18 February 2009

Shot through the heart...

I shot a classmate yesterday. Twice.
Yeah, so it was just using diabetic insulin needles and just injecting normal saline but it still made life more interesting than normal. And he didn't even cry! Woohoo! (To be fair, he did a great job with the shots he gave me and put up with me "bouncing" the IM shot - not sure but I think I just jabbed it too hard?)

Of course I'm only updating here right now because I have a module test tomorrow. A hard one that I'm not entirely ready for yet. But I will be by 2pm tomorrow!
Weather has been nice(r) the last few days... After we had tornadoes nearby last week it's stayed fairly pretty though windy. Prayers for those in Edmond working to rebuild after last week's freak tornadoes (in February!! I think I heard that there's been less than 50 of those in recorded history here in Okieland).

Had a great Valentine's Day with Skronky - we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and visited the Myriad Gardens (well, and Bass Pro Shop but that was more about killing time).

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01 February 2009

Random 25

This hit me from Facebook... 25 random, about me facts...

1. As apparently runs in my Kappa Psi family, I too am a little OCD… I MUST make my bed every day and things stacked in the “wrong” way really, really bother me. Oh, and people using “texting” jargon in real life (like LOL and IDK – just say the freakin’ words!!)
2. I met my boyfriend at one of his band’s shows… I’m so blessed that I chose to meet up with a high school friend that night! I shudder to think that I’d have missed out on all this if there’d just been an organic chemistry test the next day because I would have flaked on her!
3. I think I’m a different person than I was in high school but have not changed as much as some of my friends so I end up thinking maybe I didn’t change that much after all? I’m still a nerd, still baffled by the popular crowd, and still way too idealistic.
4. I actually didn’t hate high school. Am I remembering it better or was it really as bad as everyone else’s but I’m too scatterbrained to think that?
5. I really, truly love cooking. I sometimes wonder if I’d discovered this love sooner whether I’d have chosen pharmacy school over culinary school. (During horrible test weeks I really think being a chef sounds nice)
6. I cannot play a single musical instrument and am slightly jealous of those who can (especially if they can sing too).
7. The grossest food in the world is goulash. Cannot stand the stuff.
8. The respect for Dolly Parton instilled in me by my grandmum drives my mum crazy (she has tried and failed to understand it. I admit I don’t understand it at all but then I don’t try that hard. I don’t own any of her albums but if a song comes on the radio I don’t change the station, and sometimes I even sing along.)
9. I over-think most purchases that go beyond necessity. Sometimes to the point that they’re no longer in stock/style. (I'm working on this one though)
10. It would severely freak out my dad if I cut off my hair without warning him first. He would probably not talk to me for a day or two over it (if there was no warning).
11. I clean the kitchen when I’m stressed or sad. My parent’s kitchen, Skronky’s, heck – catch me at the right time and I just might clean yours! (It really freaks me out when the kitchen is a mess. I feel compelled to clean it)
12. My “backup plan” was getting a botany degree. To this day I have no idea what I would have done with one.
13. I don’t understand the reasoning behind deviled eggs. Why? Were the eggs not enough on their own that you needed to cannibalize them THEN re-stuff them with their own guts??
14. Sometimes I really miss living at our house in Norman from my Jr. year of undergrad. It was basically perfect and we got along in our own dysfunctional way just fine.
15. My best friend has pretty much moved from that title to sister. The way I figure it, we have each other to make up for me not having a sister and her having the one she does…
16. I’m darn impressed with myself when I actually complete a sewing project. I really enjoy sewing but since I don’t have much time to devote to it I let myself start something and put it off until I’ve nearly forgotten it even existed.
17. I’m loyal to a fault but if you cross me, my grudges are just as long-lived. (references on request)
18. I’ve always viewed my very close male friends as brothers. It rather cracks me up that now some of them really are fraternally related to me since I joined Kappa Psi. Also, that I’m referred to as their “brother”. Ha!
19. My grandmother collects chicken figurines and anything chicken related. I’m worried that this is some sort of dominant trait that I’ve got lurking in my DNA, ready to strike and over take my common sense any day now.
20. I read magazines from back to front. No idea why, but it makes me uncomfortable to have to read them the “right” way.
21. I’m really trying to like different kinds of wine but I’m still more drawn to the sweet, dessert-y ones.
22. I have trouble keeping myself from judging women/girls that have obviously fake nails (the longer they are, or obnoxiously painted, the harder I have to fight my bias). I don’t have a strong argument against them but still judge them.
23. When I start getting a bit of an ego about doing so well with my opportunities in life nothing brings me back to reality faster than thinking about the house where my mom grew up. My dad’s wasn’t a castle but just a tad better in comparison. Remembering visiting my grandparents when I was little brings me back to humble. I hope I never forget that, both the way it makes me feel and the way it really was.
24. I think myspace is stupid and am only on there to stay in-touch with a couple of friends from high school that I don’t know how to reach any other way.
25. I only have 7 first cousins, counting both sides of my family. Of the 6 I’ve met, I’m the oldest by several years. When I was little I used to be jealous when my friends got to go play with their cousins because I didn’t have any to play with me.

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