29 November 2004

It's the Bright One, it's the Right One, that's the Mist!

"Your life is complete. You may now devote the rest of your life to the pursuit of knowledge. You can pursue that long awaited dream of traveling to some far-off, equatorial jungle and studying at what specific age the adolescent native women are allowed to wear the letter jackets of the male spear throwers." ~Richard H.
That, my friends, is a quote from one of my mum's peers in response to a work-related accomplishment. He's freakin' hilarious. Okay, so maybe he's just funny but if you met the guy and knew how he acts vs the kind of things he says you would think it was effing hilarious too.

I just found these funny animations online:
One is a song of Radiohead's complete with way too good animation and the other is really weird but funny also. Hope you enjoy if you do see them. And remember, it wasn't the Mist that made them; merely passed them on to you...
I really like that song of Gwen Steffani's even though it does get played too often.
Ew. My hands got dirty from my bike. Hope it comes off before dance class! (No, I'm not stupid. It's not dirt, etc. More like oily machine/engine type black stuff. Maybe nail polish remover would work?)
I got that evil journal-thing's butt kicked yesterday. Just need to polish it up a little tonight before turning it in tomorrow. It actually looks alright; almost presentable.
Whiny time: I have a huge Organic test on Thursday and no time to study for it. Isn't that just wrong? The week before dead week and we're having tests? Why not just wait and put it all on the final? Save us all a little work and stress, don't they understand? lol Or maybe I just don't want to study for and take the wretched thing. So sue me.
It's always a sad thing when I change my mind about someone. This time it's for the better, or would be from his point of view, but makes me sad because it means my standards must be slipping. Isn't that just pathetic? This guy I went to high school with is looking really good to me right now. I've even been debating calling him and starting something. How freaking far have I fallen? My pedestal is looking a bit shorter, now that I think about it... WTF mate? Maybe it's just a phase... hope so. And please, don't start guessing who he is since I won't tell anyway. (Leave me just a scrap of dignity, please?)
Well, I should work on real stuff... Hope ya have a great week!
Daria: That's the road to happiness and personal satisfaction. That's why they don't want you to take it.
Quinn: People are so weird!
Daria: Some are weird. Some are just astonishingly self-centered and deceitful.

27 November 2004

Saturday high

I'm finally alive enough and nonbusy enough to write! Yea!
This week has been so very busy. Nice busy. Monday I did go to dance class; about half of the class didn't show up. lol Wish I had thought of that . . . Nah, I went because I was in Norman anyway and might as well got to class, right? Was as enjoyable as ever. (Ugh... except the old man finally caught me. I've been pretty good at avoiding having to dance with him and just slacked off a little, thus I got caught. And it was for the Waltz too (which lasts forever and he thinks he's terribly wonderful at)! {quietly sobs in remembrance})
Tuesday I woke up at 0800 as usual then couldn't fall back asleep even though I didn't need to get up until about 0900 and then just to take Sharice to campus. Since I couldn't sleep I did my laundry so there would be one less thing to have to do when I got home. Then packed for the week. POTW was my only class. Evilness... He planned it so that we would have to be there to turn in a quiz, do peer evaluations, and listen to other groups present. I so would have skipped if it was just my grade at stake but for the peer evals the entire group had to be there. Isn't that just cruel? Anyhoo, I went and then left for home as soon as I got my stuff packed into the truck. Drive was long since there was so much traffic. (I got honked at in hometown by someone... Was a little freaked out since I have no idea who it was; Hope it wasn't someone I should have known. Waved just in case, of course.)
Cleaned house a little. Had some friends over for ice cream and pizza. Got to see Marie! She was a little cranky but still very cute. AK and FiSH were there, as well as Julia, Mel V, and Dawn et al. Nice to get to see some of my 'peeps.' (yeah, would have been better if we'd invited the Captain... lol) (Oh! And Josh and FiSH were twinkies! How freakin' funny is that?)
Wednesday I baked pies (cherry and butter-scotch pecan) and cleaned up from Tuesday. Went to Dover for Thanksgiving with Mum's side. Interesting.
Thursday helped with cooking and cleaning (again. How do we get the house so messy?) before Dad's side showed up at around noon. Ate and talked the rest of the day with family (last ones left around 2300). Played lots of Trivial Pursuit, pool, Uno, etc. Good times.
Spent all of Friday working on effing journal for POTW. Seriously, almost 14 hours. Bunch of crappola. But now I'm done. All I have to do is print and glue. Yea!!!!
Listening to Discovery Times show about Custer's Last Stand that Dad is watching and sporatically commenting on. Must admit I have little sympathy for Custer since he had just previously massacred an entire peaceful villiage of women, children, and old people. Rather interesting show, though, since they use crime scene-esque techniques to figure out "what really happened". Would be a cool job to have.
There's a new Foamy cartoon but it isn't, like, the best one ever... Also new Vendetta and Charlotte, which is, admittedly, pretty good.
Huh, well I think it's time for me to get ready to go visiting and, perhaps, shopping if I feel like it later. Supposed to put the Christmas stuff up sometime today... don't know when though...
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!!

