19 February 2008

One weekend in Dallas makes a pharm student humble...

Just back from Dallas, TX and a great weekend of bonding with my Brothers at Province (our regional annual meeting).

Things to do in Dallas when you're not dead but suffering through a conference:
  • singing - done right it can happen in cars, on the streets, in bars, in hotels, etc
  • enduring the rain - Yeah, you won't melt but it's not going to help your "outfit" either
  • walking - happens when parking is expensive +you're only 7 blocks from where you're going
  • laughter - inevitable, really
  • drinking - coffee, water, and other more exciting, more volitile liquids
  • bylaws - bane of any conference-attendee's existance - tends to take a horrific chunk of time
  • pictures - usually posed, but funnier when they're candid...
  • driving - 3 hours isn't a long drive when you have your Brothers to keep you awake
  • eating - over-indulging is the norm at these things... but beware of the spicy stuffing!
  • voting - Oh! That's only for the delegates! Never mind your pretty head about it!
  • shopping - by those who skipped meetings, who needed shoes to wear with that new dress
  • talking - to each other, on the phone, about deep things and the most superficial

  • and many other words to describe the magic, the hilarity of our stay in Dallas. But I am very glad to be back home.
    This is a fairly mellow week for once at school. No tests this week but several to prepare for next week. I'm booked for 3 site visits totaling 9 hours, 16 hours of work at my job, and four hours of time spend on an interview panel for admissions. I was set for 3-4 hours of babysitting Monday but those plans fell through and I ended up watching a movie with my parents instead of studying like I should have.
    Back to getting ready for my schoolday... Hope everyone enjoys a lovely week!

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    04 February 2008

    Cupcake addition

    I forgot to mention in my last post that I tried a recipe for beer cupcakes and it turned out really well! It uses a stout and after the cupcakes are baked you're left with very moist cake that really doesn't taste like beer at all! I personally wasn't a big fan of the cream cheese icing recipe that went with it (you add a couple of tablespoons of the beer to that as well) but Mum liked it... And several of my classmates with whom I shared said cupcakes enjoyed it so I guess it's a matter of preferences? (It really is nice to have somewhere I can take cupcakes, cookies, etc. to give them away so I don't eat all of them myself. College students, even those in professional/grad school, seem to really delight in free food. Can't imagine why...)
    Happy Monday!


    03 February 2008

    Coping mechanisms are often pretty

    Been terribly busy. Mostly with school.
    I've started babysitting Marie on Monday nights while her mom is in evening classes. She's a hoot and at four years old she keeps me on my toes (which is very tiring after a day at school). We made cookies this last week. They were supposed to be like roll and stamp out with a cookie cutter but ended up wayyyy too soft for that so we threw the dough at the cookie sheet. So much fun.
    On Wednesday I cut out a shirt pattern and sewed it up Friday night... I'm fairly pleased with my first try. It's from a scrap of red and black fabric my grandmum sent over in a box of rejects from her fabric collection so it was perfect for a first try. I am certain there will be more in the future...
    Was studying up at my undergrad campus Saturday evening... I guess I had forgotten the Library closes at ten so when they kicked me out I headed to the Union. There was a wedding reception going on up on the third floor! I studied a few more hours and happened to be leaving just as the bride and groom descended the stairs to leave for the night as well. Wouldn't that be a funny place to hold a wedding and reception? I think the Great Reading Room would be pretty during the day for a wedding ceremony but for the reception? Eh... The ballroom at the Union probably wouldn't be among first picks, for me anyway. Too many other people around, and, hey, it's campus where stressful studying happens! Anyway... Congrats to the happy couple though and thank you for the music to study by (I studied in the lounge just below the ballroom).

    Hope everyone has a beautiful week! Remember to breathe and smile!

    Don't rush. There is a perfect moment for everything we do. ~Theognis

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