16 December 2007

Finals Finale and Upcoming Christmas

Back from Finals Week mayhem... My last post was during "Dead Week" which I'm sure I've complained before is never truly dead at my school. (Traditionally, and at other schools, Dead Week is the week before finals when there are not supposed to be any papers due or tests to take making it essentially a week for you to study up for your tests the next week.) In my experience I've never had a true dead week... Always at least a paper or two due, a test or three to take, assignments they assigned at the last minute to complete. This year it was two hard tests and a notebook of stuff due.
Then were finals, which I managed to survive, I suppose. So far, though official grades aren't out, I've made one A, 3 B's, and a C with 2 still to be determined. After the horrible ice mess here in Okieland this last week I rode with Mum each morning and spent 4-6hours each day studying for that afternoon's test added to anything that got studied the night before. Woohoo for sleep deprivation and caffeine highs!
Now am scrambling to gather together all the things on my Christmas shopping list before my surgery later this week. To top it off, I foolishly think I'll make time to sew some gifts! I'll let ya know how that goes...
Work yesterday, today, and tomorrow... Then done until January! I enjoy my job most of the time but hear a lot of scary things too. Learning experiences 101 should come in handy if I ever have to take care of kiddos. Don't let them eat that; Don't let them play with this....
Not looking forward to my surgery. I need to do it and am glad to get it over with but not looking forward to the recovery process. Hopefully those who spout the "ice cream happy times" theory are more right than the "you'll be sick for a month & still not lose the symptoms" folks. And besides, any surgery is scary so why make it sound scarier??? Jerks.
In case I don't get around to it later, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Warm Wishes, and Brotherly Love to everyone!


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