19 February 2008

One weekend in Dallas makes a pharm student humble...

Just back from Dallas, TX and a great weekend of bonding with my Brothers at Province (our regional annual meeting).

Things to do in Dallas when you're not dead but suffering through a conference:
  • singing - done right it can happen in cars, on the streets, in bars, in hotels, etc
  • enduring the rain - Yeah, you won't melt but it's not going to help your "outfit" either
  • walking - happens when parking is expensive +you're only 7 blocks from where you're going
  • laughter - inevitable, really
  • drinking - coffee, water, and other more exciting, more volitile liquids
  • bylaws - bane of any conference-attendee's existance - tends to take a horrific chunk of time
  • pictures - usually posed, but funnier when they're candid...
  • driving - 3 hours isn't a long drive when you have your Brothers to keep you awake
  • eating - over-indulging is the norm at these things... but beware of the spicy stuffing!
  • voting - Oh! That's only for the delegates! Never mind your pretty head about it!
  • shopping - by those who skipped meetings, who needed shoes to wear with that new dress
  • talking - to each other, on the phone, about deep things and the most superficial

  • and many other words to describe the magic, the hilarity of our stay in Dallas. But I am very glad to be back home.
    This is a fairly mellow week for once at school. No tests this week but several to prepare for next week. I'm booked for 3 site visits totaling 9 hours, 16 hours of work at my job, and four hours of time spend on an interview panel for admissions. I was set for 3-4 hours of babysitting Monday but those plans fell through and I ended up watching a movie with my parents instead of studying like I should have.
    Back to getting ready for my schoolday... Hope everyone enjoys a lovely week!

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