Never complain and never explain. - Benjamin Disraeli

25 November 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope ya'll are happy and busy eating turkey and pie! That's what I'm about to be doing... family will be showing up here any minute! Yea!
I'll give ya the whole story (since... Monday was it?) later when I get more of a chance to think.
I'm so thankful for all of my lovely friends, you included of course! Love you all and hope you're doing well! (Hugs and kisses!) (And because I can, I'm putting 4 quotes on here instead of the normal just one... muhahahahahaa!!!)

Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts. --Wayne H

Where can a person be better than in the bosom of their family? --Marmontel Gretry

Never eat more than you can lift. --Miss Piggy

When women are depressed, they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking. --Elaine Boosler

22 November 2004

My brain is a puddle on the floor... don't step in it!

My head is so full of stuff it needs emptying (Somewhat. Can't tell you everything, can I?)
Friday saw me working a double. I'm still sleepy from that. Slept a bit Saturday and then cleaned house. Sunday went running with Mum. Had family function around noonish. Good times. Drove back here and studied a little for quiz in O Chem. Played on computer for a while. Should have worked on journal for POTW but didn't. Went to bed early. Got up and around a bit late this morning. O Chem was there. Not great but not unbearable either. Quiz sucked. Rainy weather made riding my bike just that much more enjoyable (--this is both honest and sarcastic at the same time. I did enjoy the coolness and I always love the mist. But when it's wet outside riding my bike means I get to class drenched at the worst or mud spattered at the least. yeah.) Ran some copies for my Mum since my physics class got canceled.
Now I'm back here and trying to decide what to do next. Work on journal? Pack for the week at home? Organize my stuff better so I can find the things I need? Or just write a long blog on here, thereby procrastinating even more? Of course, momentarily, I'm picking the latter.
Crikey! I feel like a little old lady since I'm achey all over from running yesterday. We didn't even go that far! I guess I need to start running regularly enough to stay in shape, huh? (But I am confused since my back hurts too... what did I do that would make my back hurt? Running wouldn't do it like this... Who knows?)
See, now that I'm here and able to pour out my brain I can't think of much to say. Typical.
I'm a little bummed when I start thinking about how much Christmas has been planned already. I'm going to have to go to at least 5 family functions in one week, not counting the one on Christmas that's just my parents, Dork, and me. I really love my family but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of "quality time" we're 'forced' to spend together (I'm not as used to it as I once was). I'll also probably have something to go do with my friends... Will be looking forward to that. It's just that I like to pretend sometimes that I'm in control of my life; I know I'm not really, usually. And that isn't anyone's fault, it's just the way it is.
I really need to start my Christmas shopping. Parents and Dork will be easy. Cousins are harder. Family Dirty Santa gift is hard too. (Instead of everyone getting gifts for everyone each brings one gift and we play dirty santa. It's fun.) Guess I should get started right away...
Marie's birthday is this next Saturday! She's going to be a whole year old! I'm so excited for her. She's just adorable! (This brings to mind that I have yet to decide on what to get her... she has a million toys already. But I don't want to be the weirdo that gets her just clothes... Oh well, I'll figure it out soon enough.)
Someone asked me today if I typically judge with morals or majority (ie, what is morally allowable verses what is deemed allowable by the majority of the population). I had a hard time deciding. I think I 'judge' morally and case-by-case most of the time. Some things I just don't have a real opinion about and, thus, decided by the majority. What do you think?
Today I was supposed to, for a POTW assignment, live on just $2 all day. That $2 is supposed to buy my food, transportation, and anything else I have to buy today. Sad thing is, I forgot about this until about 20 minutes ago. So, needless to say I haven't been keeping very good account of what I've been spending. Thank goodness I ride my bike to class and don't commute. Skipped breakfast due to time constraints and lunch was just chicken and juice. Probably went over that $2 though. Guess really will have Ramen for dinner tonight. lol. It's a kinda neat assignment but not very realistic for those who commute here for classes. What are they supposed to do? Not eat at all, all day? That's a bit harsh for just a gen. ed. class assignment. Good times.
Gracious. My brain is so full of trash. Wish I had a brain vac and a little tiny swiffer to get all the dust out. That thought really appeals to my obsessive compulsive side...
I'm going to go make me some hot cocoa. That sounds really good...
Anyway... Where was I? Oh, before I forget, "I love ya Julia and Sharice!" You should love them too for putting up with me so well. (It's not really their fault that they think I'm easy... lol)
I hate playing phone tag. Ya know, where someone calls you but you're not there so they leave a message, you call back and have to leave a message, and the cycle continues... Currently playing at least 3 games of phone tag. Not like I'm that hard to get ahold of either. I don't really know what the problem is... Sorry to ya if you're one of them. Call me *right now!*
Guess that's enough rambling for now...
The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion, but rather to know it. -Andre Maurois

20 November 2004

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

I'm wearing a clown nose. I feel so sexy. Someone please find my brain and send it back to me...
Sitting here at home... Running on about 4.5 hours of sleep per over 24 hours awake... Good times.
Trying to think of something to say... it's not easy thinking about things in general since everything is funny right now. Hilarious if you must know. Even you are so funny, you silly goose.
This is funny too (read it fast and it makes more sense):
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg! The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid! Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt!
Hokayso... wtf mate?
'nuf said... Have a great night, ya'll!
"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid." - Hedy Lamarr

