26 October 2004

"Your clock is ticking away..."

Am I moody? Earlier, like less than an hour ago, and most all of today I was happy and now, all of a sudden, I'm down. What's up with that? I don't get it.
Looked up my checklist for Pharm school application process and they have all of my stuff... but they say I'm a non-resident? How can that possibly be? I haven't lived ANYWHERE other than Oklahoma since I was 2 years old and even then I was considered a resident of OK since Dad was in the military and both he and Mum were technically OK residents. I donno. I don't understand and hope it's just a little glitch in the system that will work itself out. That would suck to be rejected because they think I'm from out of state... They have a really low percent of out-of-staters and not because there aren't plenty who do apply. Cripes...
I hung up my pictures on my bedroom walls finally. Been meaning to but finally found the type of hanger things I wanted and had time to do it... they look nice... Me likes...
Today was a great day. Classes went well. Physics discussion group problem was super easy; I kicked its butt and left it whimpering on the floor (which is the reverse of what usually happens... lol). Had no Peoples of the World but had to go to the Natural History Museum which was neat even though I've been before. There was a huge group of little, little kids there. At one point I happened to find myself in the middle of them in an exhibit and had to edge my way out with the aid of one of their adults. Was pretty funny. Myth was stupidly easy again.
"Somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year..." I like that song though I haven't a clue what the heck it's really about... transvestites? I don't know, obviously...
Made dinner with Julia. Was pretty good for hamberhelper stuff. Morgan stopped by with the plate we left at his place when we took over cupcakes and ended up staying a while though he refused to eat with us... rather, he enjoyed making fun of us mercilessly as we ate. lol. Julia, seriously, if ya'll talk about that particular subject in front of particular people, I WILL hunt you both down and make you cry. I have no reservations about doing such if that happens... (you know I'm only half joking...lol) (Warning goes out to you too, Morgan, if you happen to read this one... lol)
Someone almost hit me today as I rode my bike to class. And not because of anything I was doing... I was at the closest to the curb that I could be, there was plenty of room for them on the road (ie no other cars anywhere near), and they had to swerve to almost hit me. Don't know if they thought it was funny but it did scare me a little. I was going pretty fast and that would have hurt alot; couldn't have stopped immediately to avoid them if they had kept on their path. That's kinda mean if they aren't kidding, and is even if they are. Did I piss off someone and they think that's a good form of revenge? Is this a new form of flirting? Wicked strange. Maybe they just dropped something and happened to swerve my direction? I hope that's it. Anyhoo...
Hate to end on such a strange note but must. Sorry. Have a wonderful week and many laughs!
Heaven's not beyond the clouds
It's just beyond the fear
No' heaven's not beyond the clouds
It's for us to find it here ~Garth Brooks


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