08 November 2004

It's just another misty Monday...

Had to do the evil laugh. Well, it actually did itself. Today is going great. Happy level is at about 8 1/2. (I've thought about that... since I'm usually fairly happy does that skew the ratings? Like, if my average happy should be at 5 and 10 would be the very most insanely happy I have or ever will be, then I wouldn't have to be very unhappy to get to 2 would I? huh... ?)
I think we're going to have to go to the store tonight or suffer the very real consequences of barely eating anything for dinner (yes, of course we could do take-out or beg but I'm negating these options in favor of actually eating here, okay? You got a problem with that?) I think we have a coupla packs of ramen left, as well as some canned stuff but, hey, man cannot live on olives, ramen, and ketsup alone.
Checked on my residency status on Pharm application and they still have me as a non-Okie... isn't that cruel? I called them and found out that everyone is still classified non-resident since they haven't gotten around to fixing that yet. Silliness... when are they planning on doing it? Who knows...
Wow. I almost forgot. Julia was IMing with DJ last night... he reported that when his mom heard that he was back with Jayme (a recent happening, as in the last 3 days) she said something to the effect,"oh, so I guess nothing is going to happen between you and Misty now..." What exactly made her think something was going to happen? There were 3 other girls there for the weekend and I don't think I especially stood out in any way. Not like I was all over him or doing anything strange, like doing his laundry, taking a ton of pictures of him, or asking her about his baby stories. That would be weird, I fully acknowledge, but I wasn't doing any of those things at all. I donno. Guess moms just generally love me and get to wishfully thinking... (I can only think one guy friend's mom who absolutely doesn't like me and that's only because she doesn't like my parents/viewed me as a threat to her little boy. Whatever woman. I couldn't care less.) Who knows... Seriously, Jayme is great - so I'm sure his mum will get over me. (((you can't see me but I'm totally giggling. yeah, so I've a huge ego and that takes getting over... lol)))
I've been "zoning out" a lot more lately, especially in class. (Definition of zoning out - like daydreaming; not really thinking of anything in particular, or thinking about stupid stuff when I should be concentrating on more important things.) Today I was entranced by the light above my organic chem prof's head. It was making noises and he didn't seem to know it. The ceiling in that room is neat, rather warehouse looking. Anyhoo...
Have dance class tonight... good times... well, I'll write more when I can. Ya'll have a great week!

"I try to wear another face
Just to make you proud,
Just to make you put me in my place..."
~I'm Still Here - Vertical Horizon


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

It's Jaymi...not Jayme...sheesh. lol

3:35 PM  
Blogger Curious Mistiness adoringly said...

Yeah, well, that's how DJ spelled it in his IM so I figured it was the correct way... Not like I actually knew how to spell it her way... lol Ni! Sorry

9:10 PM  

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