19 November 2004

Late night rambling

I'm a little confused. Just warning ya...
Today as we watched a taped episode of Laguna Beach (Yes, we really are that pathetic. Please don't mock us too much) Julia had a brave question, "Do bears eat squirrels?" To which we both laughed our arses off. Thanks Julia... This is the next in a scary trend of funny questions from her... the first having been, "Can you be allergic to water?" We all have those days, it's just that some of us experience those days more frequently than others. Thank goodness I'm in that frequent category too or else Julia might just murder me as I sleep for laughing at her funny questions. (My days usually include me getting obsessed with a word or phrase that I can't remember the meaning of... such as the organic chem term endergonic...)
I miss my friends so much. I just want to talk to some of them. Just to sit down with each and have a nice long, uninterupted talk. Catch up on life and talk nonsense as usual. Get to know that they really are doing alright, not just hear them automatically say it when asked 'how it's going.' I want to hear the funny, crazy stories that take more than a passing "Hey!" to conveigh. So, yeah, I'm putting off homework and studying to think about them. If you're one of 'them' I'm thinking of you right now...
It's too late to call anyone. Much too late for calling normal people.
I'm really starting to get frustrated with my job. Wednesday night my shift was supposed to end at 11pm. It didn't. My relief didn't show up until 12:10am. That's right, an hour and ten minutes after her shift was supposed to start. Grrr... Enough ranting but can you see that little part of why I'm frustrated? Honestly considering finding another job and giving my 2 weeks notice or however long it's supposed to be...
Please pray for Dawn. She needs some heavenly guidance and I don't think my prayers alone are enough right now. Thank you.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving break next week. It's going to be busy but compared to my normal it will be a vacation. Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll!
I guess I'll end here for the night. Should really get some sleep...
The fact that no one understands you does not make you an artist. -unknown

17 November 2004

Dancing faults incurred under the influence...

Under the influence of what is still being questioned. The weather? Carbs? Boys? Who knows?It's inevitable. I get a great dance partner in Ballroom class and then I proceed to go completely braindead. This nice fellow had to put up with me for 2 whole songs doing the Tango. I felt so terrible. Not like we haven't been practicing this specific dance since the start of the semester. He was so patient. I mean, he was stepping on my toes pretty often but that wasn't his fault, I really wasn't moving my feet quick enough or in the correct direction most of the time. No, I'm not hurt, other than my pride. And Sir, really, I'm not that terrible all of the time. Thank you for your unending patience. Hope you got a laugh out of it or something.
Had to present a group project today in Peoples of the World. Topic: the Silk Road. Good times. Actually, it went fairly well. I think we should get an A or high B. I found it funny that our sucky group leader decided that we should all give the guy who couldn't make it to all of the meetings full points on the peer evaluations. The only reason he missed so often was because the meetings kept being set during one of his classes. That and our leader kept forgetting to tell him about meetings. How hard is it to add another email address to an email that you're sending to 7 other people already? Almost like it was on purpose... Anyway, he thinks we should give the guy full points, which I agree on, but his reasoning is that this is a blow off class and we should just say he did his share to the fullest. Right. So he's really just covering his own butt. He knows he did a terrible job as a leader and doesn't deserve even half the peer eval. points. But if everyone is getting the full 10 pts then he makes sure to get in on that action. Whatever. I talked to the other girls (not discriminating, it just happened that we were talking and the guys weren't there. Sorry. I'll talk to them Thursday, promise) and they agree that Mr. Leader should, and likely will, get what he actually deserves. Ha. That'll show you for volunteering to be in charge then not acting on that role at all other than to justify your own slacking off. Good times... Sorry for the ranting but it really hacks me off to see people being lazy and then manipulative to cover their laziness.
OOoohhh! It misted all day today. Nice, I know. Really enjoyed it. Other than the sun not being out it was a great weather day in my book...
Well, I'm only awake until my laundry finishes... so I'll stop here and get ready for bed. Ya'll have a great Wednesday!

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense. - Henry Miller

15 November 2004

Controlling the rain is thirsty work

Today I was cruising around online, reading other people's web journals...
Read one from this guy who made a list of attributes for the girl he wants to meet, i.e. wants to meet, fall in love with, and end up with in the long run. Was really very sweet. (Hey, too bad I'm not living out on the East coast, huh?)
"A girl who will let me cook her breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday and every afternoon and every night. A girl who will let me caress her hair. A girl who I can take naps with. A girl who will watch, and tolerate stupid violent movies with me. A girl who will do stupid random things with me. A girl who I can just talk with. A girl who will stick with me while I am in the Army. A girl who looks amazing in camouflage (only joking). A girl who I can complain to. A girl who will complain to me. A girl who absolutely loves Jesus with all of her heart. A girl who loves me almost that much. A girl who has an outstanding passion for music."
Got me thinking... So I made my own list for my perfect guy. Cheesy I know, so I'm not going to post it but made me laugh all the same. So you think about it... see if you can't think up the perfect person for you. Bet ya can!
I don't wanna be a chicken. I don't wanna be a duck. I just wanna shake my...
Laughing at people who are walking alongside the road when they get splashed terribly by a passing vehicle is just cruel. Especially if they're dressed up nice in suits and nice slacks. (No! It was funny as all get out! I promise! It was!!! Muahahahahaha....) Besides slacks is just a funny word. Who cares if it just refers to pants? Slacks. Slacks. Slacks. Slacks. Doesn't sound like a real word anymore. lol
I like the rain. I truly do. Guess my parents cursed me that way, naming me as they did and all. Love the rain but also like looking nice and decent, which are apparently mutually exclusive. Too bad. It rained again today. I enjoyed riding my bike to class this morning in it but ended up soaked by the time I reached Organic chem class and, thus, squeeked into the room and drip-dried all through the lecture. Was almost dry when it was time to leave. Back here in the rain again. Got even more wet than I had been the first time. Looked like a sad, wet cat. Quite a distinctive look, don't you think? But I still love the rain.
Have a groovy day!
Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. - John Updike

14 November 2004

Irritable isn't the newest fad, is it?

