15 May 2006

I am too much. And not enough.

Had a good weekend home. Missed some of my college friends but Loki was a big help. Lots of playing with Loki & Rio and, of course, Chaco when he felt like condescending to playing with us youngin's. Made yet another trip to a liquor store, this time with Mum to get Kahlua for flavoring my birthday cake for Sunday (extended family dinner for my birthday). Mum's garden is really looking beautiful with most of the roses blooming and everything greening up in a lovely way. It'd be nice to just spend all day out in the yard puttering around and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
Speaking of puttering, I put together my birthday present yesterday, a wonderful dark-wood bookcase that my school binders and books will fit on finally!! I've still got some re-arranging to do but it's looking great so far.
I've been perusing the recently uploaded pictures and icons on photobucket... Some of things people post really worry me. Also grammar doesn't seem to be a high priority? Oh well. I know I'm not perfect but it still irks me to see such laziness.
Man, it's tough getting used to having animals around, especially Loki being underfoot all the time. He likes to follow us around and I never know if he's asleep in the next room or just beside my ankle, waiting to be slightly maligned as I walk to my next goal. Because, you know, the minute you even brush against him and he yelps, ya can't help but feel terrible, like you murder small baby animals not just accidentally trip on them.
Happy Monday! (The title of this post is a thought that is a reference back to a book called Capivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge. Thought-provoking book for sure.)


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