03 April 2006

Chatter Central

"I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!" The things I get stuck in my head on Monday mornings...
Stayed up late last night watching the cooking channel with Julia. I wonder if there is a Foodie TVs Anonymous? We should totally join if there is!
In other news, since I'm supposed to turn in a plant collection at the end of this semester and I didn't have anything, oh, collected by this weekend I decided to skip studying for genetics and run out by Lake Thunderbird with Julia to find samples. No matter than neither of us knew EXACTLY where it was, but hey, by the time we reached it we'd already visited Slaughterville just South on one of the crossroads of Hwy 9! Had a fun time just driving around and annoying everyone who wanted to speed on the highway. Visited a little country cemetery by the west side of the lake, had Denver in the title of it. Really nice little cemetery (other than the prickly burrs we pick up in our shoes), well as nice as a cemetery can be. I think we'll have to go again sometime since I only have 6 of the 30 required samples in my press right now... If anyone else wants to get lost with us out in the country, let me know and we'll squeeze you in too!
Wall climbing this morning was rough since I guess I've lost all of my wrist strength that I ever did possess. Our teacher gets a little perturbed at me for not trying harder on some of the medium routes I try that my regular belay partner seems to handle so easily when he goes for them. I just tell myself that since I'm new to this stuff going soft on a medium route isn't so terrible... that and, wow, doesn't that one hold look funny? How are you supposed to hold onto it when you're too busy laughing at it??? I think they did that on purpose!!!
I wish this week would just get done, the first half anyway. Like, I'll live through it as I have to but just make it go faster so I don't have to think or feel too much of what's happening. My speech tomorrow is going to suck. As in, "Wow, Gladys that speech really, truly stank. Let's go get some liquid refreshment and forget that ever happened, huh?" My visual aid is done but I'm not ready enough to even practice with my teacher today during office hours so I have a lot of work to do on it this evening... I so should have taken that intro to speaking class instead of the actual Public Speaking one. Silly me, being overly optimistic instead of the slacker I was born to be! Woo! *~*Overachiever syndrome strikes again!!*~*
Well, I guess that's enough for now... Happy New Week!!! (doesn't that sound less hateful than happy monday??)


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