Weekend was pretty good. Went to the OU-Nebraska game (ended 30-3 in favor of OU of course) here Saturday with my little Dork. Was miserably cold and wet. Rather sucked but we toughed it out (er, well, for a while. Left before the game was over since we're both wusses. Plus had to drive Dork back home in the dark and figured waiting until there were a million people all over Norman was a bad idea. So, yeah, we're big wusses.) Worked this morning. It was work and I earned my pay today, I promise you that. Got back here a bit late and had to rush around to make it to my group meeting on time. Barely made it on time... was so glad since I hate being late. It sure didn't help that it was raining but I overcame said obstacle and rocked my poster all the way into the meeting. Oh YEAH!
Okay, so I can feel myself getting irritable (yet I'm happy right now? wtf mate?) and just itching for a fight or at least the chance to be mad at someone/thing. Not that I have any reason or anyone to pitch into (that deserve it), just getting that feeling that I need to release some steam... Hope I don't go crazy on anyone. That wouldn't be good, would it? Because I know I enjoy being around people who get pissy for no reason. Bet it would make me wildly popular...
OOoohh! I had to do some research in the library for a project and ended up having to search around in the old glass-floored stacks, ya know, the old, scary part? It was truly freaky since I could hear other people talking but had no idea where they were and then *bam* they were right there next to me. There are books in that part of the stacks that haven't been checked out since the 1920's. Isn't that strange? I find it very interesting though. Very, very old books, let me tell ya... Argh. And when I needed to get a copy of a newspaper for my personal fieldwork journal (for peoples of the world) all of the copiers in that area were being mean. I went to 4 different 'stations' before I located one that would condescend to let me use it. Evil things. That or someone just wanted to watch me get exasperated. They did a good job of it too, if that was the case. lol Conspiracy theory...
Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me... wouldn't that be fun? To just leave the world that you know and go somewhere completely new and just live there? I mean LIVE. Would be awesome. Wish I wasn't such a scaredy cat so that I could. But, unfortunately, I'm too much of a realist/responsible person to ever really do such a thing. I guess, that is, unless I lost everything that mattered to me. Then I wouldn't have anything to leave behind. I'd be free!
Well, I should get back to studying... such is my exciting life... Hope ya'll have a great week!

Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour. -Ovid

12 November 2004

A Pink and Green Post

Good day Neighbor! How's it going?
Everything is just peachy keen here; Thanks for asking. I just made some Kool-aide. Rock on! Now, if I only had some cookies or something... lol reminds me of helping out at vacation bible school. I always ended up with the younger kids, like kindergarten or 1st grade. Good times...
People who make their sad little pets wear clothes are really just screaming for attention and should be ignored. It's just sad. I'd jokingly suggest a law prohibiting such ludicrous actions but might erroneously be taken seriously and be the person responsible for the newest stupid law that's a waste of time.... just a thought.
On the radio => "because maybe... you're going to be the one that saves me" (from Oasis's Wonderwall)~ This phrase is maddening since it makes me realize I'm due for a saving. It's way overdue in my humble opinion. Where is my handsome knight in shining armour complete with white horse and castle? I'm sure I sent out the memo, it was very specific... the only ones who are responding are the Don Quixotes on donkeys. Crikey! I don't want a windmill giant nor am I exactly a Dulcinea. Eh, oh well. A bit random and rather 'out there' I know...
I think I just bombed my physics test. Well, might have pulled off a C after the curve but that's being optimistic. (lol can't spell optimistic without misty, er, misti)
Well, I'm at a loss for words... Hope ya'll each have a great weekend!

