18 February 2009

Shot through the heart...

I shot a classmate yesterday. Twice.
Yeah, so it was just using diabetic insulin needles and just injecting normal saline but it still made life more interesting than normal. And he didn't even cry! Woohoo! (To be fair, he did a great job with the shots he gave me and put up with me "bouncing" the IM shot - not sure but I think I just jabbed it too hard?)

Of course I'm only updating here right now because I have a module test tomorrow. A hard one that I'm not entirely ready for yet. But I will be by 2pm tomorrow!
Weather has been nice(r) the last few days... After we had tornadoes nearby last week it's stayed fairly pretty though windy. Prayers for those in Edmond working to rebuild after last week's freak tornadoes (in February!! I think I heard that there's been less than 50 of those in recorded history here in Okieland).

Had a great Valentine's Day with Skronky - we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and visited the Myriad Gardens (well, and Bass Pro Shop but that was more about killing time).

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