30 August 2004

It's just another Manic monday...

I wish it was Sunday because that's my fun day... ooooooohhhhh.....
Bangles song stuck in my head. Good times.
Studied alot yesterday. It was weird because we all just stayed locked in our own rooms until, I think, nearly 8:30pm. Then we watched the VMA's on tv together. Laughed ourselves silly. It was great. (Just FYI we officially hate the new GAP commercial with Lenny Kravitz and Sara Jessica Parker.)
I went to class this morning with no real happenings. Sat with Jen from Chem 1 last year. Had a short quiz that was really easy (thank goodness since I'm feeling brain-dead this morning). Came back and then dropped the girls off at class. Now I'm just done reading for my physics quiz today. Not looking forward to it much. Worked on the homework due Wednesday and got about a third of it done correctly. So still have that funness to look forward to tonight after dance (maybe before dance if I'm feeling adventurous).
Just realized recently that I just talk about my day these days, not anything of consequence or merit just my days. Isn't that rather sad? I do think of other things; I just forget them and thus do not post about them. The world is moving so fast. I hardly know what's going on sometimes. Eh, I guess I'm just rambling without purpose now, sorry. I should go now.

Never miss a good chance to shut up. - Will Rogers


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