04 December 2007


I thought I'd update in a new way... Instead of complaining about all the fun things that I have no control over, I'll wrap up loose ends from previous posts that I never talked about again... I'll start back in... August and work my way to more recently.
From August 4th this year - I'm still playing that darn pinata game now and then on the second xbox account. Not often because school keeps me busy but it's nice to relax to occasionally. Finished Skronky's quilt a long time ago and have enjoyed several movies at his house with it around me. It's warm without being smothering. Haven't done those appliqued towels yet... We still have apple crisp in the freezer! We took one to my grandma's Thanksgiving thing even! Never did have that All-School Picnic since the timing never worked out either due to scheduling or weather or whatever. So we're just not having it!
Man, Retreat was such a blast! Did I mention that we had to get our whole group of around 16 or so people up a wall that was roughly 20ft tall? We could only have 3 people at the top helping and once you went up you couldn't help on the ground. We got everyone up - I was one of the last two and we had planned on me climbing up Chris while two guys at the top held him in place but that just didn't work out so we switched to a guy at top holding onto my climbing harness(we all wore them for safety) and Chris climbing up using my harness to hold on to swing up so the guys at the top could grab him. The instructor guy for the ropes course said he'd never seen any group have a guy climb up a girl before and he'd been there for years. Guess he was impressed. (Sadly, there are no pictures of this amazing event since we were all concentrating on getting the job done.)
Arkansas with Skronky... that was a trip. "Jack & Jill"'s baby was born in October, I believe, and Skronky says he looks cute in pictures. From the flooding - I think most of it has been cleaned up by now but there is still a lot of work being done on those bridges and roads that were effected. Dork is doing alright at school I think. He's switched to Aviation for his major, which should end up being a great choice for him. He seems happier anyway.
I am sooo glad Rush and Pledge periods are both over. It was fun and probably worth it but so much work. I've been asked if I had the choice would I do it again, and yes, I think I would. There are a lot of things I would have done differently but I would still stick with it.
I haven't played in an Intermural game since the game I got a bloody nose. First I had to work during the next two games, then we had a big test to study for with a review session at that time, then it just wasn't much of a priority when rush got going. I think the pharm girls either won the girls' branch of flag football or came in second. Did pretty well either way. Marie never got the chicken pox, it was a false alarm!
I'm still having my tonsils out over break... In about 2 weeks! Just realized it was so close - have been more worried about school and finals to even consider anything like, oh, surgery. It'll all work out, right? The homeless health and safety fair went well. It lasted 4 hours which seemed a little long but went well. Heard a bunch of stories about snake and spider bites; Seems like everyone has a story about themselves, their buddy, or some unknown person that just almost died but lived to tell about it.
For Halloween I dressed up but not as anything specific, more like ballroom masquerade dressing up. Then answered the door with my cat ears but no tail. Still haven't made that Christmas exchange gift but it sounds like no one else has either so we'll probably drop the rule and go back to purchasing it. Ha! I win!
Dawn is no longer expecting as of around Halloween. Sadness but she's doing better.
Off to help Grandpa with Insurance plan picking... more later.


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