19 November 2004

Late night rambling

I'm a little confused. Just warning ya...
Today as we watched a taped episode of Laguna Beach (Yes, we really are that pathetic. Please don't mock us too much) Julia had a brave question, "Do bears eat squirrels?" To which we both laughed our arses off. Thanks Julia... This is the next in a scary trend of funny questions from her... the first having been, "Can you be allergic to water?" We all have those days, it's just that some of us experience those days more frequently than others. Thank goodness I'm in that frequent category too or else Julia might just murder me as I sleep for laughing at her funny questions. (My days usually include me getting obsessed with a word or phrase that I can't remember the meaning of... such as the organic chem term endergonic...)
I miss my friends so much. I just want to talk to some of them. Just to sit down with each and have a nice long, uninterupted talk. Catch up on life and talk nonsense as usual. Get to know that they really are doing alright, not just hear them automatically say it when asked 'how it's going.' I want to hear the funny, crazy stories that take more than a passing "Hey!" to conveigh. So, yeah, I'm putting off homework and studying to think about them. If you're one of 'them' I'm thinking of you right now...
It's too late to call anyone. Much too late for calling normal people.
I'm really starting to get frustrated with my job. Wednesday night my shift was supposed to end at 11pm. It didn't. My relief didn't show up until 12:10am. That's right, an hour and ten minutes after her shift was supposed to start. Grrr... Enough ranting but can you see that little part of why I'm frustrated? Honestly considering finding another job and giving my 2 weeks notice or however long it's supposed to be...
Please pray for Dawn. She needs some heavenly guidance and I don't think my prayers alone are enough right now. Thank you.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving break next week. It's going to be busy but compared to my normal it will be a vacation. Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll!
I guess I'll end here for the night. Should really get some sleep...
The fact that no one understands you does not make you an artist. -unknown


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