31 August 2006


Found that little gem on Penny Postcards... Kinda creepy, sort of funny...

30 August 2006

Country music is deep

Wisdom from ol' Garth, "Yes, my life is better left to chance. I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance."

29 August 2006


Short class day is nice. Running makes me feel good. The dogs enjoyed the park. Math test tomorrow. Lunch meetings every weekday for a week and a half. Still need to memorize prescrition symbols and shorthand. Dad got his birthday present a month early because his kids aren't too smooth when it comes to keeping secrets. Skronky's sister's baby shower is this next weekend. The radio station I'm listening to plays really horrible music, horrible as in barely-tolerateable. But I can't reach the button and the remote is too far away. Getting up is not an option, duh.
Love you all and wish you the best! Happy Wednesday for tomorrow!

28 August 2006

Love Found Magazine

24 August 2006

Pharm on a roll

Guess who just picked up her ID for pharm school? And is currently posting from the Pharm college student lounge? Yes, me! WOOO!!!
Had 3 classes, 1 class meeting, and 1 research lecture. Went okie dokie, other than having forgotten my biochem notes at home. Somehow I completely forgot we had that class today so I conciously did not pack my notes. Arrgh. I just sat there and did a Su Do Ku (that I brought to keep me awake in a different class) as I listened to the lecture. It wasn't until about five minutes into the lecture that I remembered that the lectures are "taped" and available online after class so I could have left and had an early lunch instead of just sitting there sort of following along but since he had already started I was stuck. Good times. Then all of us P-1's thought we had a class meeting but none of us knew if that meant we were to stay in our lecture room or go get food or what was going on or if indeed anything was even going on or... Well, you get the picture. Chaos. I got a couple of rocking strawberry poptarts from the vending machine just in case and I must admit to being very well pleased with my choice. (Julia - I'd say what I called said "food" in our apartment but I do try to keep this page G rated...) Anyway, the meeting happened, with neither our help, approval, or dissent. I now know who to talk to when I'm sick, need psychiatric counciling, Student Services, the Student Association, or what to do if the picture they have on the roster next to my name is not of me. I feel very well informed.
Anyway, this has been a boring, pharm-centric post and I do appologize. Pharm is all I've done today so it's all I have to talk about. Love to you all and leave me a comment if there is something better I could talk about to entertain you! ((hugs))

23 August 2006

pharm and rain

So I've gotten through three days of classes... My rating is that it's not too bad. Some of it was a little boring but then we were just going over syllabi and getting used to the classroom technology. Have met a lot of my classmates already and am still working on remembering all the new names to connect them with faces. Always a good time. It's going to be 4 challenging years but I'll make it out okay. Especially now that I've figured out how to open my pharm mailbox combination BY MYSELF!!! WOOOO!!!! Nothing can stop me now!!!
Same old, same old around the house.
I went to the grocery store right after I got home from class and it looked like it was raining way Northwest but I wasn't worried so I hurried through shopping, as I always do because who likes grocery shopping, only to get outside and find it POURING down rain like it was the next great flood or something. I was wearing one of my favorite tops, a very light pink tee that is wonderful - Except when wet, when it not only becomes see-through but also gains the properties of plastic wrap, sticking to me in the most unflattering way and refusing to be adjusted. Also, cute new shoes. So I ran to my truck accompanied by crashes of thunder to be greated by a cart-rustler, clad in a poncho, laughing his head off at me. Now, I don't usually take things personally or think anyone gives a crap about the stupid mistakes I make but there was noone else outside (could it be because no one else is dumb enough to go to the store in the middle of a rainstorm?) and he was looking right at me sarcastically like he wanted to make a comment. I handed over my cart and hustled back to the safety of my truck where I steamed up the windows before I was out of the parking lot. So it was fun driving. When I got home, which is, keep in mind, less than 2 minutes away, the sky was barely sprinkling and the sun was shining. Arrrgh! Good times.
Now off to finish the first Pharm Math module... Love to all and Happy Mid-week!

19 August 2006

Orientation down, 4 years to go

I have survived orientation! Ya'll can let out that collective sigh of relief now.
And I have been prepared with much warning and advice that I WILL be stressed about school this year and I WILL have trouble keeping up with my family and friends so, assuming that they know more than I, if I happen to not update this for a while, especially on crazy weeks, please do forgive me?
Nothing much else going on for me. Trying to get around and visit a bunch of friends before Monday. Visited Grandmum Thursday. Oh! I took her to fill a prescription at the local mom and pop pharmacy downtown... My old babysitter and her husband own it actually, and they just had to bring up old, funny stories about when I was little with their daughter. Man, they were a hoot! Terribly embarrassing but a hoot none-the-less. (The sort of stories you wish everyone would forget but since you were just a toddler you don't remember yourself)
Happy weekend everyone!!!

15 August 2006

Curtain Hangers of DOOM

I curse ye curtain hanger things!!!! Thou art of the Devil and thus entirely evil!!!! Be gone! I banish thou to the farthest corners of Hades!
So I had run in with curtain hanger things yesterday and then another set of them rebelled today. I swear they are out to steal my sanity. I spent twenty minutes hanging just my curtains yesterday! They were already on the rod and the hanger things were already attached to the wall; ALL they had to do was cooperate and stay up!!!! BUT NO!!! They just had to fight it! ARRRGH! Then today I hung pictures in the bathroom and had to take down the curtains to measure (so it would be even) and they, they who had been peacefully hanging in the same place for MONTHS decided they didn't WANT to stay there! I talked to it reasonably about how lovely where it belongs is... nice view, good temps, etc. But to no avail. Thirty minutes later I said to heck with it, tried once more, and they stayed. Goodness...

