are all really nice girls but some of them just aren't as quick as others to "get it" which is terribly tempting to exploit. Houston got to laughing at me laughing at them. Rather funny, I'm just glad she wasn't upset at me for sorta mocking them (they never figured that part out methinks; thank goodness). I really need to grow up a little; I was over polite and cheesy - played the part to a "T". Good times.
Class this morning was boring. Just note taking and trying not to fall asleep. Thank goodness the Jennifers were there to keep me awake.
BYW I hit my head on our entertainment "system" last night. I'm such a tard. ("it huwts Joolya, it huwts")
Anyhoo... I gotta jet off to class now. Have to work tonight so there won't likely be a post again until tomorrow. Tootles ya'll!

Humor is just another defense against the universe. - Mel Brooks