15 April 2006

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In regards to this illegal immigration issue that has recently become such a large, looming point of contention, it is so so so hard for me not to fully speak my mind, especially in response to people who so slanderously and maliciously preach their doctrines born of ignorance and full of greed backed by immorality. What does it have to come to before they learn to temper their speach with humility and ethics blended with morality to appeal to those things that are best in man? Just because we sometimes disagree doesn't make it alright to condemn to hell those who would stand up for the moral but often silent majority and say, "Hey, what you're doing isn't right! You need to stop. Now." Granted you could take my words for a grain of salt since, hey, she's just a stupid little midwest, hick-born girl with no sense of reality and even less sense in general, oh and let's just call her unpatriotic and unAmerican while we're at it. "America was founded on these princicles and now I'm going to tell you what you think..." No. That doesn't cut it for me. Take this for what you will but I urge all of you to really, honestly think before you start shouting out praise or jeers for those who are called leaders. Make your choices for yourself. Check and double check your facts before you start ingraining into your kids that something "is the devil".
And please, just for my peace of mind, stop taking out your frustrations on the President of the United States. He is one man. Whether you love him or hate him, he does not rule our country as a monarch or tyrant. There is an entire bicambrial legislature and a judicial branch to be held accountable too. As much as we all love to have a scapegoat to pin the tail on, are you so blind to our country's system of government that you don't realize he is not up there scheming and plotting to hasten the end of our country as we know it??? And even if by some small chance he was, he certainly isn't alone as the sole ruling body of our country? Please wake up and come to your senses. Life isn't perfect and no one human is perfect either so get a grip on your moaning and groaning. Act like the adult that you are and if you are uneducated as to how our government works or what you're voting for in elections get out there and research what's going on. There's internet available in every public library I've visited in the last dozen or so years so I'm sure there's at least that resource; if you need help using the internet don't be afraid to ask for help.
And for all those underage orators out there voicing opinions like tiny puppets, stop just going with the flow of what's cool or shocking. Sure you want attention and to be noticed but if you have no idea what you're talking about or you're going on second-hand knowledge, or worse, then just keep your mouth shut and listen to the world around you. Hopefully you're mature enough to realize the difference between right and wrong. If not, then you still have much growing and learning to do so quit being annoying to the voting population who actually cares about what's happening to our world. Don't be afraid to research the issues you have questions about but make sure your sources are knowledgeable and as little biased as possible. For example, of course pro-choice people are going to tell you how safe and right abortions are. And of course pro-life people will tell you how terrible those same abortions are. There are at least two sides to each issue so be smart enough to make your own choice based on facts and your own research.
This has turned into quite a rant and for that I do not appologize. I have the right to write what I wish to write on here. And you may comment as you wish. The likely-hood of you completely changing my mind on what I've said thus far is highly unlikely since I believe I've refrained from speaking my opinions on specific topics and thus have not asked for your interpretation of the facts. Just so you know... To recap, please just be informed. Be tolerant but know your rights and don't put up with being ground into a pulp just because someone else has "opinions".
And to all of my friends, I love you and wish you a lovely Easter holiday and very enjoyable weekend!


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