17 January 2009


Busy end of the week with a crush of family events & happenings. Everyone is in a tizzy to get things done before school starts back up so we scurried about and ate too much, as usual.
Since the start of the new year it's been much the same-old-same as far as winter break days go. Lots of cooking at home, playing the pinata game, and working now & then. Putting the Christmas stuff up in the attic was a feat (or fete if you like, which could be semi-appropriate). My 93yo great-grandmother experienced a shoulder fracture last week and is still working through that recovery (which will be long, I fear, since she's still so fragile).
I've been having a lot of trouble finding motivation to get "geared-up" for the semester, which starts Tuesday for me. I still have about three hours or so of homework to finish before then. Hateful of them to assign so much busywork to be done during the break (I've already done a couple of hours worth; Blah).
My coursework for the Spring: Toxicology (working at Poison Control will only help a tiny bit), Pharmacy Practice 5 (quite a challenge, complete with lab), Drug Lit Evaluations (mostly stats and reading research papers), online Pharmacy vet course (super interesting and easy so far), and 3 Pharmaceutical Care Modules: Oncology, Dermatology, & Psychology. I think it will be an interesting semester but by no stretch a walk in the park.

Have you ever listened to a friend agonizing over a tough situation that they're living right now that you've lived already, abet with respective circumstances. A friend is dealing with some issues lately and I've been listening to him work thorough those issues (me talking won't help since I don't have any answers) as he tries to understand, cope, and figure out the next step. While listening, I've also had feelings from my own time dredged up and aired out, though now in a decidedly different light. It's amazing how time changes, well, practically everything. I've been miraculously blessed, though back then it seemed so unsure and terrible. I was unsure and terrible as well. ~Though you, hopefully, have no idea what I'm ranting about prayers for my friend would be much appreciated. Prayers for guidance, patience, hope, and confidence; those virtues that seem hardest when times are hard.

Now that I have that out there maybe I can get motivated for school?
Hope you & yours are well and enjoying the weekend! Love to all!

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Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

thanks for that. i just read it. :) it really means a lot to me

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