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. -Albert Einstein

11 November 2004

Angel in Blue Jeans

Okay, this is funny and I merely forgot to mention it: Tuesday in my anthro class one of the guys in my group, the one that sits behind me, leaned forward to tell me,"Sometimes I just really want to reach out and touch your hair. It's so long and pretty." Made me laugh because, surprisingly, I've heard that one before. In HS my Jr. Prom date, before we went to prom together, used to play with my hair. He'd sit behind me in class on purpose just for that reason. (His braiding actually wasn't too terrible.) Kinda weird but I didn't really care then, or mind him saying that now, just as long as I know who the person is. Just some random person touching my hair would probably freak me out, especially during certain moods. All the same, I hope he decides to keep his hands to himself; don't want to have to send anyone to the firing squad until at least December... (It's also rather ironic since he has no hair, ie shaved head. lol Am I the only one who finds that hilarious?)
Isn't it strange how some clothes make you feel different? Dressing up in formal wear makes me feel prettier and more perfect whereas sweatshirts and old jeans make me feel lazy. Then there are the various favorites in each group that just make ya feel as though you're dressed completely and utterly to the best of your abilities. I love that feeling. Sometimes it isn't even my favorites that do it for me, it's the union of several eh-it-works that create that Wow-I-am-smokin' feeling when I look in the mirror.
Yeah. I'm talking about clothes. Gracious, am I becoming more of a girl or what? This is sickening. Sorry. I'd try to talk about drinkin', playing ball, going to Hooter's, and farting but I'm just all used up. Besides that stuff really isn't in my realm of thought very often so I'd end up making it all up and generalizing about things of which I have no interest or business knowing. Like, what's the fascination with hardware stores? I've never understood that one. They're neat for about, uh, an hour at MOST. How can someone spend more than 3 hours looking at hardware? Are plywood, bolts, and hammers really that interesting? Guess I should shut up before I drive some poor guy to shake his head and sigh at my ignorance. Because guys don't even need to read this to know I'm thinking it. They get it on the same radio wave to their inner antennae that tells them the most opportune time to fix a vehicle (ie just when someone wants to go somewhere and/or when it actually doesn't need to be fixed). So I'll leave it at that. For now.
My life would be infinitely happier if there were no clowns in the world. Does anyone truly think they're funny? I think they're scarier than zombies, vampires, ghosts, and demons combined. What sane person wants to BE a clown? Crikey. And what is up with the rubber chickens? Those are just strange if you really contemplate the issue...

You Are From Venus

You love all forms of beauty. You love dressing up and anything luxurious.
A social butterfly, you're fairly popular and a great host.
You're known for your fairness and affection. And as a friend to all.
Careful though! Your desire to please may make you too willing to conform.
Be yourself. Focus on what matters to you. You'll be all the more popular for it.

What Planet Are You From?

I have the same goal I've had ever since I was a little girl. I want to rule the world. - Madonna Louise Ciccione

10 November 2004

Where's my sunshine?

Wow! It's pouring outside! I just got in from class and am completely soaked! Crikey!
Dance went well Monday. Other than being hellishly hot in the ballroom it was fun. Didn't really learn anything new but that's alright. They all get so confused in my head anyway... I don't think I can put the name with any of the dances other than the waltz, tango, and electric slide. Rather sad, huh?
Went to WallyWorld yesterday afternoon so now we can eat! Yeah!
Got to visit Dawn and Marie yesterday. Had a blast. Marie is sooooooo adorable! She's getting big too. Will be a year old just after Thanksgiving! I can hardly believe she's not a tiny baby anymore. Won't be long before she starts talking! Wow!
I've really been missing Dawn. I hate, hate, hate the fact that we aren't able to hangout as often now. Rather hard when we live an hour or so apart. We're also both growning up and becoming slightly different people. At one time we were basically inseperable whereas now we're just very close friends. Still on sister level but it's not the same. Guess it's a good thing, though, since we both need to do some maturing. lol.
And, gracious, she's trying to convince me to give her brother another try. He's a year older than us and was, at one time, one of my very close friends. Some history happened and now I don't think I've seen or talked to him for at least a year and a half (and then it was only to find out if Dawn was doing alright). We don't have anything in common anymore other than Dawn and he doesn't even like to be around Marie, a reaction which I find just terrible and stupid, not to mention rude. There is no reason for us to get together. Why doesn't she get that? Not that I wouldn't like some companionship but I'd almost rather do without for a really long time than get hurt by him again, which is inevitable as I well know. Here I go ranting again. Sorry. The weather isn't helping...
I would really enjoy a nap but must go to physics this afternoon. Urgh...
This started off happy but is progressively not so much... appologies. I'll call it quits for now with the intent to write more soon and be just freakin' happy/hilarious next time. Ta-ta Dearies!

There are quantities of human faces, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. -Rainer Maria Rilke

08 November 2004

It's just another misty Monday...

Had to do the evil laugh. Well, it actually did itself. Today is going great. Happy level is at about 8 1/2. (I've thought about that... since I'm usually fairly happy does that skew the ratings? Like, if my average happy should be at 5 and 10 would be the very most insanely happy I have or ever will be, then I wouldn't have to be very unhappy to get to 2 would I? huh... ?)
I think we're going to have to go to the store tonight or suffer the very real consequences of barely eating anything for dinner (yes, of course we could do take-out or beg but I'm negating these options in favor of actually eating here, okay? You got a problem with that?) I think we have a coupla packs of ramen left, as well as some canned stuff but, hey, man cannot live on olives, ramen, and ketsup alone.
Checked on my residency status on Pharm application and they still have me as a non-Okie... isn't that cruel? I called them and found out that everyone is still classified non-resident since they haven't gotten around to fixing that yet. Silliness... when are they planning on doing it? Who knows...
Wow. I almost forgot. Julia was IMing with DJ last night... he reported that when his mom heard that he was back with Jayme (a recent happening, as in the last 3 days) she said something to the effect,"oh, so I guess nothing is going to happen between you and Misty now..." What exactly made her think something was going to happen? There were 3 other girls there for the weekend and I don't think I especially stood out in any way. Not like I was all over him or doing anything strange, like doing his laundry, taking a ton of pictures of him, or asking her about his baby stories. That would be weird, I fully acknowledge, but I wasn't doing any of those things at all. I donno. Guess moms just generally love me and get to wishfully thinking... (I can only think one guy friend's mom who absolutely doesn't like me and that's only because she doesn't like my parents/viewed me as a threat to her little boy. Whatever woman. I couldn't care less.) Who knows... Seriously, Jayme is great - so I'm sure his mum will get over me. (((you can't see me but I'm totally giggling. yeah, so I've a huge ego and that takes getting over... lol)))
I've been "zoning out" a lot more lately, especially in class. (Definition of zoning out - like daydreaming; not really thinking of anything in particular, or thinking about stupid stuff when I should be concentrating on more important things.) Today I was entranced by the light above my organic chem prof's head. It was making noises and he didn't seem to know it. The ceiling in that room is neat, rather warehouse looking. Anyhoo...
Have dance class tonight... good times... well, I'll write more when I can. Ya'll have a great week!

