13 August 2006

Painting and pictures!

So... the bedroom painting is finally finished!!! And it looks pretty! Many thanks to my family and Skronky for their help! I am crazy and task-oriented but you still put up with me anyway thus deserving a shared Nobel Peace Prize. For sure!
More working on loan stuff for school... But I'm feeling good about it. Things WILL work out! And Orientation is this next week... Though I haven't actually studied as much as I should have for this pre-class biochem test. Guess it doesn't really matter but it's still freaking me out. Wish me well!
I got some nifty pants for school this weekend for so cheap!!!! YAY! And over the last few weeks some shirts... (A) was a gift from Skronky when he got back from Seattle; (B) I got in Hot Springs!; (C) & (D) were stolen from the pile of Dork's to-be-gotten-rid-of's and they totally fit me!; (E), (F), & (G) were gotten this weekend with the pants! Yay!
Not much going on around here other than DIY stuff... painting my room, mum recovering the couch cushions, daddy putting in a new vent thingy in the bathroom, brisket cooking, etc. Keeps us busy.
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend and will have an awesome last week of summer!!! Best wishes to anyone starting classes this week!!!
"And what a future it opens! I feel a new heart beating with the love of the new beauty. I am ready to die out of nature, and be born again into this new yet unapproachable America I have found in the West." -Emerson


Anonymous a SKronk adoringly said...

I had fun helping you paint. Most of the fun part was messing with you when you were frustratetd hehehehe. You're so cute when you are about to eye-mug me!

2:00 PM  

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