22 November 2004

My brain is a puddle on the floor... don't step in it!

My head is so full of stuff it needs emptying (Somewhat. Can't tell you everything, can I?)
Friday saw me working a double. I'm still sleepy from that. Slept a bit Saturday and then cleaned house. Sunday went running with Mum. Had family function around noonish. Good times. Drove back here and studied a little for quiz in O Chem. Played on computer for a while. Should have worked on journal for POTW but didn't. Went to bed early. Got up and around a bit late this morning. O Chem was there. Not great but not unbearable either. Quiz sucked. Rainy weather made riding my bike just that much more enjoyable (--this is both honest and sarcastic at the same time. I did enjoy the coolness and I always love the mist. But when it's wet outside riding my bike means I get to class drenched at the worst or mud spattered at the least. yeah.) Ran some copies for my Mum since my physics class got canceled.
Now I'm back here and trying to decide what to do next. Work on journal? Pack for the week at home? Organize my stuff better so I can find the things I need? Or just write a long blog on here, thereby procrastinating even more? Of course, momentarily, I'm picking the latter.
Crikey! I feel like a little old lady since I'm achey all over from running yesterday. We didn't even go that far! I guess I need to start running regularly enough to stay in shape, huh? (But I am confused since my back hurts too... what did I do that would make my back hurt? Running wouldn't do it like this... Who knows?)
See, now that I'm here and able to pour out my brain I can't think of much to say. Typical.
I'm a little bummed when I start thinking about how much Christmas has been planned already. I'm going to have to go to at least 5 family functions in one week, not counting the one on Christmas that's just my parents, Dork, and me. I really love my family but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of "quality time" we're 'forced' to spend together (I'm not as used to it as I once was). I'll also probably have something to go do with my friends... Will be looking forward to that. It's just that I like to pretend sometimes that I'm in control of my life; I know I'm not really, usually. And that isn't anyone's fault, it's just the way it is.
I really need to start my Christmas shopping. Parents and Dork will be easy. Cousins are harder. Family Dirty Santa gift is hard too. (Instead of everyone getting gifts for everyone each brings one gift and we play dirty santa. It's fun.) Guess I should get started right away...
Marie's birthday is this next Saturday! She's going to be a whole year old! I'm so excited for her. She's just adorable! (This brings to mind that I have yet to decide on what to get her... she has a million toys already. But I don't want to be the weirdo that gets her just clothes... Oh well, I'll figure it out soon enough.)
Someone asked me today if I typically judge with morals or majority (ie, what is morally allowable verses what is deemed allowable by the majority of the population). I had a hard time deciding. I think I 'judge' morally and case-by-case most of the time. Some things I just don't have a real opinion about and, thus, decided by the majority. What do you think?
Today I was supposed to, for a POTW assignment, live on just $2 all day. That $2 is supposed to buy my food, transportation, and anything else I have to buy today. Sad thing is, I forgot about this until about 20 minutes ago. So, needless to say I haven't been keeping very good account of what I've been spending. Thank goodness I ride my bike to class and don't commute. Skipped breakfast due to time constraints and lunch was just chicken and juice. Probably went over that $2 though. Guess really will have Ramen for dinner tonight. lol. It's a kinda neat assignment but not very realistic for those who commute here for classes. What are they supposed to do? Not eat at all, all day? That's a bit harsh for just a gen. ed. class assignment. Good times.
Gracious. My brain is so full of trash. Wish I had a brain vac and a little tiny swiffer to get all the dust out. That thought really appeals to my obsessive compulsive side...
I'm going to go make me some hot cocoa. That sounds really good...
Anyway... Where was I? Oh, before I forget, "I love ya Julia and Sharice!" You should love them too for putting up with me so well. (It's not really their fault that they think I'm easy... lol)
I hate playing phone tag. Ya know, where someone calls you but you're not there so they leave a message, you call back and have to leave a message, and the cycle continues... Currently playing at least 3 games of phone tag. Not like I'm that hard to get ahold of either. I don't really know what the problem is... Sorry to ya if you're one of them. Call me *right now!*
Guess that's enough rambling for now...
The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion, but rather to know it. -Andre Maurois


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