22 October 2004

Titles are overrated on Fridays...

I'm a bit confused. When you look at my profile it says I've done 70 posts. It's has said that for the last 5 or so posts... that there were still 70 each time... will likely say that after I post this post... Now is it just me or does that not make sense? And all my old posts are still accessible... so it isn't deleting old ones... I just don't get it... (I'm probably just going crazy from studying so much... grrr... evil PCAT)
So... How are ya today? I'm doing quite alright. Weather is rather strange, cloudy and warm but still very ominous.
I'm bothered by the little pear-shaped holder-on thingy on my bathroom mirror... the worker dudes put it up yesterday... and it's off-center! EEeeekkk! How can they do that to me? Don't they know that's going to drive me nuts every time I have to brush my teeth or go into the bathroom for any reason? I think it's a conspiracy... that's it, they're trying to make me crazy (er). Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive mad... I think that's it! Save me!
I have officially decided that being a Mrs. major is much easier than what I am currently pursuing. Not that I plan on switching anytime very soon but, crikey, it would be nice to get to go out and party a little instead of all this darn studying I have to do. And looking at my schedule for next semester I know it isn't going to get much/any better.
There's my gripping and whining for the day. Thanks!
"Would it help to confuse it if we run away more?" ~Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail


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