"I try to wear another face
Just to make you proud,
Just to make you put me in my place..."
~I'm Still Here - Vertical Horizon

07 November 2004

Sunday's good times...

Had a great weekend at home...
Got a new bike, went out to eat at Chili's, got to visit both Grandmum and Grandpa, spent lots of time with Dork, went to see The Incredibles, and got to talk to Dawn. Good times...
The only sad thing is that I had to work today... then my relief didn't show up... I ended up staying about 40 minutes late, which I wouldn't normally mind much except Dad had driven to work to drop off my bike and stuff and he ended up waiting on me... for those 40 mins... Whoever was supposed to take over for me never did show up but the nurse let me go since patient's family was there and she could help too. Grrrrrr. That is just disrespectful. I don't care whose fault it was, it shouldn't have happened, especially since it does happen so often. If it was the next PMT's fault then they maybe they could use some basic work-ethics/ respect training. I, personally, make sure to be there on time, if not at least 5-15 minutes early. If it's the coordinator's fault then maybe we need to retrain her to know how to read/see if there is a name down for each shift. It really isn't all that difficult, is it? There. I'm done ranting. I know we're all human and I shouldn't act so uppity. I'm sorry. (Does it make it better if I admit to having cried part of the way back here from being so frustrated? Because I did. Mascara streaks to prove it even...)
I guess I should get back to unpacking and studying for quiz tomorrow. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Some of your hurts you have cured, And the sharpest you still have survived, But what torments of grief you endured, From evils which never arrived! - Emerson

05 November 2004

Chillin' at home

Hola mis amigos! Que Pasa? De nada aqui... aqui para ala casa de mis padres. Yeah, so I'm watching El Marichi as I type this and felt inspired to write in spanish... or not.
I got to come home this weekend. Yea!
I got honked at by a truck driver on the way here. So, yeah, I feel like one super foxy hottie. Especially since he was really old and creepy looking. Rock my world Mr. Trucker... in your dreams! lol (can you tell that I don't take compliments well, even just implied ones? lol)
Chaco says "howdy" to ya'll!
Well, I'm tired so I'll talk to ya later! Have a great weekend!
"99 dreams I have had.
In every one a red balloon.
It's all over and I'm standing pretty.
In this dust that was a city.
If I could find a souvenier.
Just to prove the world was here.
And here is a red balloon
I think of you and let it go."
~99 Red Balloons -Nena

04 November 2004

You think you're chocolate but, really, you're chewing gum...

There may be problems with this blog again... It doesn't always load the entire page... huh... and I'm stuck at 79 posts this time, instead of 70... interesting...
Classes are still happening. And I'm going but can't promise I'm learning all that much... Maybe so though, since I only missed one (of 25) on my Mythology quiz (and I had had that question down to 2 answers; the correct one was the other choice I considered...) from Tuesday. We basically didn't even have myth today since she just handed back the quizzes and let us go. Nice.
This Anthropology class (peoples of the world) is turning out to be a heck of a lot more work than I had anticipated and it's rather maddening... this is a 2000 level class, it shouldn't take this much outside work and, yet, here I am doing more than 5 hours of work a week outside of class for it, not including the reading and studying time. Three hour credit class that takes more time than I do for either physics or organic chem? That's bull shiite... this isn't even required for my major, just fulfills one of the gen. ed.'s I need. Grrr... anyway, it would be very cool and interesting if not so much junk involved...
Worked yesterday. Went alright, as well as to be expected. Little old man was adorable with his little dog beanie baby. The respiratory therapist and I had a long conversation about everything... We've worked together a long time now and hardly ever see each other (not to imply that we're good friends, just both enjoy talking incessantly). That's the way it is with most of the people I work with; go months without seeing them and then just pick up where we left off. Nice and sad at the same time. I would love to have some co-workers I see every day and have a chance to be good friends with instead of these bits of acquaintances. (Granted, I would hurt some of them if I had to work with them more often; I really am annoyed by incompetence and laziness. For the most part, though, it would be nice.) My favorites right now are the aforementioned RP guy and Joel the PT guy who helped me with the dirty old man over this last summer. They're married and have kids, etc but they're great for talking to since they don't act all weird around me. It's nice.
Did I ever mention how goofy I am? Today in class one of my group guys smelled really good. I still don't know which one exactly but I had it narrowed down to 2 of them... (Don't you dare ask how I did the narrowing... just know that it was subtle and no one caught on to what I was doing... lol) either the one directly behind me or the one to my left; maybe both? So, yeah, I had trouble concentrating in class. To keep myself occupied I made lots of sarcastic/funny comments to my little group. Didn't ever get caught, which is surprising since I sit very near the front and he is always getting on to other people for talking farther back in the crowd. Since I always laugh in class I guess he just thought I was enjoying his lecture or something... yeah, right, that was it. Totally.
The villiage idiot was in class today and thought that wasting 20 minutes of our lives asking questions relevant only to him personally was a great idea. Yes, you must go to the writing lab. No, we don't care what your major is, who else you ask to read your paper, or how many books you have had published. Just go to the wretched lab and be done with it. The rest of us must go and, thus, have no sympathy for your inane attempt to get out of doing what is required. Ignore what they say if it offends your huge ego but just freaking go and quit asking questions that have already been covered/are in the syllabus. Or don't go and just take a point deduction. It's that simple. Really.
So, yes, I truly am the most patient person in the world. And I never complain or gripe about others' shortcomings. I'm above that sophomoric behavior and am offended that anyone would think such of me. lol
Oh! My bike is sick. I've borrowed Julie's until mine can get to the doctor or the morgue (in which case I'll be adopting soon... lol). I'll keep ya'll posted as I know you really care about my poor bike.
Alright, I'm done. Need to go work on more homework stuff. Wish me luck. [Or just bring me a BFK/gun so I can end this charade already. j/k; sorta] Ya'll take it easy!

