13 September 2004


I love boys who can dance. As opposed to those who can't and, thus, step on me. My poor toe hurts now. Didn't hurt much when it happened but now it does. So I stole all the ice out of the freezer here. Sorry gals. (My arches aren't happy either; high-heels suck arse. Boys probably invented them. lol . You think that if a girl wore them long enough she would have Barbie doll feet? That would be so weird.)
Dance was really, really fun. We had name tags this time, lol. I found it hilarious. Mostly got to dance with very good dancers. Coupla really tall ones too. My head barely came up to his shoulders on one. That was funny. I think my arm is going to ache tomorrow from holding it up so high. One was fantastic at the swing and we had a blast! (Can you tell that the name tags didn't help me learn names at all? lol)
Anyway... So I had a blast! Good night ya'll! (this quote is just how I feel about our class...)

"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels." ~anonymous


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