08 September 2004

Just another day ya know...

Aloha! Another day... and the weather is b-e-a-utiful outside! Perfect, actually. Not too hot or too cold. Sunny, etc.
Just got back from Org. Chem and that evil quiz we had to take today. The only one I know I got wrong was the question about carbene. Could not for the life of me remember what that blasted compound looked like. Bummer. Oh well, the day is still going to be good, right?
Ran some errands on campus too... paid the rest of my Bursar's bill, got some stamps finally, picked up my first O chem quiz (that had been graded), and picked up an application for the Big Sister thing (paired up with a little sis and be a mentor or something. Sounds like something I could do.)
Spent most of yesterday afternoon working on homework again. That and desperately trying to think of things to do to avoid doing homework. Called home but that only killed 30 minutes. Everyone sounds like they're doing alright. Considering I just saw them Monday not much had changed. Go figure. I even cleaned my room to avoid doing homework. Actually, I did get most of my chem homework done (not turn-in homework but do it anyway so I know what the heck I'm doing on the tests). Debated working on journal thing but kept myself from going crazy and filling the whole thing with stupid stuff by just not touching it at all.
It's weird how I can walk around all day and have neat thoughts and ideas but when I sit down here to write it just goes away and all that's left are the facts and little else. Surely it's some sort of writer's block (blogger's block?)
I hate doing all this studying. Wish I didn't need to. Starting to get a little jealous of the Mrs. majors. How hard would it be to not really try very hard, make it through with a frilly degree and get married the day after the graduation ceremony? Not very methinks. But that isn't what I really want to do, I know that. I do. But sometimes it doen't sound too terrible. Bluh.
Okay, it's starting to get depressing... gonna call it quits for now. Tootles!

What the hell--you might be right, you might be wrong... but don't just avoid. -Katherine Hepburn


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