02 May 2006

"But she's got machine gun eyes..."

<-- Sometimes I feel the same way as the girl who sent this one in to PostSecret...
But thank goodness I'm too much of a narcissist to really worry about it, right?
Looking up stuff for financial aid for next year has really killed the good mood I was in all day. Something about being compitant and having to beg to get a good education just seems backward but then this is a capitalist society so I should just get used to it, huh?
Family Recognition test tomorrow in botany. Might get a hundred percent correct or maybe ninety percent wrong (I have to get at least one right, right?) It really all depends on the specimens they choose to represent the families... At least it's not my major.
Oh I just remembered! I forgot to post pics of Mel's wedding shower! Well, it'll have to wait until tomorrow since I MUST get back to studying... Love to all and best wishes for buoyant spirits!


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