09 June 2006

And just maybe we are...

We're very well adjusted, really. Considering.
Haha. How often do you hear people say that about kids? That they're well adjusted and all, considering the circumstances. Considering my circumstances, well, I got the better end of the deal I'd have to say. Random and all, yeah.
Getting new glasses today. Woo! (Yes, I am rather excited since I've just been wearing my contacts almost exclusively since 8th grade... New glasses is a big thing, right?) Have to pick them up this afternoon...
Have been working on pre-orientation stuff for pharm for next year... I know it's necessary and all but it gets frustrating. Pile that frustration on top of my own self-doubt and I get a little freaked out. Everyone is being so supportive and nice but that still doesn't keep me from worrying, ya know? Just have to keep thinking, what's the worst that can happen and how would I handle that? That's really what helps me through it...
Fog Wednesday morning when I rode to work with Mum. It was so thick at one point that I couldn't even see the shoulder at the side of the highway. I don't consider myself claustrophobic but that one almost did it for me. Gave the world a Twilight Zone feel. Ekk!!! (Ya know, fog and mist are so closely related, you'd think I'd like it better...)
Anyway, back to doing other stuff... Happy Summer! Send me a shout if ya'll get bored


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