17 December 2007

"And the Angels sang a whiskey Lullaby"

Have that song in my head.
At work today it hit me anew that my job is so varied... When I pick up a call I never know if it will be a routine my-child-ate-this-now-what, a prank, or a minor catastrophe. It makes for an interesting work place...
Did some Christmas shopping today - still more to do but hopefully I can keep it to a minimum. Grandmum called wanting my SSN to buy a savings bond (when did they start this new trend? On their
website it says to help locate stolen ones but honestly if you lose it that's your fault, right?) for me as a Christmas present and could not fathom why I did not want her to do that... Not because I think it's a bad idea to give out my SSN (which I do) but because I participate in the family's adult holiday gift exchange so I don't think it's right for them all to get me gifts besides, especially her. I'm not that materialistic. When I was little she babysat Dork and me pretty often, often enough that we both have a strong relationship with her which is worth so much more to me than any gift anyone could give me. That sort of relationship can't be bought or sold or given freely without time and love. I wish she would understand... And I won't give in on this one either. Like I told Grandmum, I'm a stubborn branch of a stubborn tree. But I'm worried that she's upset with me.
Have some sewing to do tomorrow; Will post pics if I make anything worth posting. But maybe the posting will be after Christmas just in case.


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