18 October 2004

Life is Crazy!!

Wow.. okay I have a ton to type and will not be fixing spelling or grammar, please forgive me!
Saturday was fun, despite the studying I had to do. Made Cupcakes and watched movie with Julia. Went to bed super late.
Work Sunday morning early. Then when got home Julia and I took cupcakes to some of our neighbors... first to a guy she knew, but turned out he didn't actually live in the apartment we went to... gave the guys there cupcakes anyway. Then tried the upstairs guys but they weren't home or just didn't answer. Visited Morgan and freaked out his roommates, maybe. Gave them cupcakes but there ya go. I got way silly and laughed a ton, probably because I had just eaten a cupcake and that was all I had eaten all day thus far. Sugar is great! We were going to take some to other friends but weren't sure where they lived so they missed out this time...
Studied some more... ran to Walmart... studied more... then as I was getting ready for bed, between studying, i heard guys in our living room. Thought it was just Sharice and her friends... Until I heard a guy say my name! Had no idea who it was or what was going on so went to investigate... turns out it was the guy we didn't know but gave cupcakes to anyway... he had brought his roomates with him... yeah, and i looked like crapola since i was in my pj's and had no makeup on and my hair was truly frightful. Anyhoo... Turns out Julia had dated one of the guys which made things even funnier... they left pretty quick but not until the original cupcake guy had seen each of our rooms? What is up with that? I just don't get it but whatever.,...
Then Sharice reminded us that Carl's birthday was Monday (today) so we threw on some more presentable clothes and took him cupcakes (stopped by gas station on the way for candles). So funny! He's doing pretty well with his injured knee... Anyway there were some of his other friends there already, I knew Steph from dorms last year, small world... Stayed there forever... Someone had put post it's all over his truck with little funny messages on them... so hilarious.... He is such a big teddy bear!
Finally got back here and had to study for another hour or so... went to bed way late... woke up 20 minutes late this morning but made it to class alright... had org chem quiz... while riding bike back here ran into a car door... I'm such a loser... was watching car coming from behind and didn't think anyone was in any of the parked cars at the side of the road... was very wrong and hit some poor dude's door. He looked like he was going to cry and started freaking out, thought he needed to call an ambulance or something, not like i was going that fast just fell over, right? Anyway got away from there as fast as I could... no real damage done... misaligned my bike but that's easily fixed... bruised my hands and knees but no other battle scars that i know of... yea! Could have been a bunch worse...
Took girls to class, etc...
Okay now I'm off to class again! Wow! Crazy day! Love ya'll and have a wonderful week! Comment to me and tell me about it if ya feel like it!

I went down hard Like Billy the Kid Yeah, I went down hard Oh, but I got up again ~Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


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