10 September 2007

Yippy dog, bloody nose

That Sooners football game on Saturday was lovely... Almost as good as the week before...
Flag football started Sunday - We only have one Pharm girls team this year so we're extra good. (No, really. We are THAT good. Half of our current team were on the upperclassmen team last year which won the girls division of intermural flag football and the rest of us are fast learners.) We won our game against the Nursing girls ("Bedside Belles" is their team name, so the rumormill quotes) with a score of 26-0. Guess how many of those points I scored?!?
If you guessed none, you win! I managed to get headbutted in the nose on the first play of the game, spent the first half of the game waiting on my nose to quit bleeding (and convincing my teammates that I wasn't dying, also threatening my coach with bodily harm if he kept saying how much hottness all that blood and tissue wads up the nose added to my ' tough girl look'), the third quarter cleaning up all the blood, and the fourth quarter shakily cheering for my teammates, who of course were kicking butt! Great way to spend a Sunday! [I'm fine now with a slightly tender nose... It's swollen just enough for me to feel it and just KNOW that everyone is staring at it but for no one to actually notice it without first knowing what happened]
Mum found a little dog running in the street (Sunday morning??) that then followed her and our dogs home. She brought it in the yard since the last dog we found running in the street ended up getting hit by a car with a very negative outcome when we did not bring it home with us. Well, since it was Sunday the vet's office wasn't open so the animal that I will thus forth refer to as "Muttface" stayed with us until today. (I honestly did call it Muttface during its stay at mi casa. The rest of my human family were not as kind, in my opinion, as they refered to it as "Boner". The more furry faction of my family were either not on speaking terms with him (The Cat) or barely tolerated his yips (The Dogs) so I'm guessing they would have called him worse could I have understood their dialogue) Muttface's owner had apparently called Animal Control, the number for which was wrong in our telephone book, so when Dad took him by the vet, the vet quickly sorted the situation with Animal Control to get Muttface home safe and sound. Or as well as is to be expected for any furry, dirty, yippy creature. Fare thee well Muttface! I will not miss cleaning up after you!
Filmed the Rush video today... Fun but also frustrating. Glad that part's done - on to editing! Next week is our week so don't expect an update too soon after this one... I still have a slideshow to finish arranging, food to order, decorations to procure and hang, as well as nervous faculty to reassure, brothers to keep in line/humor, and a million other things I can't even remember right now! Yay! (This sounds like complaining. It's not. Ask Skronky; he gets most of my complaining about anything so he would be an expert on that...)
My goddaughter Marie may have the chicken pox. Let's hope not! I endured them around 17 years ago and don't remember it being a fun time... Woohoo for modern vaccines!

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