13 August 2006

Painting and pictures!

So... the bedroom painting is finally finished!!! And it looks pretty! Many thanks to my family and Skronky for their help! I am crazy and task-oriented but you still put up with me anyway thus deserving a shared Nobel Peace Prize. For sure!
More working on loan stuff for school... But I'm feeling good about it. Things WILL work out! And Orientation is this next week... Though I haven't actually studied as much as I should have for this pre-class biochem test. Guess it doesn't really matter but it's still freaking me out. Wish me well!
I got some nifty pants for school this weekend for so cheap!!!! YAY! And over the last few weeks some shirts... (A) was a gift from Skronky when he got back from Seattle; (B) I got in Hot Springs!; (C) & (D) were stolen from the pile of Dork's to-be-gotten-rid-of's and they totally fit me!; (E), (F), & (G) were gotten this weekend with the pants! Yay!
Not much going on around here other than DIY stuff... painting my room, mum recovering the couch cushions, daddy putting in a new vent thingy in the bathroom, brisket cooking, etc. Keeps us busy.
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend and will have an awesome last week of summer!!! Best wishes to anyone starting classes this week!!!
"And what a future it opens! I feel a new heart beating with the love of the new beauty. I am ready to die out of nature, and be born again into this new yet unapproachable America I have found in the West." -Emerson

08 August 2006

Tank tops and perfection

So earlier today I was.... well, in a snit. I was not a happy camper. But attitude re-adjusted and happy-pretty-face smile back.
I love this tanktop I'm wearing. It is perfection. I've had it for at least 5 years and got it on sale for $2 at the mall. It has never failed me. No matter how I feel when I put it on, I look GOOD. It's magic. Looks like a simple gray tank but that is deceiving. IT'S MAGIC ya'll!!! But I am a little sad because gray tank is on its way out since having aquired some paint and 6 little holes on the tummy. But hey, over more than 5 years that's pretty good.
Did you know that Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is narrorated by Alec Baldwin? Whoa.

04 August 2006

Friday in summer

So the woodtrim in my room is painted... Pretty exciting stuff. Makes the formerly white walls look really dingy so painting the walls is for sure a must now more than ever before.
Been reading another book on genetics (because no matter how boring and hard the class at OU was I still enjoy learning about that sort of stuff. Let's see... I find chem hard and boring but genetics hard and interesting... maybe I'm going into the wrong field??), this time on mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on only on the maternal side (the father provides only nucleic DNA while the mum provides both nucleic and mitochondrial). It's pretty interesting stuff when you really start thinking about it since with fewer chances for mutations and no mixing during fertilization, by utilizing mitochondrial DNA scientists can map the entire human population into a phylogenetic tree which is amazing in and of itself!!! (This book is The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes if anyone is interested in the subject.) I'm still working through the book but I suppose it's fitting that this will be one of the last personally chosen books I'll be reading for the summer. (Then on to Pharm texts!! Woo! And the peasants rejoiced! So did the pheasants!!! Yay!)
A thought from the Heathers, "If you were happy everyday of your life, you'd be a gameshow host."
Been getting that song Lips of An Angel by Hinder stuck in my head... Surely there aren't any subliminal messages in it?? Haha...
No longer have my house in Norman anymore... makes me sad. I already miss living by campus and hanging out with everyone between trying to study and work.

01 August 2006

Lake DeGray!

Oh! I was just so excited to tell you all about my family's trip to Arkansas that I completely forgot to mention it at all even though I've been back since Thursday evening!!!! Of course, I didn't want to talk about us being away while we were actually away but... It was quite fun.
We left early Sunday morning and stopped in to visit family for lunch just inside Arkansas. Then drove the rest of the way down to Lake DeGray where dinner and nap awaited.
Monday we rented kayaks to explore the lake on our own. (In my book kayaks are now filed under amazingly easy to use and quite worthwhile.)
Tuesday we found out that anyone born AFTER 1985 is not allowed to drive a jetski (ie personal watercraft like skiidoo -spelling??) in Arkansas. Now anyone who knows me might remember that I was born IN 1985 and thus should have been allowed to drive but nooooooooooooooo you would be mistaken. According to the marina dudes I could not be allowed to drive one. I could ride one but not drive one. Nor could Dork. So Dork ended up riding with Mum and pulling her off of the thing several times. I rode with Dad and it was fun, but I'm sure that driving would have been even better, right?? Stupid Arkansas rules. As far as we've found from researching online, Oklahoma has no such rules. Yay! After riding jetski's we had lunch and nap, then went snorkeling around one of the little islands in the lake. The water was low in the lake and the algae was high so the snorkeling wasn't excellent but still pretty interesting.
Wednesday we headed to Hot Springs and Garvin Woodland Gardens. Pretty and hot combined to make the Gardens endurable but we were ready to leave when we got back to the air-conditioned visitor's center. Checked out the Hot Springs mall. Had lunch. Puttered around the lake resort.
Left for home early on Thursday! Yay!
Saturday we had a small family dinner at our house and Skronky came too!! Chicken-fried steak, homemade mashed potatoes, and grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream! Yum!! I love cooking this sort of food and eating it is even better!!
My next project will be painting my bedroom, which hasn't seen a new coat of paint since we moved in several years ago. Not that it needed it since noone but me sees it daily...
Anyhoo... Love you all and Happy Summer!!! Dinner time for me now!