27 June 2006

Dichotomous key to the rescue!

Happy summer! Had a lovely time Sunday at Skronky's sister's Barbeque. Great food, intesting conversation, and a funny parade to watch. Skronky's birthday last week was fun too. We went to Red Lobster for dinner and then rented Wedding Crashers since I hadn't seen it yet. Mostly been hanging out at home and working (though I've been canceled a lot at work lately since census is down). Mum, Dork, and I made chicken burritos Saturday, somewhere around 3 dozen of them! Ate a couple and froze the rest. Man, they're good! Mum's roses are doing well outside. The shasta daisies aren't quite as perky but everything else looks pretty good. Skronky's gardens are looking good too. The squash from his veggie garden was really yummy.
Keyed out a viney plant in the garden last night with Mum since it was growing wild and she had no idea what it was. Turns out it's related to cucumbers but much tinier! Ah. The power of the dichotomous key!
Been feeling really arty lately. Like I need to make something and be productive with my free time. Maybe I'll cook something... I donno. Have plenty of projects I need to finish and studying to do so I should get to it and quite griping.
Pray for Julia's sister please. She's having a rough time and her birthday is this week!
Hope everyone is having a good summer and keeping busy!


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