The more I know, the less I understand All the things I thought I figured out, I have to learn again ~Don Henley

02 November 2004

My FAQ list:

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
What would you do for a Klondike® Bar? Wow. That's a very personal question there bud-dy. That kind of knowledge is reserved for the few who are blessed enough to catch me in a goofy mood. Better luck next time...
How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? How about you go ask that silly-arse owl who just eats it anyway? I have no idea and don't really even like those things... (especially not the grape ones. Yuck!)
I thought your hair was red/blonde? Are you nuts? My hair has always been light brown. Maybe a little lighter in summer and reddish in sunlight but not enough to change the driver's license... still very light brown...While we're discussing my physical attributes, my eyes really are blue even if they do tend to turn red in camera flashes. (No, I'm not possessed by a minor devil. Hardly...)
I heard a rumor...- I've been the subject of several rumors in recent years, with varying degrees of veracity, ranging from one or two that were totally true, to several that were severely false. Half the lies they tell about me aren't close to true. Which half? Well, that's the hard part, isn't it? Don't expect any help from me in figuring that out. I've gotten to the point in my ego where I enjoy hearing the rumors about myself as much as everyone else does. lol Really want to make me happy? Start one for me... it's getting tiring starting them all myself... lol
Wow! Did you know your hair is really long? Really? Is that what it is? Yeah, it's long. Thanks for pointing that out. I never would have figured that out without your help... you must be some sort of genius...
Do you really have a thing for blondes? Huh? I don't get it. Who told you that? I don't think that's true since I don't hair-discriminate in my biases... lol oh the irony...
Do you work here? Crikey! What's up with this, do you follow me around?!? No, I don't work here! Just because I'm college age and wearing a nice shirt does NOT mean I work here. Go away, that dress is just awful and will make you look even fatter than you already are. Honestly, what were you thinking?
Have you found Jesus? Is he missing again? No, seriously. I have and we're on great terms, as if it were your business. I'll let him know you're looking for him when I talk to him tonight...
What is the meaning of life? There is no meaning, not really. Life is what you make of it. So have fun and don't be mean
Why do you make up names for some of your friends but not others? Well, originally it was for fun but it got hard and rather time-consuming... so I don't anymore... bad enough I have to remember the old ones so I don't blow anyone's cover...
Do you know you look just like Lindsay Lohan? No. I don't. Can you feel the lasers from my eyes melting you yet?
What's going on between you and that guy? What guy? I'd like to know... will you ask him for me? I'll save your place in the lunch line...
Do you come here often? I do try to update this often but if you're hitting on me you'd better stop. I have a 'friend' named Killer who just got out of jail and he doesn't like people chatting me up...
What's your marital status? Who's asking? I've never been married, though I guess I came kinda close that once. It wouldn't have worked out in the long run, and I ended the relationship (Sorry, Paul Walker... we're from two different worlds... yours is on the back of my bedroom door as a poster and mine is elsewhere in the world... So, farewell ...)
Who are/were your heroes? Other than Mum I'd have to say... uh... well, I admire: Galileo Galileo, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., David Bowie, Wonder Woman, Maroon 5, Madonna, Queen, Professor P. Klebba, Mr. Hamilton... those are the ones that come to mind at this moment... (honestly I just typed whoever came to mind... lol)
Have you ever been drunk? No. (don't ask around either unless you'd like to refer to one of the questions addressed earlier...)
Do you smoke? No. Never will. Had to watch loved ones die from their habits and now choose not to repeat their mistakes...
Do you, like, get high and stuff? No. Duh. Just because I want to be a pharm girl later doesn't mean a thing...
Pepsi or Coke? Coke (well, would rather have Dr. Pepper but if have only those two inferior substitutes...)
Burger King or McDonald's? Once would have said McD's but am rather a BK convert after living in the dorms last year with the BK downstairs... that was so nice....
Mac or PC? PC... I don't have anything witty here...
Boxers or briefs? Well... I, personally, wear girl underwear... but I think I prefer blokes who wear boxers... not that I really know or care... just answering the question...
Half-full or half-empty? Totally half-full. Who completely fills their cup anyway? You'd end up spilling it everywhere... or rather I would were the cup-holder me...
Cats or dogs? I like the look and essence of cats better but am totally enamored by my parent's sheltie Chaco... he's the sweetest, most adorable thing ever!
What is your favorite...? I don't generally enjoy answering 'favorite' questions. Maybe it's the rebel in me but I generally can't pick one favorite band/album/song/movie/place to die/etc. However, for the curious (and/or bored), here is an ever-changing list:
Bands/artists: Queen, Eagles, Maroon 5, the Darkness, No
Songs: "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5; "You're So Vain" Carly
Movies: "Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail"; "Princess
Bride"; all the Indiana Jones movies; "The labyrinth"
Books: "Surprised
by Joy" ~ CS Lewis
Alcoholic drinks: I don't drink so don't have a favorite
here yet
Dwarves: Happy and Grumpy
Video games: Blinx, Splinter Cell, and
Fruits: Cherry, Apple, Grapes, Queen...
Monty Pythoners: John Cleese,
Eric Idle
Comic strips: "Dilbert," "The Far Side," "Non sequitur"
Blue or red... (crimson and cream always)
Colognes: most men's cologne turns
me into a giggly pile of much... I really like Curve for men but don't tell
How's the school thing coming along? It's there. Rather not fun but I'll survive...
What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything? Your mother
Are you for real? Is anybody for real? Really? I don't lie on here, though I may not tell everything either. Come on, I have to have some dignity, right? That and if I repeated half the things I think you would know how crazy I am.
Are you unbreakable? No such luck. While it is true that I've never broken a bone, I have suffered my share of injuries (amazingly when you run a bike into a parked car you don't tend to hurt much other than your pride...). I've been remarkably free from disease and infection. I'm fairly certain it doesn't mean I'm a superhero, though, Superwoman complex or not...
Will you ever lighten up? Lighten up what? My hair is just about the only thing that could be lightened any more... my skin is bright white, I laugh too much already, and my weight is just right I think
Why do you use the word Crikey so much? It's better than cursing and makes me laugh. Like, have you heard my Aussie accent? lol
I've heard you don't sleep much? Yeah, well... college kinda does that to me... If it weren't for the physical requirements of this darn physical body thing I wouldn't sleep at all. Alas, that's not really an option. So I'll keep on with 5-6 hours a night and sleep through our next phone conversation... lol
Where are you going? To the moon unless you get sent there first
Do we have a tarp? Well, since I got rid of that paparazzi guy who thought I was L.L.... no, we don't have one any more... maybe there'll be a sale at Tractor Supply soon... (Julia, the hall's getting full again... may not have much room over the winter season... lol)
Are we there yet? No, we're not! Just like we weren't 2 seconds ago... Honey, pull over. Johnny is riding in the trunk the rest of the way...
Will you marry me? What do I look like? An Mrs. major? No. Besides I don't like the way you snuck that question in here...
Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care? It's time for you to STFU.
Can you hear me now? I wish you weren't a liar.
Why are there so few questions here? Well, see, these are only the frequently asked questions. Ask me some more, a bunch, and I'll add them to the list. Let's have a little commenting action here!

