03 October 2004

Wish you were here with me... make life more interesting

Yah, I should totally be studying but I am putting it off a bit longer for a short break to catch ya'll up on my weekend...
Friday I spent all my time in Norman working on Physics homework. Good times... Classes were alright, not too hard. Drove home as soon as I got out of class. Cleaned up the house, dropped off my truck to get the oil changed, and went to WalMart with Mum. Picked up truck, went to Chili's for dinner for Dad's birthday last Monday, and went to Quail to look at shoes... Mum got a nice new purse and Dad found shoes. Stopped by Barnes and Noble to look at books... I love books... could spend millions on books.
Saturday I woke up at 8:30 and puttered around for a while... then got dressed, visited Grandpa, went to Abuelo's for lunch, Hasting's on the way home (got lovely Enrique Iglesias 7 cd which is playing in my player right now)... visited Grandmum... gassed up my truck, did not get money from the ATM, and played pool with the parents. (Funny stories for Abuelo's and grandparents... maybe in a later post or just ask me.)
Worked this morning... got to go smoke a dozen times... you know how much I just adore getting to do that. Anyhoo... made it back here... Julia had to spend the weekend alone so we send warmest wishes for a happy week to her. Sharice went home so she had fun with her family (she still isn't back... but soon...)
There's a new Ill Will Press Foamy cartoon! Yea!
Okay, I'll write something insightful soon... promise... in-between school work... urgh...

"Funny how the years they just pass us by. Seems like yesterday you were in my life... I was way too young. I was running free. If you could only see me now, you'd realize." ~Enrique Iglesias


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