27 March 2006

Monday Protests

Busy/slow weekend. Weird way to describe it but that's the way it goes.
Nothing much new going on. Trying to get motivated to study for genetics but since there isn't a test anytime soon I don't feel the pressure to study right away... but this would be the perfect time to get caught up to where I do actually understand what he's talking about more than ten percent of the time.
There's a protest outside against some sort of abortion bill or something. They have some very graphic pictures but at least someone made them be behind crowd control fence-things so they can't openly harrass us other than yelling loudly. Plus the police car parted about twenty feet from them is good incentive for them to behave. Even if I think partial birth abortions, what they seem to be against if their pictures are accurate, are entirely disgusting I'm not really sure that right in front of the library is the best place to have this little protest. And the pictures are really gross. I just hope they're gone before Mom's Day this next weekend. And the Medieval Fair is this weekend too...
Well, I think I'm going to head off to study... Ya'll have a great week!


Anonymous Brandon adoringly said...

I guess I missed those! Maybe I will catch them tommorrow. I don't understand why people protest those type of things at OU. "Hey the war is a lie!" yeah ok I have to go to class, don't worry I won't kill any brown people on my way there "Hey abortions kill babies!" actually they usually kill fetuses but I promise that I will perform zero abortions on my way to criminal justice. And they are always so angry!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous jarrett adoringly said...

tomorrow is the last day of the protest. I had to sit at it for three hours this morning. It was horrible but if you stare at the pictures long enough a sailboat appears!

3:02 PM  

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