01 November 2004

Irrationality on Monday...

Yea! I have found my newest irrational crush... his name is Chase and he's in my dance class. OMG he's awesome... and not really at dancing; he is very confident about it though so it seems like he is... but I know it's going to work... it has to because he's so handsome, not a jerk, and smells great. Those are very important qualities, ya know. Okay, I really am just kidding about being totally in like but he is nice and does smell great. I have to act silly sometimes so ya'll don't accidentally forget that I'm human and all...
Today has been pretty good to me. Nothing bad at all. Saw several people from my hometown. That is totally strange since I never see them at any other time then *bam* all at once... Raven, Manisha, Houston, Jonathan all in one day. How freakin' crazy is that? Guess that really isn't that many but it was totally all within 2 hours...
I still have tons of homework... ergh... Talk to ya'll later...
HEY! GO VOTE TOMORROW! I am going to... see ya there!

I WANT: too much, too fast
I HAVE: much more than I will ever deserve.
I WISH: we could be happy forever
I MISS: my friends even when they're with me
I FEAR: that I'll wake up one day to find myself in a nightmare life that I hate and can't escape
I HEAR: the voices in my head saying "go to sleep." And I should listen to them...
I WONDER: what people really, honestly think of me
I REGRET: more than you'd ever guess, probably not the things you would guess anyway
I LOVE: life
I ALWAYS: expect too much of myself and too little of others
I AM NOT: the person I want to be (yet)
I DANCE: whenever I can, sometimes when I can't
I SING: loudly, off-key, and all the time
I CRY: never in public due to anything other than laughing
I WRITE: to make myself listen
I WIN: when others think it's important
I LOSE: mostly when I really want it but no one else knows or cares
I CONFUSE: a few people but more often myself
I SHOULD: get off this computer and into bed to sleep
I HATE: not always being as happy as I act like I am
3 THINGS I AM OFTEN COMPLMENTED FOR: my hair, my eyes, and my sense of humor

"No one but the pure in heart
May find the golden grail... oh oh oh oh
Flash! Flash, I love you!" ~Queen