18 December 2008

Here comes Christmas...

One final left for tomorrow. Looks like I'll be bringing home mostly B's with an A or two for good measure. Little brother finished his finals today and, I'm sure, is sleeping soundly after this morning's stress.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I feel unprepared for all the festivities, though am looking forward to good food and fun.
Happy Holidays to everyone and much love!

13 December 2008

Still counting down...

"Dead week." Check. One final. Check. Less than a third of Christmas shopping. Half check. Three finals... Still pending.
Happy slightly early Birthday to the Little Brother o' Mine. Can you believe I've survived two decades of him?? Or that he survived at all???

07 December 2008

Here come the finals...

Heading into the home-stretch... one week of classes plus finals week... then Christmas Break!!!!!
(For the record: Dead week never actually is Dead by any stretch of the imagination.)
OH and BOOMER SOONER!!!!! (We're just kicking butt this season in football)

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