21 September 2004

Welcome to FunkyTown

Ugh. I don't know why I'm in this funk. The weather outside is gorgeous and my day has been wonderful. My last class of the day was canceled. So why the funk?
I even made myself a to-do list and I can't seem to stick by it. All of a sudden I don't feel like calling the person I need to or emailing the folks who deserve it. Why? Maybe just an inflated case of procrastination or avoidance or something. Who knows? (by the by, if you do know, please tell me. I'm going crazy here...)
I've just been working on my class schedule for next semester and, boy, it's gonna be a booger. Classes starting at 8:30am (that is the ONLY time it's offered and I must take it) and my class day lasts until 9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ugh. Labs everyday except Friday. Only one weekday when I can work one shift. And the biggest biotch of it all is that it says I'm only taking 12 hours! When in reality I'll be spending around 18 hours a week in classes! AAaahhh! It just isn't right. Ok. Gonna stop thinking about it and just focus on this minute. Right now is good. Right now is great. Right now I'm hungry... huh... I don't think I ate lunch or breakfast... might ought to remedy that...
Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who is putting up with me for said putting up with. I know I'm a bear (lol) to be around sometimes and I appologise. My friends are all angels and deserve much better. Love ya'll!

Never believe in mirrors or newspapers. - Tom Stoppard


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